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3 weapons

Today we've even improved the mule cck glitch to make it even more accessible to people and easier to do. Subscribe if you're not already helping me out. I'm trying to hit 50, 000 subscribers before Christmas. I've only got a few more to go, so if you don't mind, get down there and check that you're subscribed.

Leave me an awesome comment, and let's get into this one, guys. As you see right here, you're going to be able to hold three weapons, and I highly recommend the third weapon that you hold. This is Wonder Weapons, guys. Shout out to C glitches for finding that, but as you see here, we have improved it to be able to be done with safes as well.

What you need for this is a moleto. You can bring these in, or you can loop up to get one. All you need to do is throw a moleto and activate, start opening a safe just before you go down, and you can go down while activating the safe. As long as you've activated the safe to where you've put your guns away when you get revived, you'll have your guns, but you'll also have an empty slot at this point.

3 weapons glitch

If you have a weapon, in case that's a wonder weapon, you could either pick up a weapon and it would be your third weapon, but if you make it your wonder weapon, like you saw here with our fists out and the empty slot out, we activated a weapon case, so we got it as a wonder weapon. Our third weapon is a wonder weapon.

I would highly recommend that if you have a scorcher and you're using scorches, you make your third weapon the scorcher, because then it does not get affected by being a gray weapon. You don't need to supercharge the scorcher for it to be awesome and still work everything everywhere, but this way you don't, but you do want to be able to supercharge the vr11 if you have it because it makes it way grantier, so in that case I would recommend doing the scorcher.

But with that said, guys, you can also use the raid weapons as well as Merc strongholds. So you've got the raids; you can go and use the raid, activate a raid contract, and just go straight to the safe and just use the safe to do this glitch. You don't even need to complete these raid contracts or anything, so it's as simple as that.

after patch

You don't need to find a USB, a tower, or anything. You can just come and activate one of these contracts, and you can even cancel it afterwards. If you've already got a wonder weapon, you want the third weapon. Drop It On The Ground, then go to a war buy and buy a second weapon so you're holding two weapons and you've got the wonder weapon that you want as the third weapon sitting on the ground by the safe so that's the weapon that you can pick up once you've got your hand your fists out with no weapon after doing the glitch like here so we have the scorcher that we're going to make the third weapon so for that case we're going to leave it on the ground by the safe, now all we do for this is the same thing again we have our moleto grenade that you need which you can bring in and we have a safe we're going to throw the moletto and before the moleto kills us we need to activate starting to open the safe and then we want to get downed, while we're doing the animation.

b man

So as you see here, we activated opening the safe we've gone down, and you can get revived either by your dog or use a revive or a player. It does not matter when you get revived; you will have both your guns, and you will also have an empty slot with the empty slot selected. Pick up the third weapon, in our case, the scorcher, because the scorcher does not get weaker being gray, and a normal weapon, if you were to do that with a war buy that was a legendary war bu gun, and then you were to do this glitch and pick it up as your third weapon, it would become a weak gray, powered gun.

So don't do this with guns as your third weapon. I would highly recommend using this as, like you see here, having the scorcher out as your third weapon, guys, and then you've got muick. So then you'll have a scorcher that's just as powerful as normal, and you'll be able to fully upgrade your other weapons with ether tools and everything and still have them as well.


You'll have three weapons you'll be able to get around everywhere and everything, guys. With that said again, do me a favor. Get down there and check that you're subscribed. I'm trying to hit $50,000. Before Christmas, I've only got a day to get another 150 subscribers. Leave me an awesome comment, and keep being awesome.

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