News - Warzone 2 Is Failing And It Could Not Be More Deserved

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i clicked it, and you have to wait years, man. This is why they need to just have ground loot in the freaking war zone. My God, that's got to be a bot. This is why I don't play with my mic on because, man, this game freaking stinks. It pisses me off when you hit the button. The time that the gun actually registers and fires is about 7 months, like you could have a full-term baby before this gun actually shoots his bullet.

I'm your host, Shorty Index, and we're back with another game here on shipment. I wanted to show you guys the intro clip because I never have my mic on when I'm recording, yet this time I did, and I just kind of found it when I was actually making this article, so I thought it'd be funny to show you guys what I actually sound like when I'm playing.

Don't worry, my in-game mic is never on because I got the chat warning banned, so that's just strictly what I'm saying in my own room. That's how I talk, man. I get angry at the game, just like everybody else. That's what I want this channel to be; it's always me just showing you guys how I'm an average player.

What I say is not coming from a streamer who plays 8 hours a day and has everybody watching him. When I critique the game, I'm critiquing it from somebody who's an average player—not great, not terrible. When I say something's broken in the game, I'm saying it from a father of three who doesn't get to play the article game all day.

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Here's the sad truth about Call of Duty: Activision: They always listen to the big streamers who are listed and that squeaky little 9-year-old, who just got the game for the first time, and how he needs to be protected. Those are the two communities that Call of Duty listens to—not us, not the majority in the middle.

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Nope, we don't matter in Call of Duty's eyes. The average player who has a day job and comes home and gets to play a few hours at the end of the day is not the one that they're gunning for, they know that you're not going to spend the money in the item store so they're not going to at all worry about what you have to say hence why when the big streamers complained that they didn't have enough movement inside of Modern Warfare 2 what did they do yes they went and added more movement and he sold you a DLC, when the squeaky little kids were saying that they couldn't get any kills because they were getting PB stopped by the ogs what did they do they introduced skill-based matchmaking, when people were complaining that the lobbies were too lopsided they installed.

Eomm they constantly listen to the whiny little [__] at the bottom, but never to the vast majority that just wants the game to be good over the last few weeks. I've posted a few articles talking about how Call of Duty Activision kind of stinks; they're skey slimy company, and if you were to meet them in a dark alley, you'd 100% avoid that alley because they're not trustworthy, they're liars, and they have no issues robbing you for your money.

Yet every time I post one of these articles, somebody out of the Woodworks comes out and starts defending them—the white knight in shiny armor, defending Danzel and distress. Activision, the multi-billion-dollar company, needs a little freaking Timmy to come and defend them. It drives me nuts, and at the same time, it amuses me how desperate people are to just play the other side of the coin.

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There is no denying that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 100% is an abysmal fail on launch, but shorty, it sold more copies than other games did, yes, but it sold less than the actual game Hogwarts Legacy, which was followed by the most transphobic hate I've ever heard in my entire life. If you simply bought the game, you got cancelled.

If you said you were going to buy the game, you got canceled. There were entire communities dedicated to ruining people's lives for buying that game, yet Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 did not outsell that game, and it had none of the controversies that the Hogwarts Legacy had that the Hogwarts Legacy had to deal with, yet somehow people are defending it.

It's not a good game. Actually, let me rephrase that: if you take Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and you've stripped it down to just the game and the multiplayer, just the regular matches, you would be 100% fine. The game would actually be fine. The bones of the game are fine. It's everything else added on top of it, but every time I make a article on that, somebody crawls out of the Woodworks and says.

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You don't like skill-based matchmaking because you don't like div-verse players at the same skill level. I never said that; in fact, what I said is that skill-based matchmaking makes the entire game feel the same if every single game plays to 199, then every game plays with the exact same person as me, and then every single lobby I get into is going to feel the exact same before the really, really strict sbmm.

There was There's variety in the game; sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, sometimes you do well, and sometimes you do average, but there's variation; you get to see players of all skill levels, not just your exact skill level. I don't have an issue with skill-based matchmaking. I have an issue with artificial competitiveness, and to be honest with you, skill-based matchmaking should only ever exist in competitive playlists, never in public matches who gives a.

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If tiny little Timmy gets destroyed in a lobby, he's not even old enough to play in Activision. Even though the game's rated M for mature, Activision gives a crap about that little kid who gives a crap if the geriatric Grandpa can't play the game properly. The guy's checking out soon; he's not even going to be alive long enough for his ticket of complaint to actually re-register with Activision, so just let him die and play the game in the way he wanted to when the average community of the player base of Call of Duty is screaming up for SP.

SPM MW is being removed, and you're the one player standing up and saying that you like SPMM. You're the problem, not the vast majority, and most people do not like SPMM, which follows up with. Most people hate that people don't like their matches being manipulated mid-game. People don't like their match mat being manipulated at all, yet every once in a while there's that guy that just crawls out of the woods and goes.

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They're only doing it to keep it fair and competitive, so everybody has fun. I don't give a crap if everybody has fun. I really don't give a crap that the game's being manipulated in the middle of it. How do you go from winning 70 to 16, to all of a sudden finishing the game at 195? All of a sudden, you go from shooting piss missiles to not being able to hit the broadside of the barn.

The Call Of Duty I Fell In Love With Is Long Gone. The Greed And The Corporate Intrusion Has Become To Much To Strict And Too Intrusive. The Game That Once Was A Titan Has No Devolved Into A Beggar With Its Hand Out. From A Free To Play Weekend Begging Players To Buy The Game, To Offering A Discount Of 30 Percent To Incentivize Players To Buy The Game.
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