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The simple reason behind this is that covert sneakers are always the clear choice. However, now that we have the Ninja vest available, this allows us to branch out into the other boots without putting yourself at a massive disadvantage by having extremely loud footsteps that everybody hears, and therefore I wanted to dive deep into these boots to find out which ones are best to use alongside that Ninja vest, so let's dive right into this, and I wanted to start this off with the tactical pads.

Tactical pads

Tactical pads

With these, it states that it increases our slide velocity and allows for aiming down sight while sliding, and it increases our stance transition speeds and crouched movement speed, so let's start this off with slide velocity first, looking at it in the first person, and honestly. I can't really tell that much of a difference if any difference at all here; it at least appears to be essentially the same.

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I'm sure there is some minor difference here, but it's not like a night and day difference; it's not like you're going to immediately notice a huge change in your sliding. When you end up putting these boots on, however. I thought maybe in third person this is going to be different, so maybe it makes you a harder target to hit in third person, and it's just such a subtle change in first person that you can't really tell, but once again, even looking at it in third person, it looks essentially the same with or without tack pads, so I would say this particular benefit that you gain from this is so minor that it's pretty much negligible.

And saying that we do get a clear benefit in the sense that we can fully aim down sight while sliding, and this is something you actually will notice. Without tactical pads, you'll automatically go into a tack stance while sliding, which still tightens up your spread nicely compared to just hip firing in a slide, but it's not going to be nearly as accurate as fully aiming down sight well in a slide, so that's a clear benefit to using the tactical pads but fairly situational.

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Next let's talk about that stance transition speed and the first thing I want to show off is Crouch spamming it's not quite snaking this is just full-on Crouch spamming, and if you pay really close attention you can definitely perform this action a bit faster with these tactical pads on and this is noticeable in both first person as well as third person you can see the enemy player is bouncing around a lot quicker, when using the Tactical pads next let's have a look at drop shotting since that is technically a stance change and in first person even when we slow it down it appears to be identical when it comes to our ability to drop shot, however I did want to see what this looks like from the enemy's perspective, and at normal speed it looks basically the same however when we slow the footage down you can see there is a minor difference here you can drop shot a little bit faster with tactical pads but honestly this difference is small enough that I would say it's not likely to alter the outcome of very many situations. And therefore all we have left to look at with the Tactical pads is the fact that it improves our Crouch movement speed and based on my testing you actually get around the map about 30%, faster when crouching while using these tactical pads so that is a very noticeable difference if you're planning on Crouch walking around but then again this is Call of Duty and most people aren't going to be Crouch walking around the map like crazy so in all while tactical pads have a lot of different effects, most of those effects are either negligible or just really situational effects so unless you're planning on sliding into gunfights a lot and wanting to get aimed down sights or if you want to try like Crouch spamming on a piece of cover against somebody sure these might help you a little bit but realistically speaking you're probably going to get a lot more benefits out of the other boots , so let's move on to the next pair of boots and these are the climbing boots and with these it just states that you get increased climbing and mant speed and it reduces fall damage.

Climbing boots

Climbing boots

So let's start off with a low mantle right here, while the animation itself looks identical. One thing to note here is that if you pay close attention to the hipfire reticle, it actually tightens up much faster after mantling. With climbing boots compared to without climbing boots, that means you're going to be a lot more accurate after a low mantle.

Additionally, if we look at a quick double mantle situation right here, the climbing boots will get you up on top of that noticeably faster. And then another thing is that if we have a higher mantle and we want to fire immediately as soon as possible, once we mantle up, you'll notice that with climbing boots we are able to fire noticeably sooner.

Also, from a third-person perspective, watching somebody mantle here, you can tell that animation is a bit faster as well. They get their gun up, and they're ready to go a bit faster after that mantle, so there are some minor benefits there when it comes to mantling. Next, let's talk about fall damage, and something I've noticed is that on the 6v6 maps in this game, I was unable to find a height that you can fall from that will kill you from full health.

I was saying that if you have taken some damage, you can definitely die from a variety of falls, but I just wanted to point out here at 14 M when I'm not using these climbing boots. You can see that it appears I take quite a bit of damage; there's a lot of that blood on the screen after I land, and I'm pretty much one shot at this point, whereas with climbing boots, it seems we take very little damage; there's almost no red that pops up; there's a very small amount briefly.

But you'd still be able to soak up multiple shots before going down here, so that's the climbing boots, and again, just like with the tack pads. I'm not seeing any real significant benefits here; the benefits that you do gain are quite minor and also very situational.

Running sneakers

Running sneakers

Next, let's talk about the running sneakers and these increase your tax Sprint duration, and they reduce the refresh time on that tactical Sprint, and taking a look at the duration first you can see when not using these sneakers, we only get 2 and 1/2 seconds of tack Sprint with a regular gun in our hands whereas with the running sneakers this will last for a total of 5 Seconds so it actually doubles the amount of time that we're able to stay in tack sprint, which will definitely get you from point A to point B on a longer route a lot faster.

Up until the launch of Season 2 in Modern Warfare III, the Covert Sneakers was the clear choice in the Boot category but now we have the Ninja Vest which opens up the viability of the other boots so today, I wanted to share a full breakdown and comparison of the boots covert sneakers excluded to find out which are best to use alongside the Ninja Vest.
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