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These are the best weapons in each category for War Zone 3 after the recent update, followed by the best weapon combinations and perks for your loadouts. Starting off with SMGs, in the last place we have the Rival 9. It's a decent SMG with great movement and mobility, but it lacks when it comes to the time to kill in the close-range aspect.

But what makes this SMG really good is that it has a really decent time to kill at the longer ranges; it kind of reminds me of the bass p in War Zone 2. After that, we got the Fenic 45. Yes, it got nerfed, but this SMG still packs a punch. It has an insanely high fire rate, but it also eats through those bullets really quick, so if you want to use it, use it in solos or with Max.

After that, we have a very interesting thing over here. We have the striker, a really good-sized mag. The mobility is still great, with a minimum recoil, and it's definitely something that you should try at least once. But what's interesting about this is that this SMG is tied with an LMG, specifically the polyot LMG that has the conversion kit that turns it into an SMG, and when I tell you, this is the most fun I've had.

abuse this before its nerfed

I'm not kidding you have to try this load out and what makes this lmg really broken is with this conversion kit look at the time to kill, it maintains an insane, damage at range and it has minimal recoil that makes it the best sniper support in the game without any doubt after that we have the wsp sword, probably the best Mobility SMG out there right now with an insane time tile at close range and you're going to see it in all the tournaments out there after that for the close range meta we got the iso 9 mm from war zone 2 it has a 50 round mag its movement is insane and the time to kill on it is just beautiful now if you guys want something that's even more broken than the iso 9 mm, something that will destroy people in close range then you have to try out this wsp swarm with the akimbo conversion kit when I tell you the time to kill is even better than the iso 9 mm.

Also from Modern Warfare in War Zone 2, I personally love this AR. I dropped lots and lots of 30 bombs just using this weapon by itself. The only problem with this gun is that it's very shaky, and that means that you have to use a muzzle that will negate that recoil, and you're not going to be playing with a silenced AR.

akimbo meta

So while watching this article, if you notice some of these attachments have muzzles that do not have any form of suppression, it's because I want you guys to have the best possible recoil control because what's the point of shooting people at the wrong range when you're missing everything because of the horizontal or vertical recoil?

But if you want to switch and use the VT7 suppressor instead to maintain that silent aspect, then by all means do so, and now in second place we got the SVA. 545, when I use this AR. I literally couldn't understand what I was using. This is probably one of my favorite weapons in War Zone 3. It handles the close range; it handles the long range.

It has a really great time to kill and barely any recoil. You guys need to try this weapon out ASAP, and in the first place, we got the Ram 7. Sadly, it's not like the Ram 7 from War Zone 1, and if you know me, you know how much I love that weapon, but regardless, this is still the top AR in the game right now.

akimbo smg loadout

The only problem with it is that there's a lot of bounciness, shakiness, and a lot of recoil, which means that I have to use a muzzle that does not add any suppression. Now for the battle rifles, we have the bass B and the MPZ 762. Now, personally, I can't say that one is better than the other because each one is different in its own way.

The MTZ 762 lacks more ammunition like the Bass B, but it's capped at 30 rounds max, and its damage is just insane. The Recoil is more manageable because it's more vertical than horizontal, but the bass spe, even though it got nerfed,'s still technically better, and you can still add a suppressor, but at long ranges, it's not as accurate as the MTZ 762.

bas b build

And if you look at the time to kill chart, each one excels in a certain range, so it's up to you guys. Last place, we got Hoger 26. It has minimal recoil by default; it has a decent-size mag; and it's a great option for anybody who still doesn't know how to control the recoil a lot. After that, we got the DJ 58 LSW, and this is where I struggle a bit.

The DJ 58 has probably one of the best recoil patterns out of all the lmgs on this list, and it's my go-to when I want to use an lmg, but the time to kill on it is not the best compared to the next two. After that, we got the Breu and MK9. It has a bigger mag, a better time to kill, and even less recoil with these attachments, and it reminds me of the war zone one meta when the Bruin was it; after that, we got the attack eradicator.

Technically, this is the best time to kill. The recoil isn't that bad as well, but there's one problem with this weapon, and this is what I want you guys to help with. So the tack eradicator is being used by a lot of people, but the problem with this lmg is that as you shoot, the fire rate of this weapon becomes slower and slower, which technically means that if you're not doing a One V one and hitting all your shots off the rip, you have to wait an entire second for that fire rate to reset.


So what do you guys think is the TAC actually the best lmg right now, or the bruan or the DJ 58 should take that first spot now for the marksman rifles? If you like single-fire weapons, then these are the best two out there right now. In the first place, we got the MPZ Interceptor. Yes, it got nerfed, but it's still three to four shots, depending on where you're landing your shots; it barely has any recoil whatsoever.

And it's a really good option for somebody who's really accurate or knows how to use rotational aim assist, but the problem with the MTZ Interceptor is that it has a low and slow fire rate. With that being said, your other option would be the D-M56, which also got nerfed, but it still does almost the same amount of damage, where you need five to six bullets to kill somebody at range and with its fast fire rate.

bas-b meta class

I'm using it a lot, and I'm enjoying every single second of it now. For the snipers, there are only two that you should be using. In the first place, we got the cat AMR. With this build, this weapon is just a hit-scan machine. You barely have to aim up or lead your shots, and it's one shot without having to add those explosive ammo rounds, which makes the bullets really slow.

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