News - The Buffed Xrk Stalker One-shot Sniper Is The New Meta Warzone 3



My enemy soldier is incoming, and my reaction time is like a freaking cat.

Overview of the xrk stalker

It's your boy slaying. Rider here with a class setup and a really just wild high kill gameplay where I was hitting some absolutely nutty shots with the xrk stalker sniper rifle, which just recently got buffed in War Zone 3 through the season 2 patch just a few days ago, and from that update, they basically changed the damage profile on this gun on the xrk stalker in order to make it a one-shot head shot kill within 50 m even to a fully plated player, so as long as you're hitting a head shot within 50 m with this gun, you are going to be downing them or killing them, unlike before, where obviously it took at least two shots to do the job, but the thing is, you can actually.


Ex increase the damage range with the attachments that you have on it to make the headshot damage range even further than 50 m, so for example, the build that I got for everyone today is going to have a damage range of 75 m, so anything within 75 m is going to be a one-shot head shot for my build, which is a more balanced build of course, and with this patch, like I said, and the buff to this gun, it really brought this sniper into the top of the sniping.

Meta, if you will, and I'm going to take a second to compare it just verbally to the other top-best sniper in the game right now and the one that was definitely number one before the XRK. I was buff, which is the cat AMR, and the reason I'm comparing it to the cat AMR is because the cat AMR, like I said, is definitely the best if you're not as aggressive of a player.

But the thing is, the cat AMR can one-shot head shots at any range and isn't limited to just 75 M like the XRK is, or even maybe just 80 M; it's not limited in its head shot range at all. But the main downside to it is that it's slower in terms of its ads speed and even its bullet velocity is a little bit slower than this gun and this particular build so the thing is with the, xrk stalker the ads speed is so much faster, 200 to 300 milliseconds faster, than the cat AMR, so just that one tradeoff and the fact that the bullet velocity is even better makes this a better overall sniper for if you are a more aggressive player but if you're not as aggressive then I would still stick with the cat AMR, but this build and especially how balanced this build is going to be very good for, plays like quick Scopes and plays that you just need to have your gun up in the fight as fast as you can so that's what makes this overall the best sniper for your aggressive, snipers out there .

Loadout guide for xrk stalker

Loadout guide for xrk stalker

And like I said before, I go over this build. This is a more balanced build between ad speed, bullet velocity, and headshot damage range, so keep that in mind when we're looking at the attachments that I picked, but starting off with the attachments, my thoughts behind them are that we're going to look at the optic here, the forge tack Delta 4.

Instead of a stock, so I'm instead of running a stock, like a lot of people do with no stock attachment, which only helps out your ads speed by 5% and also hurts your aiming idle sway. I'm going to pick. A forge tack Delta 4 here optic because of your ads. Speed goes also by 5%, just like a no stock attachment would, so this is taking off just as much ad speed as the no stock attachment, and it's not helping your idol sway at all.

best sniper

And also. I like the Forge Tack Delta because it's just my favorite sniper scope in the game because it gives me less of a zoom and just makes it easier for me to hit my shots because with the default scope, you're zoomed in really far, and for more aggressive sniping, especially, it's not as good to have a zoomed-in scope for those situations.

And also with the forge tack, you don't show up with your glint as much for the enemies, like your sniper glint is not as visible for them to see, so it's three benefits in one all-in-one attachment right there. And then we got the SL, or Razor Hawk laser sight. I love that name for our laser here because while this will be giving away our position, it's going to help our ads speed by 9%, which is just a huge boost, so even though it's going to be giving away our position because it's visible to enemies, it's worth the trade-off in my opinion for how fast you are going to be aiming down the site with the attachment.


So, hopping on over to the barrel, here I have the fishing 60 barrel because it's just the best. Barrel gives you the most range and bullet velocity with only hurting your ad speed by 4%, so we'll take that trade-off there definitely worth it, and speaking of our bullet velocity, here we can actually see that our bullet velocity is 1340.

M/s, which is just insanely fast bullet velocity. This is basically the speed at which your bullet is going right there, and that is going to make it to the point where you don't have to lead your shots at all. Just like you saw in the opening clip. I didn't have to lead my shot on the guy at all that was parachuting through the air at 30 mph, 50 m away, so it's just going to make it so much easier to not have to calculate how far you have to lead your shots on people, so that's what the fishing 60 Barrel does there.


And then we also got the Sonic suppressor here to keep us off the map, and it also helps our damage range, which helps our headshot damage range. Basically, the effective damage range is how far the range goes before the first damage dropoff, and the first damage dropoff is when it stops being one shot, so that is reflective of how far it will be one shot to the head, and like I said, it helps with the bullet velocity as well without hurting our ad speed or anything like that.

And then we hop on to the high grain rounds here, and these are really important too because they help a lot with your damage range and bullet velocity, so we're just stacking damage range bullet velocity attachments while also having some good ad attachments on there, and I'm doing this instead of high velocity because you do get a little bit more velocity with high velocity but not as much damage range for your headshot range.

So that's why we're going with the high grain rounds here, and that's it on the XRK stalker, but of course here is the class setup I have on my sniper support gun, which is actually an AR9 sniper support build, and this is definitely one of the best sniper support guns in the game. But just in case you watched the game play and you wanted to know what I was running with it, this is what I was running with it, but that's going to do it for the class setup on the XRK stalker. Ride out with your fly; 25 remain.



There's no way he still had an angle on me; he was in a tower. No, way down, dang man.

High kill gameplay and a loadout guide for the XRK STALKER one shot sniper which recently got buffed, making it the sniper in Warzone 3 with fast.
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