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Modern warfare iii worst to best introduction

Modern warfare iii worst to best introduction

It's time to definitively rank all the Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles from worst to best. Worst to Best is a series where I rank all weapons within a class after I've unlocked Forg Camo and have a considerable amount of experience with each weapon. In my sniper and battle rifle articles. I've included the Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well, but since there's so many assault rifles available in the game.

I'm going to be sticking to the Modern Warfare 3 weapons only for this article. At the end, I will share a graph of my five-star ratings for all the assault rifles so you can get an idea of how the Modern Warfare 2 weapons compare.

7th place assault rifle (worst!)

For those of you who are curious, please don't forget to like the article with That said, let's get started with the worst Modern Warfare 3 assault rifle at the number seven spot.

That rifle is the F556. This weapon is pure garbage. In my opinion, it is the slowest-killing AR up close, and it's just frustrating to use. It has one of the fastest kill times at range, but more often than not, it's going to take more than two bursts to kill no matter what your range is because it's easy to miss bullets with this.

I'd expect this to perform better at range with its stats being geared towards a slower play style. You know, its ads are slightly slower than average, Sprint to Fire is slightly slower than average, and Mobility is slower than average. Fun fact: this is the only Modern Warfare 3 weapon with significantly slower movement.

Its mobility speeds are similar to those of Modern Warfare 2 weapons, which are all much slower than Modern Warfare 3 weapons. Also, why is this a three-round burst weapon with a 25-round mag that leaves one bullet left in the mag at the end? and it's just janky and wonky to use this weapon, which just confuses me.

It's not good.

6th place assault rifle

6th place assault rifle

Let's move on to the number six spot, which is the newest edition of Modern Warfare 3 (RAM 7). Overall, this is a faster-at-everything type of rifle. I think it's supposed to be a jack of all trades weapon, but in practice, it's really not good at anything, mainly due to its recoil. It's outgunning over half the ARs if you land your shots; it's tied for fast sprint to fire speed in class; and it has the stats to perform well in close quarters.

At the same time, the ram becomes one of the faster-killing ARS the further you stretch your range out, similar to the F556, and it has the fastest bullet velocity in class to support range play, but its recoil is all over the place even when you have the best attachments on it. There's a lot of horizontal bounce, which makes the ram challenging to use.

I find myself spraying and prepping a lot with this weapon, hoping I just get a kill even when enemies are up close and right in front of my face. I don't know; maybe it's something I'm missing with this weapon, but it feels very inconsistent. I think this is a bad weapon, and I don't see myself using it much moving forward. The good news is that the rest of the ARs are worth using, and some of them are the better guns in the entire game.

5th place assault rifle

5th place assault rifle

At number five, we have the SVA. 545 you're either going to love or hate this weapon. I find myself loving it but hating it from kill to kill because it has a tendency to be inconsistent in ways that you can and can't control.

The first two bullets will fire about twice as fast as the SV's normal fire rate, and its initial shots are very accurate, but its recoil gets bad horizontal bounce when you sustain fire, so the best practice for this weapon is to fire a few shots at a time in full auto so you're taking advantage of the faster time to kill and the better accuracy.

If you can land five to six shots without missing, the SVA is unbeatable; it's killing faster than a lot of weapons in this game, but if you miss a shot, it becomes one of the slowest killing Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles by a large margin, and even if you don't miss a shot if you're fighting more than one person, good luck because you're going to be at a significant disadvantage because of the way this weapon works.

Even if you're spamming the high fire rate, you're going to be increasing your time to kill when your fingers are off the trigger to reset its fire rate. The SVA has really high highs and really low lows, which makes it hard to rank. I mean, yeah, it can kill fast, and it is worth using, but overall, it tends to be inconsistent. And I think you'll be better off with the top four ARS on my list.

4th place assault rifle

4th place assault rifle

Next on the list is the MTZ 556, at the number four spot. At one point, I wholeheartedly believed this was the worst weapon in the game. It has some pretty Jank left-leaning zigzag recoil patterns that you have to suffer through when leveling the weapon up, but when you do unlock attachments, the recoil becomes manageable, and the MTZ becomes usable at longer ranges—and I'm not talking war zone range—long enough to suit most multiplayer maps.

The MTZ has one of the fastest kill times in games, not just ARS. It's going to outgun most weapons in this game; it outguns all the assault rifles except at long range. The burst rifles will start to beat it, and if you land your shots with the SVA initial burst. I will beat it, but to be honest, you're probably not landing your shots when you get to that long-range trade-off.

Point anyway, this weapon is most effective in close to mid-range combat; it absolutely claps within its optimal range as the fastest aimed on sight speed and is tied for fastest sprint to fire speed, so this is a great weapon for aggressive play style, and it feels amazing to use when you're landing your shots.

Now, it does have some consistency issues. The recoil can be a problem, so it may not be for everyone, but you can't deny that this is one of the better assault rifles in this game.

3rd place assault rifle

3rd place assault rifle

Now into the top three ARS. These are all ARS that are really good, and anyone can do well with them. The third-best assault rifle in Modern Warfare 3 is the MCW.

In my opinion, it is the spiritual successor to the ACR from Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. This is an incredibly accurate weapon. It's easy to use, but it has the slowest time to kill between the Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles except the SVA. When you're sustaining a fight, the MCW will kill you 20 milliseconds faster than the SVA.

But it's not like this is a great weapon because it kills fast. You will lose gunfights when there are even gunfights. The MCW is great because it's very easy to use and it's versatile. The TDK is really the only downside to this weapon; all the other handling Mobility stats are average, so you can speed up the handling and make it agile, and it will still be pretty easy to use because the recoil is pretty low.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Assault Rifles based on their stats AND my experiences unlocking Forged Camo! This video includes the SVA 545, MTZ-556, Holger 556, MCW, DG-56, FR 5. 56 and Ram-7. MW2 ARs are featured at the end of this video, but are not included in the ranking.
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