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So like I do every season, I like to cover my best settings and any changes that have changed from the prior season, so that's what we're doing today. I also got asked to make sure I show my leaderboard position next time I do this, so here we are: I'm in the top 0%. I should be in the top 1, 000, but unfortunately there's kind of a plague of boosters or cheaters going on with the leaderboards right now, so I'm not until they fix that, but there's all of those: my leaderboard, spot, and whatever.

As far as settings go, there's not much that has changed between my controller settings, but my graphics settings have changed quite a bit, so let's jump over to.


So in my first tab for controller, obviously I'm selecting controller, but there's not much I really need to cover. This is all going to be preferential.

aim assist mw3

Things, but in the first tab is where you find dead zones, so for example, if I have trouble sprinting, my left dead zone is brought down just a bit so I don't have to jam my thumb into my stick, and of course if you're having stick drift right and left, that's where you can bring this down or bring this up in order to figure out where you need to be, so where it's not drifting.

I don't need to explain dead zones all too much; there are plenty of articles out there that can describe how to fix your dead zones, but that is just where you locate them now. When it comes to my aiming settings, like I said, not much has changed. I've been on 88 since the game came out, and that is where I'm most comfortable.

But that doesn't mean you necessarily have to copy that down. What I would recommend doing is going into a custom game. Jacking it up as far as you can and slowly going down until you find where you're most comfortable because you don't want it to be too slow because you won't be able to turn onto enemies fast enough, but you also want to be too fast where you're not accurate at that point, so I'm at 88 there when it comes to sensitivity multipliers, which I haven't touched.

best controller settings mw3

Absolutely, any of these I have them all set at one, so a lot of people actually ask me questions about my multipliers, but you can see there I don't touch any of them. An important one here is going to be your aim response curve type, where you're going to want that set at dynamic. So Dynamic is going to be what helps you with the side-to-side strafing.

While you're strafing side-to-side, it's going to track your enemies much easier. This is the controversial one that a lot of the mouse keyboard players call Aimbot, so Dynamic is definitely the best one for now. Scrolling down here, there's not really much to cover other than the C custom sensitivity per Zoom where I have that set at 08; that's just going to be the low Zoom option where you're running like the reflex site, the Slate reflector, or the MK3 reflector.

best graphics settings mw3

It's just going to slow you down while you're aiming down the sights a bit to make it easier to track your enemies. I'm at 08 there, but if you find it too slow, crank it up a little bit. If it still seems too fast, you can crank it down, but I would start at that point8, location there, and see where you can go from there.

When it comes to the higher zooms. I'm not much of a sniper, so I don't have any of these, but if you're in the higher zoom scope and you're a sniper type of player, that's where you can crank this up or down. Here in the aim assist option, though you have your aim assist type, I see a lot of people using Black Ops.

Last year in Modern Warfare 2: Black Ops was very, very good. Until about season 3 or two, when they nerfed it into the ground, people still use it, but I would highly recommend switching over to default because when you combine that with Dynamic, it seems to be the strongest two options to match together.

best modern warfare 3 settings

Black Ops is still all right if you're most comfortable with that, but I would highly recommend giving default a try at least. As far as the rest of this goes, there's nothing else I need to cover. Let's get over to gameplay. Now, when it comes to gameplay, I use an automatic tactical sprint. You don't have to run it, but I find that it saves my controller, makes it easier to slide, and makes it easier to sprint after sliding.

All of that stuff, and let's just put it this way: if it's good enough that the pros ban their players from using it, the pros decide that none of them can use it. It should give you a good idea of how good it actually is. It can be uncomfortable with certain semi-auto weapons that you hip-fire with, like shotguns and sometimes some pistols.

Or do wielding weapons, it can be a little uncomfortable, but when it comes to basically everything else, automatic tactical sprint is, in my opinion, overpowered. And it is the best option when it comes to running. Make sure you just turn the slide maintain sprint option on if you do decide to run that and scroll down.

I don't believe we have slide-dive behavior. I never dolphin-dived. You don't have to do this one. I only slide, though I only slide, and I only slide. I find that diving just puts you in situations where, actually, you're losing the gunfight most of the time, so I just turned it off all together, and that's where you find it.

If you don't dolphin dive. I would recommend turning on slide only because it will prevent you from accidentally holding down your dive button, but when it comes to the rest of these controller options. I don't believe I touched them. AB anything else, we're going to scroll through it quickly just to make sure, but I'm almost certain I didn't touch any of this stuff; it just seems like a lot of War Zone stuff overall. Yeah, let's get on to some graphic settings.



best mw3 controller settings

So this may be a bit of a snooze for the console players, but make sure you guys are watching simply because there are some. Graphic settings that do apply to console here but for my PC guys that are looking to copy down my settings I'm going to quickly scroll through them you can pause the article or whatever you're going to do so we're just going to quickly scroll through all of this stuff, and you can see exactly what I'm running I guess brightness I didn't touch that but I know that is a graphic setting that controller players do have so we have my custom frame limit here, keep going keep going over to Quality, and one thing that I was told to do that actually made my game look a lot better is the render resolution make sure you bump that up to 101 if you're on PC not just 100 because it'll eliminate that blurry effect on your weapons some of you may use some blueprints that have like textures on it and stuff and it just looks grainy and blurry turned it up to 101 actually and it tends to fix that problem, scrolling down here is a console.

CHANGE your SETTINGS after SEASON 1 UPDATE in MW3! -Best ControllerAim Assist Graphics Settings -Modern Warfare 3.
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