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3 weapons

Today, we've got an awesome one for you guys. What we got today were the three weapons. Mule Kick glitch done with the Jugger Kill streak, guys. Yes, I just made a article on how to do it with the USB towers, and then we made a article on how to do it with the safes. Now we're making a article on how to do it with jugernaut kill streaks, guys, so yes, you can even do this in the tier four and five zones because you can take a job in there with you, and you can do it in there if you want.

If you're not already, leave me an awesome comment, and let's get straight into this, guys. Now you can hold all of these items that you need to be able to do this in your tombstone, so it makes it even better. Now for this one, you want to start out by having a weapon in the second slot; your first slot needs to be empty, so for that, that is the right slot, not the left slot.

okay, the left slot needs to be empty. Now once you've got that, you need to go down, so for me, I just emitted the flame. However, if you want to go down, go down, and then get revived. You can use self-revival. You can have a dog revive you or a friend. It does not matter, but that's what you need to do.

You need to go down with only a weapon in the second slot and none in the other slot. After you've done that, you can go along and get another weapon. As you see here, we opened up the scorcher case, and I have the scorcher. As the other weapon guys, here we go. Here we open up the scater case.

3 weapons glitch

Simple as that is the first step. Okay, you've got it. You've gone down with only one weapon, and the first slot was empty. Now to set it up, we've gone long. We've got another weapon. Now that we've got the scorcher in the first slot and the shotgun in the second slot, we're going to drop them both on the ground and then call out a juggernaut.

Then we're going to pick up the two guns in the opposite order, so we pick up the scorcher in the second slot, and we now have the shotgun in the first slot. When this Juggernaut kill streak comes in, we open it holding the first slot weapon. Once the Juggernaut runs out, we are going to have both of those weapons, and we're going to have a free slot with just our fists.

after patch

Then we can either go and pick up our first slot empty slot, we can either equip by opening another weapon case, or we can go along and get a warby weapon or whatever, but this is the third slot weapon. Now this weapon here will be weakened because it will not be able to take on any Rarity, so it will be a gray base or base Rarity, so for that reason I highly recommend that you only use the slot for the scorcher because the scorcher does not feel that when it's at its when it is at its normal not boosted Rarity, it's still very viable, but as you'll see here we go along and put ether tools on so you can put your ether tool on your, normal guns and you can have two legendary guns and then you can have one gray gun but as you see here if when we go along to put the ether tool on the gray gun it does not take it on so do not use ether tools on the third weapon that's a gray gun you will be wasting it Now, guys, as a bonus.

I'm going to show you guys, verified, that the gray gun does less damage. Okay, we've just brought the legendary gun off the wall. We're going to go along, and we're going to pack-a-punch it to level three. Then I'll show you how much this destroys zombies. Right, it just destroys level three zombies when it's legendary, and at level three, Packa punched this destroys zombies.

b man

Okay, then straight after this, we'll go along and we'll go get the exact same gun; it was legendary off the wall, but it will become gray because we'll swap it for the third weapon, and that's gray. We'll go and triple-pack-a-punch it, and you'll see its damage output is nowhere near the same for this reason.

This is why I tell you guys not to bother trying to get more than three weapons and hold a whole heap of all your weapons for this glitch because all you're doing is you're going to have a whole heap of weakened weapons and you'll have to swap through the weaken weakened weapons to actually be able to use your normal, actual, good granty weapons.

So for that reason, I say only use this for three weapons and no more than that, with the third weapon you want to have as the scorcher. Because the scorer can still destroy things in level three when it is gray, but as you see here, we've now gone and got the same weapon, but it's gray rarity, even though we brought it as a legendary rarity.


Scorcher, and we've got a different gun that's gray and we want to make the scorcher the gray gun it's very simple and very easy guys all we need to do is come over to here to any wall by and we want to purchase the wall by while we're holding the scorcher out for our case it's the scorcher, right then we'll have the wall by as its Rarity, and then we swap to the non Rarity weapon and we pick up the scorcher holding the gray non Rarity weapon and it will make the scorcher be the gray weapon as you'll see from this gaml the scorcher when it's gray can still just destroy and level three it's awesome still when it's gray so this does not get affected from this the scorcher is by far the best weapon to have gray and this glitch is absolutely perfect for the scorcher, now as you see here this vr11 when you make it legendary.

b-man mwz

One, two shots of these mega-abominations. But when it's not legendary, this is the damage that it normally does when it's triple-pack-a-punched, so as you see, when it's gray, it continues to do its normal damage, but it doesn't get weaker. Okay, the Wonder Weapons. Base damage is their normal damage, and they don't get weaker, okay, but you will not be able to supercharge.

The vr11 is the third weapon, so make it two-to-abominations. So for that reason, if you're running a scorcher and a vr11 to power through the contracts in the Tier 3 Zone. I would very highly recommend having the scorcher as the gray one because that can still do everything it's normally capable of when it's gray, and then you can still supercharge.

The vr11, to twoot bosses and simple as go through and power it out now, as you guys see here, I have dog mode. Yes, it's not God mode. It's dog mode. I call it dog mode. I'm practically invincible. As long as you've got golden armor and a dog out mate, you're practically invincible, and you can have your dog always getting revived all the time and increase its health with simple healing.

juggernaut method for 3 weapons glitch. juggernaut mule kick glitch to hold 3 weapons at the same time in MWZ MWIII zombies mode. also how to use DOG MODE to be piratically INVINCIBLE. HOW TO HOLD EXTRA WEAPONS AT THE SAME TIME IN MWZ MWIII ZOMBIES MODE.
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