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Now it's time to master recoil control and tracking. In part one, I ended the centering lessons by telling you guys not to worry about any of the settings. Because you are going to see a lot of creators say to use these settings so you can have an aim like this, and then they post a clip or two of them.

Landing some nice shots, especially in bot lobbies where nobody likes to shoot back if you know what I'm talking about and then a screenshot or two of their settings this is just wrong and an easy way to grab views while hiding the truth from you so nobody can actually catch up with their top level of gameplay, if it's actually a top level of gameplay because VPN anyways there are things that are way more important than settings which we will be talking about at the end of the guide but as you watch this guide and Implement everything I'm telling you about you will see for yourself that settings are not the foundation but a complement to skills which are the proper Foundation to have a good AIM Now let's start with recoil and control.


What the fck he has a chronis Zen he has Aimbot recall scripts or he decided to watch this guide and practice everything consistently, listen Cod is one of the easiest games when it comes to recoil control, and I'm saying this for a fact because I have played the OG Rus Apex Legends and Pubg CS Goo, and all of them have a recoil that is way harder to control or master, so this is going to be a breeze for you.

Step one: pattern control. Make sure that you have your bullet impacts turned on in your settings, then shoot a weapon without controlling it. At all, and look at that pattern. Your goal is to pull in the opposite direction of how this pattern is going, so start by shooting 10 bullets only and move your aim while shooting in the opposite direction of how the gun is moving.

Keep doing this until you see your bullets. Land in the same spot, and once that pattern becomes easy, go for 15 or 20 bullets at a time, look at the pattern of those bullets, and then repeat. At some point, you'll be able to do this with a full mag, and if you are using a mid- or long-range weapon, make sure to add distance to your exercises to mimic the reality of those scenarios you're going to be having in the war zone.

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Repeat this for around 5 minutes a day using your favorite weapon, or a weapon that feels challenging for you. I know it sounds so easy, but that is because reco control is actually so easy to practice. The more you do it and focus on the pattern, the more muscle memory you're going to have, and then you're going to subconsciously have really good aim while you're playing.

Step two: Always strafe. This is my regular pattern without controlling it, and this is the same pattern while only spamming right and left on my keyboard. So when you are shooting, keep strafing to the left end and right to negate most of the horizontal random recoil. And you will be left with mostly vertical recoil, which is easy to control by simply pulling down on top of that strafing, which will make you a harder target to hit, and it activates rotational aim assist for the controller player, which gives you that sticky aim and helps at such a high rate.


Practice this for around 5 minutes a day as well, and step number three is attachments. Listen guys, I know that you love watching YouTube articles and seeing Oh, this is the meta. Loadout, and this streamer is using this build or that build. Now using their exact builds is a great start, but that shouldn't be what you should be using all the time because, first of all, you're not at the same skill level as they are, and you need something that complements where you are currently.

And so you can progress bit by bit and hopefully become at their level, so add attachments based on what you are struggling with the most. If you go to your gunsmith and click on weapon details, you can see what each attachment does for all of the aspects of the weapon, so depending on what is annoying you about that weapon, pick an attachment that complements that, whether it's vertical recoil, horizontal recoil, or the initial gun kick.

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But keep in mind that vertical recoil can always be controlled by just pulling down, so all you have to do is focus on the horizontal recoil and the gun kick. If the weapon has a lot, practice this for 10 minutes a day with and without bots and attachments, and then with the attachment, so you can feel the difference and know if this is the right fit for you.

Getting better at the game can be tricky while you're trying to stay alive, get kills, and dubs all while SP Spmm is trying to the max. Sometimes it's hard for you to see your own flaws or even know what skills you need to improve a professional perspective to show you what you're doing right wrong and make a customized program to catapult your skills to the next level.

This is something both comforting and helpful. This is where I come into play. I have done more than 3,500. Cod coaching sessions in the past 4 years have helped multiple players increase their gameplay with ease, and now they are being accused of cheating. If that seems like something you are interested in, I offer free consultation calls to explain the coaching process and make a lesson plan based on your needs.


Tracking is keeping your aim steady on a moving target, whether the target is in the air, slide canceling, or strafing. It's one of the most important skills to master in this game, so focus. If you are on a PC, I highly recommend downloading Aim Labs, which is completely free on Steam. They have a huge library of tracking exercises and other skills, but do make sure to go to the settings and customize your sensitivity.

Based on your input, if you feel like Aim Labs is not for you, here's a solution that is just as effective in the game itself. Pick a target like these lines on the containers on shipment or any random line in plunder if you don't have multiplayer. Move your crosshair along the lines and try to keep it on track as much as possible, but don't go too fast at the cost of going off target.

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We are focusing on quality here and not quantity, so start slowly and steadily and then add to your speed gradually. Practice this for 5 minutes a day. Make sure to practice tracking lines from different angles and elevations. That way, you will get used to tracking any scenario in the 3D realm once you feel like this is becoming easy, even when you are tracking faster.

Start shooting while doing so, and land as many shots as you can on all the different lines from different elevations and angles, just like before. The only difference here is that because you are shooting, you need to implement the recoil control patterns and skills that you learned from the previous lesson.

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