News - New Top 10 Best Overpowered Weapons Season 1 (warzone 2 Zombies Op Loadouts)


Some of these I've already made individual guides for on my channel. I'll also show you the loadout that I'm using for each weapon once I've talked about why I like it, so number 10 on our list is the akimbo. Wasp, this thing is honestly just so much fun. As you can see here, it's going to beam zombies in Tier 1 when you SP in Gray Rarity; it's just going to shred, and even more so if you upgrade to Green or Blue Rarity.

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Part of the reason for that is just that you're shooting with two guns at once here; it's like you got double tap on, and what's great about this is that because you're pumping out so much ammunition, the zombies that you're shooting at will often get staggered. By all those bullets, if that is they can survive the bullets and so for example if it's a higher tier enemy like a Mangler or something, you can often slow them down a huge amount just by shooting at them and that makes it a lot easier to take them down now that said as much as it's very strong and when it's tier three packed it's fantastic because you've just got so much freaking ammo and so you can just beam into stuff to your heart's content in tier three that's not actually the biggest reason I recommend this weapon the biggest reason is because if you equip my attachments which I'll show you in a second and you just get to pack tier one like just 5, 000, points is all you need you can actually, infinitely, shoot this thing like you can never stop firing bullets it's actually insane.

The way to do this is to just start firing one of your guns but not both of them and then when you've got about 50 bullets left you're going to start firing with the other gun as well holding both triggers down, and from that point on while the first gun is automatically reloading once you get to the end of the mag the second one will still have 50 bullets left and it will just rinse and repeat and if you're killing zombies doing this as well and picking up ammo you will literally never run out and it's just so much fun to do the attachments I use to make this happen are the a Kimo brace stock obviously that's a conversion, kit in the bottom there I then personally like the 50 round mag not the 100 round mag and that's because you've got so much ammo the reloads are so fast you end up with 100 rounds in the mag anyway once you Pack-A-Punch tier one and the 100 round mag does decrease your Mobility.

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A lot more than the 50-round mag, even though it doesn't say that in the little pros and cons section, so 50 is the way to go in my experience. And then I'll Chuck on whatever ammunition type I like. I'm going for high-grain rounds, the Sonic suppressor barrel for extra bullet velocity and damage range, and the WASP Reckless 90-long barrel because you don't need aim-down sight speed but extra bullet velocity and a little gun kick control.

This is always a good thing to have in the mix. Next for a weapon that you probably haven't seen being used nearly as much as the akimbo wasps is the longbow. I adore using this thing when you pack-a-punch; it's basically got double tap; it's going to one hit everything for miles around, and if you get it a decent rarity and tier three packed, it's going to one hit in tier three as well, and it can shoot super quickly if you use my attachments.

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And it's a sniper, yeah, but it doesn't feel like a sniper, like you can shoot so fast with it and the ad speed is so quick that it just feels like you're using a battle rifle most of the time, and honestly, it's just another one that's really, really fun, so alongside being crazy powerful, you also just get to have a really unique experience playing the game, and it's a really good time now.


The attachment choices on this one are very important to making it work, so number one. I go with the Cronin intas, msp2. Site that increases your aimed-down sight speed, I go for no stock to keep you nice and mobile, the Sam. Quick bolt, which means that you rechamber. Really quickly that's a really important one and I also drop it down to the 10 round mag here which is going to also increase your ads speed and remember this is going to get boosted once you Pack-A-Punch, so 10 Rounds actually isn't that bad at all finally for under Barrel we're using the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop again for faster Sprinter fire and faster ads speed for the next weapon in the list this is something that you can pick up from enemy Merks, really easily in the match and it's none other than the handy riot shield, now you might already know that this thing negates some damage that zombies will do to you while you have it equipped but you might not be aware of the full extent to which it actually does that so if you spawn in with a riot shield that you've grabbed, as Contraband in a previous match it's going to going to be gray Rarity.

And to do a little test here in Tier 2, it's going to take seven hits on a zombie to kill one, and if you boost to Green Rarity, that's going to go down to six hits to kill, and if you go to Blue Rarity, it's going to be four hits to kill, so still quite a lot of hits to kill in Tier 2, but when you remember that it's not pack-a-punched, that's not too bad.


Normally, you can take about five hits from a zombie, assuming you have no armor. Before you go down, if the zombie is hitting the riot shield when it's again just that regular Rarity and it's not pack-a-punched, you can withstand seven. Technically, this means that you have about 40%. More health if the damage goes through the riot shield, but this gets even better when you pack a punch.

As I said before, a four-hit kill if your blue rarity is unpacked in Tier 2, but it's a two-hit kill once you Pack-A-Punch just the first time, and it'll be three on an armored zombie. But still, a two-hit kill when you still have two Pack-a-Punch levels to go is pretty damn good, but that's not the only bonus that you get once you pack.

It also increases how much damage you can take through the shield, so instead of taking five hits to die, if you go through the shield, you can take nine to ten hits to die, so that's effectively doubling your health. So if you're struggling in Tier 3 and those zombies keep just nibbling at your ankles while you're running away, having this on your back is going to mean that you take so much less damage, and it's going to make your life so much easier.

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However, the one downside here is that the right shield does slightly slow you down when you have it stowed. That's a new change that they added in season 1, so you do need to be aware of that when you're equipping it now. Two last pro tips on this: you can honestly use it to take down things like manglers, pretty easily, obviously.

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