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It hasn't officially launched at this point, but we can access the settings, and you can actually access the game in offline multiplayer, so if you don't connect to the servers, you can actually go in and play offline multiplayer right now and check the game out, check the maps out, and everything like that.

However, a big warning here: you're not allowed to post any of that content to social media or anything, so you're not going to be seeing any gameplay for me outside of beta gameplay and the setting menus, which you can get to without any workarounds. In either case, let's dive right into this article, and we're going to be talking about my best settings on console.

At least we are on PS5 for this, so some of your settings may vary a little bit depending on the platform, and also, of course, many of these settings are going to be based on personal preference, and I'll be sure to point that out. Also, it is worth noting that many of these settings are identical to Modern Warfare 2, so you may already have these set up just fine for that game, but there are a few new settings to point out here, and we will talk about those as we go through the article.

Controller settings

Controller settings

Without having any movement when you do the test, as you can see on the right analog stick, there's a little bit of vibration on that right side, which means I'm outside of my dead zone and I'm going to have to bump that up just a little bit, and that makes sense.

CU I'm a little bit harder on that right stick compared to the left, but if I bump this up to about three and I test it again. I'm not getting any movement on that right hand side there was a brief movement on the left side and if you flick it around a little bit sometimes you'll see a littleit bit of vibration after the fact so maybe I even want to bump this just to one but again you want to keep these values as low as possible, while not having that stick drift so right there that's going to work for me but your controller will likely be different so you'll have to do this test for yourself just play around with these values and make sure you get those as low as possible , now let's dive over to the aiming side and this whole area is going to be very subjective but what I like to use is an 8 and8 sensitivity.

Aiming settings

Aiming settings

For my ad sensitivity multiplier. I actually like to adjust this depending on the optic that I'm using and the zoom level that we're looking at, so we'll look at that in a little bit here, but with this. I also dropped my tactical stance sensitivity multiplier a little bit down to a08. I just find it's a nice middle ground between fully aiming down site and not aiming down sight at all.

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I don't think I'm going to be using a tactical stance that often, but when I do, I don't want it to be way too reactive and way too responsive. I want a little bit of precision there. Then when it comes to aim response curve I know a lot of people love Dynamic some people even like linear I'm a standard guy I've always just enjoyed standard in Call of Duty it's what works best for me there's no objectively, best response curve in the game even though some people will try to convince you that that's Dynamic for me standard works and that's just fine next we want to keep our ads sensitivity transition time to instant, and this is where we're going to get into custom sensitivity per Zoom for me for the first three settings I like keeping these at 75 this gives me that extra Precision when I aim down sight so I can spin pretty quickly when I'm not aiming down sight if I need to turn on somebody for instance, but when I do aim down sight want that added Precision I want to be able to make those fine adjustments to my aim and therefore I set these all at 75.

Until we get to the six Zoom or higher, this is where we're using things like sniper scopes, and with that, in order to track a perpendicularly moving target, you really need to bump this sensitivity up, especially at closer ranges. If you have this way too low, you just won't be able to keep up with that target, so I like keeping these ones a little bit higher at 1.1.

Then, when it comes to an assist, obviously you want to keep this on if you want to be at least reasonably competitive in the game with a controller. For me, I like either the default or Black Ops assist. I think they're pretty much the same, but I still haven't been able to find any real difference between these two; they're essentially the same thing.

I would personally avoid precision or focusing CU; neither of these gives you rotational assist, which is the most powerful form of aim assist. Then after that, we have motion sensor aiming, which I haven't looked into at all. To be honest, I don't know what this is going to be. I don't see myself using any motion sensor things, so I just leave that off.

Gameplay settings

Gameplay settings

Now, finally, for the controller settings, let's dab over to gameplay, and with this, I keep auto-sprints off. I actually keep most of these by default. I keep the standard tactical sprint behavior. I don't like auto attack Sprint nothing like that I keep grounded mantle on.

I like keeping the Airborne automatic mantle to partial rather than on. I don't want that to be on all the time. Some people might want to turn this off entirely, but for me, I like partial; it works well for me. I definitely don't want to have an automatic ground mantle, so if you like to walk up to something you can mantle over, I don't want the game to be mantling for me.

Next, we got a brand new setting for sliding that wasn't available in the beta, and this actually solves that pre-s slide delay that was taking place in the beta. By default, it will be tap to slide, and therefore, if you hold, you will dive. You can also change it to tap to dive and hold to slide.

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Or now you can have it, so it's slide only or dive only, so if you put slide only now, you can't dive; there's no button for diving; if you put it on dive only, you can dive but you can't slide. A lot of people are going to want to put this on slide only if you don't use Dives that much and you want to eliminate that pre-slide delay.

This will do that for you, although in my testing in local matches so far, even with tap to slide enabled, it seems like they cut down on that pre-s slide delay a little bit. This is just going based on feel, so I don't think it's the worst thing in the world to still use tap to slide, but if you want to make sure, then go with slide only on this, and when it comes to pledging under water.


I like to keep this as free. I don't like parachute auto-deployment; I just turn that off entirely. I want to be able to sprint through doors; we definitely want the slide cancel Sprint on; I leave the mantle only on when it comes to ledge climb behavior as well; and then all of these should be pretty much standard here, aside from the Tactical stance activation.

Modern Warfare III is almost here and one of the most common video requests I've been getting is a "Best Settings" video so today I go through all of my settings and share what I feel is important to change to have your game looking and playing as good as possible.
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