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b man

Today, we've got an awesome one for you guys. What we have is the old Modern Warfare 2 Showcase glitch, where you could just get saved. Blueprints and guns from your buddy's accounts from their showcase. Yes, that is back and working, guys. Yes you heard that right and on top of that this is even better you can even just go along and you can save custom Blueprints and all sorts of attachments locked attachments and everything yourself without having any requirements at all 100% solo, and stupidly, easy guys so with that said you're going to be able to copy black sell stuff so your buddies who have the paid black sell traces and stuff like that you can get those on your guns as you see here like this paid heat tra scope on your Sky snipers and all sorts guys you can go and you can get them onto your account from your buddy's accounts also, things like the new aftermarket parts and stuff like that you do not have unlocked you can just go along and you can save them as Blueprints and use them online and everything guys this is absolutely, gamebreaking, and it's massive with that said guys do your part.

What you'll do is join that group, and then you'll have over 5, 000 people to go and scroll through that will have different showcase weapons. You might find someone that's running something that you want a black sell traces or something like that; maybe it's got a scope on it or something like you see right here and all sorts of I'm going to have this gun here as my showcase, so that people that come across my profile will be able to get this gun be able to get this heat sort scope and the brand new tracers for the season 3 tracers for the black cell for the sniper rifle, and they'll be able to save this, so it's really simple and it's really easy, guys, and this is absolutely.


Create a private match. Now you should be able to also do this in War Zone if you do not have multiplayer, but for me, I have multiplayer, so I'm doing it here. I came across a private match. Once you're in a private match, you can go along and set up a gun however you like, so see here. Bman youtube, we can save that, and then we can just go back online and equip that gun and use it.

It's as simple as that. Now, do not equip and set up guns. Now, pretty much when you're doing it this solo, you're not going to have any troubles with anything, and you'll just be able to go along. You'll be able to set up your blueprints for things; don't do it for guns that you have the base blueprint locked on, right?

So if I so if I was to set up this SOA here and I come across it here and I set it up, so you see, we go along to this; we have to unlock the base to be able to equip this in the game, so if we come into here and we come across it and we say, save, then we come out of it. Here we come into multiplayer.

blackcell season 3

Now this is all done solo with one controller. Nothing funny about it, guys. As you can see here, we can come across it, and then we can equip the gun. So there's that gun that we had before, and here's the other one that we just used with the aftermarket scope. You can actually go in the Guy game, and everything, guys, have this gun right here.

I pulled from the Showcase off my main, and as you see right here, if we come in and show you this has the current traces off the, current, black cell, so we get free black cell, we get paid Scopes and all sorts absolutely free, and it works, and as you see here, this works and everything, perfectly, guys.

Now it's all free, and we just pulled now for this one we just pulled this off our other profile. Now let's get in and show you guys how to pull the Showcase stuff. Okay, now for this again, you have to be in private match. You cannot do the Showcase pulling if you're not in private match, so again, you back out of here, we come through into private.


Match, now that we're in a private match, we come across and we're in a private match. We can now come through to Social, and we can go through and save the blueprint, so we come across to my other profile that has the sniper rifle. It's there we came across it to inspect it. We go into the thing, and because we're in a private match, it doesn't say down in the corner, Save the custom one, guys, so we can save it.

Bman from the Showcase, this is the Showcase of my other main's profile, and I'm now copying it on to my ALT profile, so save it as bman. and there you see there saved it's now been saved we can come out of here and we can just go back online and we can now use that online, with all of the black cell traces on it and everything guys now it's pretty awesome and it's pretty amazing now if you try and as you see here we now have not the GG one we now have another one that's called the bman and that's the one we just saved and as you see it has all the Trac on it and everything and everything guys it's working 100% easy now you will not be able to use this for camos that you do not have unlocked and you will not be able to use this for blueprint, bases Okay, so as you see.


I've done this with this cat. AMR what I've done to be able to make this possible is I have used a base, C AMR, to build this gun, and then, with that said, let's get in and show you guys that side. I'm going to log into the profile that created this and show you guys that side of things because now that you've seen this side of things on how to pull it.

I'm going to show you guys how to be the one that puts it into your showcase so it can easily be pulled every time. Okay, with that said, let's get into that part of it. It would save it, but then it would come up like this with a padlock, and I just wouldn't be able to equip it, okay? So you will not be able to save things that are like that.

free blackcell

What you will be able to save is what they have to do: they have to use the base of a weapon. So as you see here, we've got the base, and these are blueprint bases. And they can go along, and they can put some cool setups on it to make the blueprint actually look pretty cool for you. Maybe you want a P.O., some cool, paid laser, some cool paid scope, or something; they can put the aftermarket parts on it and build it up like this, as you see here, so we got some more black cell stuff, so there is actually the black cell, one for this, which we could put on, so we'll find it.

You can build it up like this, and they could then have some blacks, some tracers, and all sorts of stuff like this, but as you've seen, it's the main; it's off the base, but your friends will have tracers; they'll have all sorts of different cool attachments and all sorts of stuff on their guns. Now all you need to do is set your gun up like that again.

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