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Today, we've got an awesome one for you guys. It's that time again where you guys want your XP, you want your battle pass tokens, and you want to level up, and guys, I've got you. We've got the method where you can do that completely. AFK, While you're sleeping. Now guys, this is not the most effective way to do it while you're actually on the game, so while you're playing, there's better ways to level up, but what this is a way you can level up while you're sleeping, and while you're at work or whenever you're not able to be on the game, you can continue to level up while you're not there.

Guys, so it's absolutely awesome for people that can't get on the game all the time and still want to get their battle pass. Now, today's article I have three games recorded for this, so people can be confident that it isn't just one game. Those people can watch this whole thing out—I've Got It sped up and stuff—but you'll be able to see the full game if you want to watch that.

That's why this article is the length it is, but with that said, it's really simple and it's really easy. All you need to do is press play on quads. And as you'll see from my gameplay, once you start a quad, just leave it. Once you go in you load in you don't have to select your loadout or anything; just leave it.

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What you want to do first is set up your loadout. With the weapon that you want to level up in, in your main loadout is set as your custom as your favorite class, okay, so go in and you would say select as your favorite. If you only have one loader like mine, you don't need to worry about the primary gun that you want to level up and that you want to put in as the primary gun, as you see here.

I got a little bit of XP; you will get a little bit of XP. some games on the weapon—not a lot, but hey, some XP While you're not playing, it's better than none. You will also get a little bit of rank each game, and hey, some rank is better than none. You leave it all night long, and you'll be ranking up levels when you come back in the morning, just like with your battle pass in three games.

From the AFK, we obtained two tokens. So again, it's not gamebreaking amounts of XP and stuff each game, but obviously if you're leaving AFK for 8 hours, you're going to come back to a lot, and it's going to seem like a lot when you come back. So with that said, it's that simple, guys. All you need to do is that, so I'll leave it to play through, and you guys can see that here you see here.

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I spent up the two tokens, and I had zero tokens when I started. I was at level 59, as you see here, and I let it play in while we loaded in. And that's it, guys. Go AFK for three whole games, and you'll see that I fully obtain two tokens, and we get a whole lot of XP as we go up to level 60. And all sorts of guys, so.

Simple, it works, and those people who really want to know whether or not they want to see it fully play out well can continue watching this article, and you'll see the whole thing will play out well. With that said, I also want to touch on the people that are following me and the zombie glitches, and people keep asking about the tombstone glitch.

That still works okay, guys, so what you can do is go down with the tombstone perk as long as you have the items on you that you want to have in your tombstone. You go down with the Tombstone perk, you bleed out, and then you select Leave Game from the in-game menu. You do not quit the app at that point, and when the next game, when you come in, your Tombstone will be there.


That's just as normal as it should be okay if it's not there, that's just the game broken, and do it again because that is not glitching at that stage. After that, where the glitch comes in or the exploit is that if you loot your Tombstone from that point or either want your Tombstone to be there every single game, all you do is close the app, and then when you come back next time, it won't have registered that you took your Tombstone, and your Tombstone will be there again.

Now I have full tutorials on that, and those most recent tutorials on it are still current. All of that still works, guys. The jaggernaut duplication glitch for duplicating, Your insured weapons and stuff that still works, guys, so all the insured weapons to contraband glitches still work now. What has been patched so far, as far as I'm aware, is the monkey bomb glitch, so what you used the monkey bomb on the sentry, gun, we could not repeat that today that got patched.

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And the glitches where you're holding either a juggernaut out and then you act open a weapon case and it fills your inventory with the weapon C with the weapons, that has been patched, and the same with doing it in the driver's seat on the passenger seat of a car with your fists out, that has also been patched, guys.

The glitch where you need a band account to be able to bring all the items from private games to online has not yet been patched, but that still works. You can still use that to do all of that, guys, so that's still working. And well, as you see right here, you have a working XP glitch. You see, we just got 15, 000.

XP from this game, and we were AFK. Okay, it autoloads into the game; we do not need to touch our controller or anything; we can leave our console to be full on AFK. That is why this is an AFK. While you're sleeping all night long, as you see here, we load it into the next game and it plays out the full game; it does not kick us, then it loads into the next game and it plays the full down game out, and then I stopped the recording because, well, three games is heaps, so I don't think anyone wants to watch more than that.

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