News - There Is Ghost Call Of Duty Warzone 2. And I Have The Proof

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls what you about to see is the world first right here on your big color TV you will be able to see the actual Call of Duty spawn systems at work malicious, unfathomable, completely broken spawn system the content in front of you is a gameplay by shorty index a man of great integrity, wonderful Rants and amazing Call of Duty skills but even he yes he cannot fight against the Call of Duty Activision spawn points watch closely now right to left did you see it let's slow it down so the little ones can see right to left did you catch it let's slow it again so Grandmama and Grandpapa can see shorty index will see a man on the right aiming with his incredible aiming skills he will see that this man is sliding across the ground to the left eventually Landing inside of the shipping container, then almost by Magic another man will appear beside that said man there's nothing our hero can do except to perish as another enemy spawned behind, him.

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It's me, Shorty Index. We're back with another Modern Warfare 3 article, and we're going to be talking about spawns, again, or better yet, sliding across the map, and then being in a building, again, or a shipping container. We literally got to see how broken the spawns are in real time in that article I went to go shoot at the guy and all a sudden he just slid through into the shipping container and then another person spawned, right behind him and then somebody spawn behind us we made a article yesterday talking about that but then I got that clip and I was like we really actually physically get to see how the spawns worked well it's not so much spawn as just when you die your spirit gets sucked over to the other side like your Patrick sesy and ghost to then spawn behind an enemy and then you can to make some pottery, with them or something I don't know I don't know how to explain it but that was super weird being able to physically see how the spawns work that's not what we're supposed to be able to see it's kind of like looking through the back door kind of into like the area remember when you used to go to Blockbuster, only the real ogs know what blockbuster.

Is, and you'd get there, and your dad would be like, Go look at the article game, son. Daddy's got to go behind this curtain to go to the bathroom, and then you'd see Dad disappear behind that curtain and come out 20 minutes later with a black bag. It's all wrapped up really close, and he holds it close to his heart.

He goes, Son, don't you tell M about this? and you're like, Yes, Papa, can I get this Donkey Kong 64? game, he's like, No, I'm going to go home and beat you anyway nonetheless. We got to see a little bit of how it works on the back door. It turns out the spawn system is actually just sliding around the map and just becoming, somewhere else, an existence.

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Your existence got cut out on this side of the map, and you just became an existence on the other side of the map. It really pissed me off, though, because I was already having a Fuster game trying to level up the tier pistols, tire pistols, or tiger pistols. I don't know if I'm trying to level up the revolver.

Because it's a one- shot in war zone once you get the right perks on it so I've been trying to do that over in shipment and that gun takes about 7 to eight business days to fire, if you don't have the hair pin trigger on it but in order to get the hair pin trigger you have to level up the gun and all of a sudden you've wasted half your life trying to fire this damn thing but it'll all be worth it to get our Solo in I swear it will be, but as I'm playing I started to notice that I was seeing like what looked like ghosts floating around my map they just all a sudden be like sliding around and I'd be like it must be a connection issue why because Call of Duty has such massive connection issues.

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This has to be a connection issue. No, it just turns out it was people's ghosts, which made it even more scary. I don't want to be playing Call of Duty and seeing ghosts of players. It's already hard enough to see the players, let alone the ghosts of players that have passed. The ghosts of players have passed, and you can make a movie about that anyway.

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Moving on i don't want to see ghosts of players pass floating around the map to their spawn locations like lost souls and Hades River. It's eerie, and it ruins the game, no wonder sometimes we go to shoot at a player and it's like why our bullets aren't hitting no [ __ ] they're a ghost you can't shoot a ghost with regular, bullets we all know that you got to get a dice and vacuum and put the package on your back and suck them in there like a hooker on Tuesdays, man these ghosts are a bit weird and now that we know they exist I'm sure that other players are going to see them floating around their Maps now granted I'm going to say it's probably because shipment is so small players are dying so fast that eventually the networking can't figure it out so they decide to make solid state bodies that just slide across the map but you know what it did remind me of it reminded me of old Doom 2D or Duke Nukem 2D, pretty much any 2D game that came up before the year 2000.

I want to shoot at them, and I want them to die. I don't want to shoot at a ghost and have the ghost just SP somewhere else and then kill me. I got killed by the ghost; the ghost killed me. There's ectoplasm everywhere i don't know, man, that was just a weird thing to do, and I wanted to showcase it, break it down for you guys, and really let you guys see, like, that's how it works; that's the revenge spawn at work.

I can't say I don't play shipment for a reason, man. If I didn't have to upgrade my guns, I wouldn't have been there. I'm doing what I preach, and that's not ruining other people's lobbies while they try to grind out my guns and level them up so I can go over to the war zone and actually compete, which is a whole other thing.

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Why on God's green? Flat Earth I walled in here: Do we have to have loadouts? No, not Call of Duty; you have to go grind in shipment for about 3 weeks to get your guns leveled up so then you can actually have metag guns in order to go inside the war zone to then compete. I was thinking about this while I was playing that game.

It makes no sense how loadouts exist inside War Zone; it completely breaks the entire thing that a battle royale is because all of a sudden it's not about an equal playing field; it's about who has leveled up their guns the farthest and who has Min Maxed the best, so a player that has never played War Zone and doesn't own multiplayer is going to have a way different experience than somebody who played and made a loadi.

We managed to capture the ghost of a Call Of Duty player in this gameplay! What we have is the exact moment that Call of Duty sucked the soul out of a play. Music. Artist - Lucjo.
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