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And do a bunch of contracts in the game to get as many perks as you possibly can. Now. I'd recommend you use a bullet weapon here that is good at distance just because we're going to be doing a boss fight in a moment that is going to require you to shoot stuff at range and stuff that's moving around very fast, so weapons that you can't ads with and can't hit distant targets with are probably less suitable for this, but once you're fully geared up, go over to this triangular.

Rift entrance, and hold square on it to activate it and drag your team into the dark ether you will need your teammates to accept this and they'll need to pull up their attack map and hold y or triangle, or whatever the cancel contract button usually is and that's going to vote to enter and then when your team have all accepted and they're all ready to go it will drag you inside now if it doesn't work make sure that you're standing inside the little Rift entrance before you hit accept cuz sometimes it doesn't work if you're not in close proxim, once you spawn into the dark ether the game is going to tell you to break the seals, and there will be four of them to break and they'll be marked with a little yellow icon on your screen run over to each one and hold square on it to start that seal and you'll then need to fill it up with soles in close proximity.

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For the kind of central pillar that the souls are going into, make sure to kill the zombies inside the circle so that the souls actually go in, because if you shoot zombies when they're too far away, it won't charge the soul box. When the soulbox is done, you'll be able to move on to the next soul box, and nothing changes.

Really, between these, they're just in slightly different areas, so just go to the next one, activate it, fill it, go to the next one, activate it, fill it, and then go to the last one, activate it, and fill it up. Now, up to this point, you might think, Yeah, this is pretty easy because I'm just fighting Tier 2 zombies, but the next thing is the boss fight.

Even though it just says leave the dark ether on your screen, it's going to spawn a boss, so run over there once you get to the objective marker; a massive worm is going to spawn there, and I really highly recommend it. If you have any circuits, in your game you chuck those into the Sentry turrets that are on the road overlooking the beach here because the sentries are so useful and they do so much damage, so they definitely worth using.

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Also, if you have any killstreaks, now is a great time to use them, and while you're shooting the worm and trying to take it down, you need to be aware that it will slam attack you, it will try and eat you and kill you, and it will laser beam you, so be wary of that, but also, it will send out little blue wisps that you need to shoot or they'll just continuously.

And we're going for the other three items now, and I'm going to walk through the quests for each one before we get to the individual steps. I need to tell you some specific things to spawn in with, so if you've got them available, it's okay if you don't, but if you do, spawn in with a Molotov or a thermite.

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As your lethal equipment spawn in with a dead wire ammo mod and spawn in with a brain rot ammo mod now if you don't have those things you can find brain rot ammo mods and dead wire ammo mods often in ether nests and also infected strongholds, those often have lots of different alternate ammo types that you can grab and thermites and molotovs are often found when you kill hellhounds that are chasing you down and you'll also find them in toolboxes, often and from Merc camps as well so for our second item we're going to work on the dog collar to get this bring a thermite or a Molotov to one of the dog canals and it doesn't matter if it's in t one or tier two or to three it's fine don't worry just find one of them and if you don't know where they spawn in I've got a little map on screen right now and you can check all of these locations, and some of them won't be spawned in your game and others will be so just run around and check all the spawns here so then when you find one run up to it hold square on it and place the molotov or thermite.


Inside note in the gam playay here I put meat in as well you don't need to do that just put in a Molotov or a thermite then close it and the dog Canal will explode, and a dog will spawn in which you need to take down and when you've taken that dog down it will drop you a purple dog color you now need to look around the map for one of these purple ether tears, they're the ones that you can normally, go through and get a load of points from but we're going to use them for a slightly different purpose here now if you can't find one I recommend just driving around the outskirts of the map they often spawn like outside the beach and generally in areas that are close to spawn points on the map too those tend to be very consistent areas to find these things spawned in so, find yourself an ether tear and then with the purple dog collar in your inventory.


Go through the rift and pull your parachute straight in front of you. You should see another ether tear floating in the sky, and it's usually a different color, so it might be green or it might be red, etc., and you need to fly into that colored tear, and when you do that, the game will kind of indicate that something is dropping into a nearby building, so you need to just land and go into the building that it indicated, and inside you'll find a new contract spawned in it.

Grab that contract, and get ready to take down the Bounty that it spawns in. It should be a family of manglers. And once you take them all down, it might be a little tricky, so again, it's useful to make sure that you've geared up before you do this one. Once you take them down, a rewards Rift will open up for your contract completion.

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And inside, will be a gold dog collar instead of the purple one you started this little part of the Easter egg with our third item is going to be a pills bottle and to get this we need the brain rot ammo mod equipped and used on a bullet weapon so that's why I said to spawn in with it if you can or just loot it from an ether Nest or something once you've used brain rot on a bullet weapon bring it to an ether nest and find yourself a Spore, shoot the Spore once with the brain rot weapon but don't destroy the Spore and it should turn green you can then hold square on the Spore, and it's going to take a while so it's useful to have a teammate covering your back while you do this and once you've successfully, finished holding Square, the Spore should pop open and inside should be a purple pill box grab the pill box and then look for another ether tear we're going to do the same process as before here you're going to go through the tear with the Pill Box in your inventory.

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