News - Bams Permabanned Call Of Duty Warzone 2 For Cheating

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I just got [__]] permaband there is no [__]] way this just happened they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine but you just can't get into it because they would never. Understand. Another Call of Duty War zone streamer got banned for cheap, and it's not legitimate.

That's wild that's crazy that's so unfortunate for this person. I'll be right off the bat honest with you guys. I had no idea who Bams was until today, and he flooded my Facebook with stories about him getting banned. Apparently, a lot of people thought he was cheating, and apparently those people were right, but of course they weren't.

That's the way it is: the anticheat, who got it wrong, watched him play, and the anticheat saw how he moved and how he shot and did all this stupid algorithmic data and went. Perma ban and he the anti-cheats wrong AMS is just a very great Call of Duty player, guys, just above average, and of course he got banned now.

If you losers are going to come in here and be like, man, it was just false reports, People just mass-reported him. Man, you can't sit here and say that he was cheating when people just reported good players. I've been mass-reported a lot. I've never been Perma banned. I've never even entered a shadow band.

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Lobby just kind of exists in the game. I just love the fake shock face at the end. This [__] knows exactly what he did, and he's just pretending to show the emotion that he thinks you want to see. When these streamers get caught, they have three ways that they go about it. Fain disbelief how did this happen?

What do you mean? I can't believe that I just got banned from Call of Duty. My guys, can you believe this second play it off like it's some sort of joke? I just got banned, man. Bad people can't take it, man. They just mass-report me, man. Can you guys clip this and then send it to me so then I can send it to all my friends in my Discord, which, by the way, bams does that one too, and the third is just dismissing it completely?

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Don't worry, man. I have an alternate account. This account was taken down. It's okay the haters are going to hate me. I'm going to bounce over to my other account. Those are the three ways it goes down. Once in a blue moon once in a blue moon you'll get a streamer who legitimately gets caught cheating, and they will go Okay, yeah, I did it.

I'm sorry here you go. You got this a lot in Fortnite, where when they were caught cheating, they'd say sorry, and Fortnite would be like. You can still come play in our multi-billion dollar tournament, and you can definitely play for placements instead of you know all the people that you got forced out of their lobby, you can come.

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You have to be honest here; you have to break this down literally. Like I said, I don't know who the hell Bams is just as much as he doesn't know who the hell I am, but what I do know is that he's a smaller war zone streamer. Being on the level of like a doctor disrespect, a symphony none of those guys he's got a few thousand Subs he's doing his life he's Liv in his thing he's gotten his bag do you think this guy's going to be affected by this no he's going to go make another account and then in like a year and a half he'll get banned again he'll make another account unless permanent action starts to be taken against these people like permanent hardware bands until.

Call of Duty goes you know what no you cheat, you get freaking your you get you don't get your wrist slapped you get your wrist broken and invis rated into a billion pieces, you get CAU SP cheating Perma ban now of course we got to go with the old argument here that's going to come out of the comment section.

I'm just a very good player, and I get reported all the time, and I end up in Shadow Bann Lobbies. I end up getting my account banned for a week. I'm just a very good player, and I don't want to be banned because if I do, then I'm falsely accused. I'm got to be honest with you, really, really do there's a few people I know of that get Shadow banned all the time because they are naturally good, but those few have to just suck it up, baby.

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Would you simply have to suck it up because if we worry about the few people who might get caught in the mire and who might catch an accidental ban or might catch an accidental ban? You know, Shban Lobby is never going to fix anything, worrying about what might happen. We know x, y, and z are cheating, and we don't do anything because we don't want to accidentally have you know person A into a shadow band.

Lobby, because that would be horrible. There's an appeal process. If you really have nothing to hide and you have no worries, then just take a day off Call of Duty and do your thing. You'll be fine. I promise, we need some hardcore action here; we need straight up none of this, none of this flat mechanics or invisibility, mechanics are making so your bullets don't do damage.

Don't do this like ban one streamer once in a blue moon because their cheats got a little bit more over the top than normal. You cheat; it's hardware. Ban immediately IP in hardware, simple as that, because the modern state of gaming has absolutely been dismantled. Absolutely, dismantled by cheating, you get into most games.


Now that it is a cheater, for sure, you'll get into games where guys are dropping 60, 70, 80, or 90 kills in the war zone. That's not normal; normal players don't see that. We have to fight against that. All the time, there's a reason why I stopped playing freaking rebirth, not rebirth war zone, because I got tired of dropping in and seeing the same name in The Kill Feed the entire game and then dying to that guy.

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He's got 47 kills playing solo quads, running around the map clearly, cheating out of his mind, and the antiche like, Ah, no, we need more evidence. We don't want to hurt this person's feelings now. That eviscerate, them ban them ban their PS5. PlayStation, their XBox, their PC ban them just ruin their [ __ ] life cuz it is completely unfair to your player base that have regular players that get on at the end of the day where they want to sit down and enjoy your [ __ ] game and they go against losers like bam, sitting there cheating knowing he's cheating knowing full well he's cheating and then he gets a little freaking slap on the wrist goes to his alternate account in the longer clip he literally says I'm just going to go play on my other account what the [ __ ] does that [ __ ] Learn nothing; he's just going to continue to do it because you're not hard enough on him.

You're like the parent who is pretending to discipline but is not. These people up nuke their entire services; cheating is not allowed on Twitch. If you're streaming on Twitch and you get banned live on freaking Call of Duty, you should immediately get banned on Twitch. It's literally in the TOs.

Hope You Enjoy The Video! Another Streamer Banner But Of Course The Anticheat got it wrong, because you know the program designed to find cheaters and banned them just keeps banning innocent streamers.
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