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Best amr9 class setup mw3

Best amr9 class setup mw3

In this article, we're taking a look at the new double-barrel SMG. Yes, you heard that correctly. There's a new conversion kit on the AR9, which is already a solid weapon, literally giving it two barrels, and this gun is disgusting. I have a class for you guys, couple MGB nukes. What more can you ask for?

All right, let's take a look at the new double-barreled AR9. This is currently the most unique submachine gun in Mod War for 3, but don't get it twisted; it is packing a punch. Of course, we have to start off with the conversion kit. You unlock this by doing the week six challenges, and this is going to give us literally two barrels on the same gun.


Now we're not going to run a rear grip; they are completely irrelevant on this class setup, but we are going to rock a stock, and the wool-pound carbine stock is fantastic. Jacking up that recoil control, as well as gun kit control for burst weapons, is very important. Now we are going to run an optic here, and the mark of the reflector is going to be phenomenal on the AR9.

For me personally. I'm not a fan of the iron sights; they can work, but these are going to be a lot easier to use, and obviously, because we just picked up, you know, a new double-barrel submachine gun going to be as accurate as possible, so we are getting fast ttks, we're skipping over the lasers, and these are completely irrelevant now that we actually cannot run a barrel; they're restricted with the conversion kit, unfortunately.

amr9 best class

We can't run a muzzle either. I wish we could suppress this. Would it make sense? Absolutely not, but it would make things a little bit easier. Now for the underbarrel, we are actually going to have to run an attachment that I've been really enjoying on a lot of my submachine guns that do benefit from more recoil control, and the fact that we have slapped on literally an additional barrel, the Camuro Ry 03 vertical grip, is going to be phenomenal, increasing gun kick recoil control, aiming idle stability, as well as firing aiming stability overall, making it a great attachment to run on the submachine gun.

It's going to make things a hell of a lot easier to control at those longer ranges, and then finally, for the magazine, we are going to be rocking the 50-round mag on this class setup. If you do want to run the 100-round mag, that's okay, but we don't have a barrel to kind of offset those ads—you know, reduction—so instead, we're just going to rock the 50-round mag and run with this.

As you guys can see in the firing range, this is still going to be a rock-selected class setup. We have respectable ads, and then obviously the recoil is going to be controllable because we have a bunch of attachments that are going to be correcting a lot of that gun kick as well as recoil control overall.

For the remainder of the build, we are going to be rocking the core 45. With its conversion K kind of a double whammy here, it's going to be a great attachment. We have the 40-round drum, we are rocking the SL skeletal vertical grip, the Colossus suppressor XS version, and we are also going to be running the XRK, dynamic precision stock.

Now do not sleep on the mition box, scavenger gloves covert sneakers, focus on the headset, your footsteps and gunfire a lot easier, and obviously you have ghost to keep us off the radar, and make sure you guys are running the comm's vest. This is going to act as a 24/7. UAVs, every time you kill somebody and run over their body, are dropping radar.

This weapon is brand new; it's unique. Let's get in the game.

Amr9 mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Amr9 mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Man, all right, let's get busy with the new double-barreled AR9. This is actually a pretty interesting weapon because it literally has two barrels that shoot at the same time. For some reason, I thought this thing was going to be like a double-barreled shotgun. Excuse me, teammate.

But it's a double-barrel submachine gun—literally, a double-barrel submachine. Gun, give me that cat. Bad, come on, baby, come on, baby, yeah I kind of I kind of deserve that. I ain't going to lie; I really deserve that. I got a little bit too aggressive right there with that sniper. I thought I was MK Walberg right there from the shooter.

I was like, man, I can take all these guys; out those are over here. The only thing I kind of don't like about this class setup is that there's a guy over here. The only thing I don't like about this class setup is that you can't actually run a suppressor with it. Unfortunately, now I think you should be.

There's a guy behind me, but I think you should be able to, 100%. But I can kind of understand why they restricted it, because obviously they don't want to have something you know so well. I missed an easy shot wildly. My, I got the nuke and just got destroyed by the whole team being in the same spot, but we got it, y'all.

Let's go clutch at two. Literally, at 248 we got it. My, that took all the game, but we got it. Let's go, Bab. Baby woo, the N got a total of one kill.

Amr9 mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

Amr9 mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

I mean, what more can You ask for all right, let's go ahead and get round two with the AR9, double barrel. This is a very interesting submachine gun. I honestly do wish you could suppress it. That's like, the one thing I kind of don't like about this is that you cannot use a rocket suppressor.

I understand why it really wouldn't make sense because you'd have to run literally, two of them or like a giant one, and that kind of still wouldn't make sense.

the NEW DOUBLE BARREL SMG in MW3! Best AMR9 Class Setup - Modern Warfare 3.
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