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On room ma, your boy is back here. Another article Check this out. I'm dropping my MW3 settings article. I dropped one not too long ago, but I guess some of y'all haven't seen a article, but anyway, I'm dropping an updated one. A lot has changed, but then again, a lot hasn't changed. A little tweaks hammer in there.

Sub Let's go for 90 likes on this article. I appreciate all your support. Without further ado, let's get into the class setup.


Video man My aim and input devices into the controller I play on a dual-sense Edge controller from Sony PS5. I didn't edit my button layout by so much because I aim down with L1, shoot with R1, and throw my le and tactic with L2 and R2.

Like I said before, I aim and shoot with L1, R1, and my le and tactic with R2 and L2. My stick layout is set to default, and I don't play with controller vibration on because I feel like if you play with controller vibration on, it throws away your aim. You don't want that when you are in gunfights.

best controller settings mw3

My trigger effects are off. I keep that off. My dead zone inputs are set to 4 full. At first, it was set to 1 one, and I changed the B to 5 five, but now 44 feels perfect for me. Maybe it does not feel perfect for you, but you get to set it up right here. Next, we go over to aiming. My aim is for a 66.

My Advanced Horizontal Stick Speed is set to 1; everything is set to 1 right here. I don't change any of this right here. My aim and vertical AIS are set to standard; my EM response curve type is set to dynamic, and I believe this has been set to dynamic ever since 2019 MW, and I have never changed it ever since my sensitivity transition.

Time is set to instant. Cust sensitivity per Zoom is set to off. My aim assist is set to on cuz yes I do play with assist cuz I'm on controller why not if it's there I'm going to use it My assist is set to default; any one of these is also good for you, but for me. I don't like my aim slowing down.

best modern warfare 3 settings

I like the gun for more than one person at a time. My third-person ad correction type is set to assist, my motion sense behavior is set to off, and I don't use any motion sense of aiming. As you can tell right here, this is all set to whatever the defaults are. This is all right now. We have gameplay for my automatic.

Sprint to automatic attack sprint, my slot maintain sprint is set to off, my auto move forward is set to off, and tactical sprint Behavior: single tab to run ground and mant is off, automatic The airborne mantle is set to par. Automatic ground man to set to off my slide and dive behavior is set to tap the slide, but now I'm set it to slide only because I don't need to be dive what I'm diving for ain't no EV-borne movie out here.

plunge underwater, set a trigger-only parachute Auto Deo set a plane-only Sprint through the door badge. I keep that on because, say, I'm getting shot from behind. I don't have time to be running through the door pressing square, and I get caught up in case I'm trying to pick up a weapon that's nearby.

best mw3 settings

I don't have time for that, so I set T. Sprinter on LED clown. Behavior set to manle only my aim down sight Behavior is set to because you don't need to toggle L1, and then you will probably get caught up in a gunfight because you are just aiming and moving slowly, whatever I change. Zoom activation is sent to Sprint tactical.

Sprint focus The behavior set to hold is currently locked right now. Equipment behavior set to hold my weapon Mount Activity Set to Ads and melee weapon Mount exit delay sent to in tactical stance activation set to ads, down button meaning I hit L1, and I hold down the down button. Tactical stance Behavior set to on toggle interact reload Behavior is set to tap to reload, so when I press square, I can just reload automatically without holding.

best settings modern warfare 3

Square armor plate Behavior set to apply all ads stick swap set to all backpack control set to stick, and if I'm moving to F. I can just carry on, man. Pause the article and do what you have to do. Let's get to my graphic settings. My on-demand texture streaming is set to all; I don't play with any weapon blur or emotion blur on any fil grain.

None of that I want to see; I'm shooting it. I need to see clearly. Fidelity cast set to on my Fidelity cash set to 100. EC mode preset set to efficiency, I played 120, Herz. If you play on 120 HZ, make sure you have the right HDMR cord and set it to 120 HZ. My favorite is 120. The third-person field of view is set to 80.

I might whip up something for y'all with my inverted flash, but I keep that off because I don't want my screen to go dark while I'm shooting, like I have a better chance of hip-firing somebody knowing I see hit markers and probably strafing on where the third-person ad transition is third-person ads, spectator camera set A helmet can improve my brightness.

best settings mw3

I play on a 53 brightness. I was playing on a 50, but I think 53 is better for me and my mind. I'm playing in a safe area. This is my safe area right here. Let's get into the audio presets. My audio makes it set to headphones because I don't need to be tuning anything; anything I need to be set to is sticking to my mix in for my A40, master volume.

Here's my master volume set, right here. If I'm going too fast, I can slow it down. This is how you hear game chat and party chat people talking trash on my mic. My mic is set to a 7. I might turn that down to a 65. Microphone level: 100 subtitles Keep that all off. Hey, yeah, man, I know you are about to go to interface mode.

If I move too fast, you can slow it down. In my color customization, I keep that on default. I never changed it. I don't have any problem with it. It seems fine to me. I may change. I see everybody else change theirs, but my personal perfect looks fine to me. Mini map [__] A square mini map rotation is on horizontal, and Compass sets that off.

best settings season 1 mw3

Sometimes I play with crosses, sometimes I don't; it's a personal preference depending on how I feel and what gun I'm using. hit marker Vision set to on, I want to know when I'm hitting somebody. Bas hit Marker set to on player names abbreviate. This right here is how: how do you see everybody name how you see that dot you set it in game text chat is when it appears on the right-hand side of the screen vehicle?

Hub prompts fade at the 10-second server latency set to on packet Lo set to on. I don't know that you don't need the clock because you already know what time it is. It's time to drop somebody off connection. I don't use that anyway; my connection is pretty stable as it has high setting details throughout the gameplay.

Man, all here's my online settings right here. I sometimes play with crossplay on Xbox because I want to smack some Xbox players around because I have a lot of friends who are on PC. Most of my friends are still on Playstation, so, you know, drop some people up, but yeah, man, here's my article. Turn on post notifications.

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