News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Season 3 Is Very Out Of Touch And Kind Of Sad

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I'm your host, Shorty Index, and we need to talk for real now. I know the following: the next 10 minutes of your life are probably not going to be what you want to hear. I understand that what I'm saying is going to be taken as an L by a lot of people. I understand that my take here is probably a little bit extreme, but I have to come at this from where I come from.

I have 100% always based my entire content creation on the fact that I am honest with you guys and I stand by my opinions, and that's all I'm going to do here because my opinions on this are very strong and my thoughts on this are very strong, so I'm going to make a article so I can archive it, and hopefully you will end or will not agree with me, so let's get into it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season 3 dropped on April 3rd. There's a certain theme that goes with the entirety of this season—that theme being drugs, that theme being marijuana, that theme being smoking weed every day—and it's disgusting now as a person who uses the old Mary Doana for pain management.

I'm not in here thinking this is cool; in fact, I think it's the exact opposite. I think this is [__] pathetic. I think this entire season is so out of touch that it's not even funny. Everything about this season screams. The out-of-touch guy tries to make something that he thinks the kids will like.

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Now let's get this also out of the way: if you are a grown adult and you're sitting here thinking that this entire season being based around weed is cool and you need to have this season be what is fun, which I've already received that comment multiple times now, you're a [__]] loser. Your entire personality, the entire way that you perceive the world, and the entire way that you want to play a article game are based around weed, so you think it's amazing that they added an entire weed season and an entire event based around marijuana to this game.

You're a loser. The fact that you're sitting here thinking that this is the coolest update ever proves how stupid you are. All the skins inside of the battle pass are generic, default skins with weed stuck to them, and you're like. Yes, you're eating this [__] up, probably because you're stoned, probably because you're always so inebriated. The fact that you're always smoking the weed that you are sitting here thinking about is the coolest thing because it shows weed on it.

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Imagine your entire existence, which is based around the fact that you smoke weed like weed, you want your article game avatars to look like weed, and you only want to play weed-based events. A [__]] loser. There are no ifs or buts about it. Before the Rated M comments start flooding down here, there's always the [__]] virtue signaling loser.

That's got to say that we all know without a doubt that this entire thing is marketed towards the loser adults who think weed's cool and kids who don't know any better and think weed's cool. They are praying on the weak-minded stone of their minds, adults and children. That's what this entire season's about.

No matter how you stand on this, you are pedaling drugs to kids, and that's disgusting, because there's only two types of people on this planet that think drugs are as cool as this, and that's kids, and you know, not high-functioning society members; you know, the people who can't function without it.

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Now I suffer from PTSD and major depressive disorder, as well as a major physical disability, and I'm sitting here saying that as a person who has to use it to maintain pain management. I'm saying it's not cool. I get to come at this from a very unique perspective. I think there's a time and a place for it in our article games.

I know the other argument is that there's been weed in every Call of Duty since Black Ops 2. You are not wrong; there have been weed-related themes like skins and camos throughout. The Call of Duty franchise has never focused on an entire season, an entire battle pass, an entire seasonal event, or entire maps.

We were based around it; this is all. Based around one subject, do you want to play an entire alcohol-themed one? No, and it takes a lot of backlash. Would you want to play an entire I don't know crack cocaine, no, because it took a lot of backlash. For some reason, Call of Duty has felt the need to promote weed, probably because you have to be stoned out of your goddamn mind to enjoy this game.

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It feels weird, slimy, and odd. I'm a grown adult, and when I look at this, I don't see cool; I don't see awesome. See out of touch, see not relatable, see a bunch of people trying to fit in. When I look at this, does this feel like a natural feeling? You watched That 70s Show, and they were in the Mary Do You Wantana.

It felt natural; it felt organic; it felt like it fit; it doesn't fit here; none of this fits. I only know who Chich and Chong are from that 7s show, and they only were featured in there once in a blue moon right, and now they're pedaling it to kids younger than me because I'm considered an older Call of Duty player, the [__]] is this for seriously, at this point, who's this for growing, and normal adults aren't looking at weed as cool anymore because it's legalized.


Legalized means it's no better than alcohol; it lost its luster years ago, and the government was able to make it. That's not cool except for Call of Duty's out of touch, and they're just reaching men. I couldn't imagine being so dedicated to a substance, so enthralled by it, so cult following of it that I would drop and give a company $20.

To run around with a leaf on my shoulder on a generic default skin to run around and just look like I have weed. You get it; you smoke weed. You're not special. 90 percent of the population does now because it's legalized, no different than cigarettes and alcohol. What you did before was cool and illegal.

It felt like you were a badass sitting in your house in your basement, freaking out, smoking Blunts, and putting little holes in your shirt from the roach, thinking you were amazing. That's legal, man. You can do that [__]] in a [__]] business suit, and nobody looks twice. Everything about this screams out of touch.

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Developers are trying to Well, actually, not even developers. The developers are probably more in touch with weed than the CEOs. It feels like an out-of-touch CEO saying what they think the kids want these days—kids being young adults and teenagers and, well, literal children. It seems like they all sat around a board meeting and said, What could we do for season 3?

We could do an advanced war theme, but that wouldn't work, Rick. We did Walking Dead, and that was relevant like 5 years ago, so maybe we do it. Maybe we do 28 days, but that won't work. Bob inok The intern, with like a [__]] double espresso shot start stbx drink stoned out of his mind, and they went, Hey Tom, what do you think we should do this season?

Hope You Enjoy The Video! Season 3 is waaay out of touch and could not prove more that these developers have no idea what and who their community are.
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