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You are watching a master at work. Over the last 2 weeks, you've seen about 687 different articles pertaining to the same exact Tombstone glitch on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Let's get right on with it. Within this article. I'm going to be explaining the item duplication glitch, the acquisition stash glitch, and the Tombstone.

Glitch, and which X fills you can use and how to use them properly so you don't lose your Tombstone. This glitch is still working after all the most recent patches and updates, and that's why I'm bringing you an updated guide. Let's begin by loading into a match of zombies, acquiring as much cash as you possibly can, and acquiring any items that you would like to possibly duplicate or keep stored inside of your tombstone for future games.

I strongly recommend that you place a large backpack inside of your backpack as well, and you'll see why, a little bit later on, once you're set up and ready, you're going to go ahead and acquire the tombstone perk. At this point, you're going to make your way to any location on the map where you would like to have your tombstone stored.

For me personally, I like to use the island where the storm is; it's a centralized area, and it's going to be most beneficial for duplicating items. At this point, we need to go down and bleed out fully by any means necessary. You can use a thermite, a moli of cocktail, or get down by a zombie. Unfortunately, on the island, zombies don't spawn, so you will need a demolitive cocktail or the thermite grenade with the tombstone perk active, all the items inside your backpack, and the amount of cash that you would like to have.

You're going to go ahead and get down and bleed out fully. Open up the pause menu and choose the option to leave the game once you're back in the zombies main menu. If you go over to gear, you'll notice that you've lost everything, and this is exactly what we expect from here. Load into another match.

Once you spawn into this match, you're going to see your Tombstone icon on the map, and you can go over to that location. Once here, you're going to interact with your tombstone, and you want to pull every single item out of your tombstone so that it crumbles. If you were like me and you had the large backpack, go ahead and equip that first so you can pull out all the other items with ease.

You want to make absolutely sure that you crumble your tombstone. By pulling all the items, even if you don't need all the items, just pull them out and drop them to the ground. At this point, we're going to use the baby portal to actually duplicate our items, and I'll show you exactly how to do so.

From here, we're going to walk over to the portal and interact with it. Open up the TAC map and vote. Yes, that's going to start a 10-second countdown timer. I like to swim out into the water during this 10-second countdown timer so the zombies can't get at me. At this point, we're going to prepare to close the application during the teleportation and animation.

Once the teleportation animation begins, wait two full seconds and then close the application, load back into the game, and load back into zombies. Go over to Gear, and you'll see that you have all of your items right here to store inside of your acquisition stash. In this segment, I'm going to show you how you're going to be able to place more than 10 items within your acquisition stash.

In order to do this, you will need access to at least one reward item. Highlight the item that you would like to store and choose the option to swap. Once you do go inside your acquisition stash, cycle over to your rewards and select any reward. It's going to place that reward in your backpack, and while you're highlighted over this reward, you're going to choose the option to unequip, which will place it back in the reward slot, and that's going to force that item into your acquisition stash even above the 10 counts.

Continue to rinse and repeat that process with each item in your acquisition stash. I like the item. Choose the option of swapping. Select the reward. It's going to be placed inside your backpack. You're then going to highlight the reward and choose the option to be unequipped, and you'll just repeat that over and over again.

Now you can do this until you have about 215 to 250 items stored inside of your acquisition stash, and then it's going to cap out and not let you do any more items beyond that. From here, we can simply load into another match, and because we filled and closed the app in that certain manner, our Tombstone is going to be available.

Yet again, go to your tombstone, collect all the items until they crumble, and then play about your match as normal. Now that I've explained that, I'm going to go ahead and let you know every single possible way and routine in which you can keep your Tombstone active for every single match from this point forward.

If at any point you're solo and you just happen to go down and you don't have any self-revivals, and this is the end of the match, go ahead and simply close the application, right there on the spot or alt f4 for those of you on PC. By doing that, your tombstone's going to be available in the next game.

If that does happen, you're going to lose all currently held items, but it's no big deal because you can just go get your tombstone and gain all those items back the next game. If you choose to xfill at a regular xfill location, what we're going to do is close the application on the screen that says successful xfill.

You'll wait until that point and then choose the option to close the application or alt-f4. Now for those of you that are using the mission extractions, this is going to be a little bit different once the helicopter lifts in the air. You're going to count two full seconds and then close the application before the screen goes black, so about 2 seconds after the helicopter lifts off the ground, you should be fine.

Your tombstone will be maintained for the next game. Now there is one more scenario: if you want to go into the dark ether, I'm not going to explain it in this article. However, it's still just as simple, but you might want to watch that article. If you do plan on going to Dark Eternity and you want to maintain your Tombstone for each and every game thereafter, I'll have that article linked on screen right now so you can select it.

As always, I appreciate you all tuning in, and I appreciate all the continued support. It's your boy, J.

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