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All right, after 25 games of quads random fil, I'm ready to go in and try to get game two done of our solo journey to getting our first war zone win. Let's see how we do. I'm your host, Shorty Index, and you're watching a solo journey to our first war zone win. Here's the thing: this article is going to actually have games two and three in it because I played two very different styles in it and both ended up kind of terribly, but we're going to break it down together, you and me.

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There's one issue that I had throughout it, and I'm going to explain it as we go. Maybe I'm missing a setting. So loading into the game after 25 quad games, we drop into the middle of nowhere so we don't get ear-blasted the entire time during the loading screen. I just like the peace and quiet of this world you know not listening to a bunch of gunshots go off the entire time, welcome to game two of our journey to our first solo war zone win now we played 25 games of quad random fill and I got to say by this time I'm now annoyed of this guy telling me to lock in the coordinates and get that heli ready whoever made this needs to be fired immediately cuz it's so annoying just load us into the game man we don't know how all this bull crap though we do use the time to fix our settings because the game just updated for the free-to-play weekend, and it changed all our settings like usual now you key viewers may have noticed that I select balance ever since pubg I've always just decided not to play in Max Graphics cuz people will often play in lower Graphics meaning I'm hiding in things that maybe they can't even see so I just play it balance and just play it how it is.

Sometimes my game looks like poo and other times my game's fine; that's just simply a preference choice; it's not for any other reason other than that once in the plane we take a quick look at the map to see how the circle is, the circle seems all right, not that it makes a difference overall. After 25 games of quad F, I kind of just noticed the circle's going to not be really a priority at the beginning.

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Land wherever you want; there's so much movement in the game, you're fine, so our plan for game two was to just kind of land a little bit outside, in the busy hot spots, and work our way in slowly. We decided to land at this little outpost, the warehouse. Area landing we accidentally hit our DPI butting making looting a little bit harder but that's something else we got to learn running around we will eventually find a joker just in time to hear a guy driving down the road so our first instincts to run outside and try to kill them sadly though when you run with the joker out you run incredibly slow and the car was able to get away so I did not get one lucky kill right off the bat would have been cool though right to start out the article with a joker kill, all right get ready for me to go on a little rant here out of my 25, quad games I think we are hunted 24, of those games, this contract thing is the stupidest thing that they've ever added to war zone I hate it I literally hate it I almost quit this game immediately, because of that how much fun is it to land on the game and then iMed mediately have a giant bullseye on the map for where your location is so somebody can hunt you down and have an advantage, over you it just makes me so irritated because it feels so freaking cheap.

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So we decide to run over to this building and try to maybe find an area where we can hide. Running through the building, I do hear a parachute land, and then I hear no sound after that. Now we work our way to a balcony that only has one door on it, except that there's a balcony that wraps around, and this magical player managed to figure out that one route that would take him to this balcony.

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Almost like he knew I was there and when he pushes there it turns out that the ground loot gun that he got was better than the ground loot gun that I got after 25 games of quads there is definitely a mass of difference in some of the ground loot I still don't know which guns are better than other guns but I will learn eventually, we sit here listening and struggling to hear a sound and I couldn't hear nothing not a footstep not a door Creek not a floorboard squeaking not the fart of a squirrel next door I don't know if there's no audio in this game but godamn I could hear nothing, not a freaking sound I'm going to leave the part before he gets to me so you guys can try to hear where he is and I will increase the audio maybe you guys have young ears and can hear it better than me but I could hear nothing as I sit in the corner like the rat Noob player that I.

Am yeah, you heard the footsteps the second he landed on the ledge right in front of me. He came down to RNG, who had better aim; his aim wasn't very good; my aim wasn't very good; he just did more damage because his gun decided to have a better number than mine, so we move on to the gym, where we get our like one frame per second introduction.

This is the only one that does it, just the gool leg. I have no idea how to fix it once in the game. We were kind of ticked off, so we rushed the other person that's inside the goolag, and we had terrible aim when we fought him. I do need to start doing some warm-up multiplayer games before rushing straight into the war zone, but I really want to get this win before the end of the year, but I'm going to be honest with you.


I didn't get a win in 25 games of War Zone Quads, so I'm starting to think it's going to be less and less likely. But who knows, there's still a dream, isn't there? I'm allowed to dream as we load back in after winning our Gog fight in the worst gunfight known to man because we're super cold and decided to jump straight into the war zone.

We will see a load-out drop dropping from the sky, so we're like. Hey, we're going to go land on that load-out while this guy's in the menus will get a, we'll get a quick kill, and we'll kind of reset our play style. Landing there and getting the surprise on this guy, I shoot the living crap out of him, and sadly, he ends up winning the gunfight because, why, I don't know, get good.

I Did I Poll To See If You guys Wanted Warzone Content As Well As Rant Content And You Guys Said Yes. You Can Tell By My Gameplay I Am A Little Out Of Touch With The Warzone Game Style. We Get Some Kills We Die, We Then Win The Gulag And Then Die.
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