News - How To Go Godmode On Warzone 2 Zombies (warzone 2 Glitches)


I hope you're having a good day today. I don't know if somebody has already done this glitch yet, but today I'm going to be showing you the mixture of two glitches that will create this crazy god mode XP farm glitch where these zombies will actually keep spawning non-stop in front of you, which basically gives you unlimited XP for the entire game.

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So the first thing you want to do is actually launch in a game and get your money up so you can get the kill streak, Juggernaut. And you also need to get your money up to get the monkey bomb you need those two things and then you want to just xill with those and start another match you want to get the kill streak and the monkey bomb, in separate matches from the Glitch because you'll have enough time to actually get the XP once you're done doing the glitch so I advise you pretty much to go ahead and get the kill streak and the monkey bomb in one game and then in the second game go ahead and attempt to do the glitch so you'll have the whole game just getting the XP now once you have those two you want to go ahead launch in the second game and then you want to go look for the Outlast, contract now I don't think it matters the location you want to do this Outlast contract in but I'm going to do this in tier two because it worked for me every time so you want to do this at your own risk in a different tier if you want but you want to go in there and activate the pnd.

And then you want to get the progression to 95%. Now, once you reach 95%, you want to go on your map, and then you want to exit the zone while you're on your map and cancel. Now, that's basically this: Completing glitch number one, which will have the zombies still spawning in the zone, basically makes the game think that you're still doing the contract, which you actually are not because you canceled it.

Moving on to the second glitch, you want to go ahead and pull out your Juggernaut, and you want to just throw it on the ground nearby. And yeah, I advise you to have some type of armor—good armor or juggernog. Because these tier 2 zombies, or no. I'm sorry, the Outlast, contract zombies, will be going ballistic, so yeah, that's what the monkey bombs are for, so you want to just throw that monkey bomb, and then you want to go to your Juggernaut.


So when they take it away from you, you can stay in the ground if you want to just keep using the minigun until they take it away from you. Yeah, so when they take it away from you, you can stay on the ground if you want. I don't know if it's going to put you in god mode, but I get up, and then you want to just dolphin dive somewhere.

And basically, yeah, this will happen to you. The zombies will not basically touch you at all, like they won't do any damage to you whatsoever. So basically, this is how I fix the glitch. You can do it in a totally different way if you want. I don't know if it works either way, but I chose to do the first glitch, the Outlast glitch, and then the Juggernaut glitch, the God Mode glitch, and then you know.

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I do it in that order, but if you want to do the Juggernaut glitch, then start the PN, and then do the Outlast glitch. I don't know if it works or not; I haven't tried that, but you can, and if that's easier for you, you can do that as well. Mind you, you can still take damage from certain things like hellhounds and fire, so when you kill a hellhound and you know how they just drop nothing but fire under you, you can just burn from that.

You could move out the way, which makes you able to take damage from zombies again, but once you're able to take zombie damage again, just go ahead and do another dolphin dive, and it'll put you right back in that God mode, or you can just stand still in the fire, and it will literally do nothing, but I mean, it'll hurt you a little bit, and then you just put armor above that, and you're basically you can just sit there; it won't really do much damage as long as you pay attention to your health bar, you can really stand in it, and just you know, keep putting armor on because the zombies are going to keep spawning and give you armor PL.

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