News - All Working Glitches For Warzone 2 Zombies That Involve The Juggernaut Killstreak, Warzone 2 Glitch Tutorial

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Today, we've got an awesome one for you guys. What we have today is a mix of all working glitches for Modern Warfare Zombies Juggernaut Edition. Check this out, guys. I just threw my Juggernaut right here, and I have the funniest moment of my zombies: gameplay for this year. Yes, you just saw that iord in a random Juggernaut just because I just threw it by mistake, turned around, and another player flew in, landed in the smoke, and got crushed by the Juggernaut, guys, and if that happens to you, you can't be revived; his game's over; there's no reviving him, no playing him, or anything.

Now for this one, this is all going to be with juggernauts. You can store juggernauts in your tombstones and all the other items for which you're going to be involved in this article. I highly recommend you get yourself a tombstone set up and have all the items in Tombstone; it'll make your life easier.

With that said, let's get straight into this, and we're going to start out with the duplication, glitch, and supercharging of Wonder Weapons. For this, you're going to want the first slot empty, and you're going to want the weapon you're wanting to duplicate in the second slot. Call out your Juggernaut, and then just drop the guns on the ground.


Okay, again, the weapon you're duplicating or supercharging needs to be in the second slot, like you see here with your fists out. Open the Juggernaut kill streak and wait for it to finish. So, like this now, guys, this is just this point here. We're going to show you how to supercharge the wonder weapon, and then we're going to show you how to supercharge a second one, and then we're going to show you how to have three weapons all with this, so as you see here, after the Juggernaut runs out, we get a second copy of the one weapon we've now duplicated.

We can now apply an ether tool to this one and supercharge it, making it legendary and giving it a 300% damage boost. Yes, it's now 300% stronger than the one that we just had a second ago. Now we want to do it with the second one, so we open another case, and now we're going to supercharge our second wonder weapon.

Now that we've opened it and it's already in the second slot, we don't need to move it around. The weapon that's in your second slot is the weapon that you're going to duplicate, so in this case we call out our jugut, and then because the VR 11's in the second slot, all we do is drop the weapons on the ground, and with our first out, we use our juggernaut.


Once our Juggernaut runs out, we're going to get a copy of the gun that was in the second slot; in our case, it's going to be the VR11. And then we'll be able to supercharge it just like we did for the scorcher guys, so as you see, now we have a vr11, it's gray, we can now supercharge it, we can pack-a-punch it, and if you pack-a-punch the duplicate, you can then pick up the other one that's on the ground, and you can hold two of the same weapon if you want to do that, but for this, we're not doing that, so I drop it back down, and now we have two supercharged Wonder Weapons, so now we have Wonder Weapons that have an extra 300%.

Damage value on them and they're way grantier than normal now we want to hold two supercharged Wonder Weapons and we want to have a third weapon to do this we need to go down with the first slot empty so for this I like to have the scorcher in the first slot then I need to go up into the air and drop the scorcher out before I land.


Dying is to be revived with the first slot empty, so that's what we're doing right here. I've boosted up into the air. I drop the scorcher out before I go down by. Splitting, I revive myself, and that is the first step going down with the first slot empty. Okay, now we pick the scorcher back up, and we need to swap the weapons around, so we do them on the ground, and we pick them back up in a different order.

duplication glitch

After that, we drop the scorcher out, and we go and swap it out for the second slot for a wall-by-wall item. Then, holding that wall gun, we go and use it. Juggernaut, once the Juggernaut runs out we're going to be able to have an empty slot with our fists out with that empty slot is the slot that we pick up the scorcher with just like this, as you will notice if you do it correctly in the order and like we just told you there the two Wonder Weapons will keep their supercharged Rarity, and you will have a third weapon now the third weapon that is the gray weapon is weakened and it does not have the extra damage bonuses from having a rarity so that is why it's best to keep the Rarity on the Wonder Weapons so you have them supercharged and super powerful so if you need to grun grind out the high tier zones you have the Wonder Weapons to be able to do that while they're heavily supercharged, and if you're trying to do camo grinds and stuff like that the gray weapons if you triple Pack-a-Punch them will still be able to kill quite easily and tier ones and twos if you're doing Outlast contracts for camos and stuff like that so you now have two heavily.

Supercharged, 300% damaged. Wonder Weapons has two of them, plus you've also got an extra slot to be able to have your third weapon. Guys, simple as, easy as now, let's get into the god mode, guys. Now for this, if you guys want to know, you can always buy Juggernaut from the Tier 3 B Play Station for 10, 000.


For the god mode, call in a juggernaut, and for this, it's really simple and really easy, guys. You will do this on your first try. All you need to do is go prone next to the juggernaut kill streak and then open it as you sprint off, which is your push. Sprint as you go forward, so lay prone, hold open it, and sprint off as you're opening it, and it will bug out like this; it'll look like you're gone underground.

Now for this, guys. I highly recommend that you have an automatic tactical sprint setting and that you have the setting set for dive only, because afterwards you're going to want to be doing diving, so once your dragonaut runs out, you'll be under the ground like this. Just sprint and then dive to get out of that.

After this, when you dive, your player model will be above the ground like this, and you'll know you're in the glitch. Now, when you dive, you're in guard mode. Now it's a buggy because it's a glitch, and as you'll see right here. I wasn't in god mode this time, but I still had the glitch, so if this happens to you, just move somewhere else and dive again to see.


I was just bugging out because, as you see. I was taking damage two times, and then after that. I'm no longer taking damage, so when we're dived, we're now in full guard mode, so yes, guys, be aware that the glitch can bug out at times, and just be aware of that and don't let that kill you if you do.

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