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Mr supply drops today I wanted to just make a quick article going over some things that Sledgehammer Games has constantly been doing well when it comes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 now I want to talk about this in particular even though we are so deep into the game because in particular actually just that reason we are so deep into this game's life cycle and yet they are still, constantly providing updates to completely, fix the garbage, that Infinity Ward has done to say that Vanguard, was a worse Cod than Modern Warfare 2 I feel like is an insult, to Vanguard, because Vanguard well it was not a good game because it was rushed and it was a World War II Cod and all of that stuff it wasn't a good game don't get it twisted all right but at least they actually tried to make a good game Modern Warfare 222.

I don't know what the hell they were trying to make; it was not Call of Duty. I'll tell you that much this is a game through Modern Warfare 3 where today with a season 3 patch they actually did some good stuff all right just like previously they you know they went back and they fixed the ads sway that just a random garbage that Infinity Ward had added into modern warfare 2019, or into modern warfare 222 for whatever reason so that it's got to be realistic so the weapons have sway when you move the mouse or it happens as well on controller but it's not as prevalent because of the fact that you had a assist so it would kind of like help it a little bit so that you know you're locking on a bit more basically but with the mouse it was just unplayable.

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You're Crosshair would not stay in the center of the screen it made for a terrible, experience all right and that is what happens when you put realism before gameplay because at the end of the day if you want realism go enlist my like we are not sitting there trying we're playing Call of Duty all right I don't know what this realism, hype is all about okay maybe the graphics out past the graphics we don't need realism in Call of Duty anyways though point is today with Modern Warfare 3 like I said they did do some great stuff I mean is it going to be something that's going to go back and use these weapons probably not but with the Modern Warfare 2 weapons in Modern Warfare 3 they actually fixed some idle sway issues making it less RNG, dependent.

And they also got rid of some of the muzzle flash and the visual recoil. All of that trash is pretty much with the MW2 weapons in particular, which is going to make them a lot more viable in the game, which is nice because there's all of these weapons that they were just kind of pointless to use because they had all of this muzzle flash.

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This recoil visual recoil, not aual recoil, got to make that very clear; it just cluttered up your screen, making it hard to see what you're shooting at rather than actually doing anything that makes it more challenging, because that's what recoil should be; it should be something that, if you're going to add it to your game, will actually take some skill to control, but that is not the case that is not the case with infinity.

Call of Duty games, and that is why I'm making another article about this. I will keep making articles about this and next year, or not next year, because we're going to supposedly get Call of Duty 2025, which will be a Black Ops 2 sequel. I don't exactly know how that's going to work, but regardless, whatever the next infinity with Call of Duty 2026, I guess all is right.

I'm not buying that crap. I'm saying this now, 2 and 1/2 years prior to when the game releases, because I already know it's 2024. I already know what their plan is; it's just going to be the same garbage as MW 222. The exact same copy from at least Modern Warfare 2019 felt fresh because it was actually fresh for that time.


At least they weren't fully focused on the war zone just yet. In the first couple of months, at least you knew they were trying something new, and it actually did feel fun to use, like the movement was fast and stuff. I don't like that game at all, right? The game play ruined that game unfortunately, like the actual maps and everything, but I'm just saying, graphically art style wise, all of that did it, you know, did some good stuff at least, so there was actually a reason to play that game over previous Call of Duty games.

Moder Warfare 222. Why would I play this crap? Why would I play this slow-paced garbage when I could go play MW9? for the same experience but 10 times better? I mean, it's still not a great experience. Don't get it twisted. Now I would rather go play MW3 because we actually have red dots on the mini map and we have dead silence as a perk.

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You know all those benefits that I've gotten into a million times, and I'm sure a million other people have as well. I'm not going to get into them, but things like that should never be removed from Call of Duty, all right? Call of Duty is an arcade-based shooter and, yeah, not a tactical shooter.

If I want to play a tactical shooter, I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege, which is what I already play enough of. I play Call of Duty to get away from that kind of play style. I don't need that in Call of Duty either. All right, can we stop trying to pretend something? We're not Infinity Ward; only Infinity Ward is doing it.

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Sledgehammer Treyarch, they understand the objective all right, they know what to do well, maybe we got to see with Treyarch this year, we're got to see either way, though it was nice to see Sledgehammer Games has un. This game even more after Infinity Ward, it in the beginning it's just crazy how we are this far into the last year plus since they've still have so much that they've had to fix over the last year plus since they've been working on this game or two years however long this game has been worked on built off of MW2 of course, so it's kind of unfortunate that they didn't build it off of MW19, because I would have loved to see an MW19.

With red dots on the mini map with dead silence as a perk with good maps. I think that would have been good, like the graphical art style, because they actually downgraded from Modern Warfare 2019 to Modern Warfare 222. Just due to the fact that visibility, I think, is a little bit better when you downgrade the graphics or the art style rather than the graphics, I think it's really just art style.

I don't know either way Modern Warfare 2019 did look better, and you know, it doesn't look as good in MW2 22 or even MW3 doesn't look as good. I'll be completely real, but I will take lower graphics and a lesser art style with good gameplay. Over the stuff that MW19 and MW2 had, but anyways, the point is, like I said, Infinity Ward is still messing stuff up in 2020.

Call of Duty is a franchise that I've been playing for over a decade now and I've seen it at it's worse and at it's best. In this video I talk about how with Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 or Warzone Season 3 they have fixed the MW2 2022 weapons that Infinity Ward originally messed up in the first place. Music used in this video. Title Dragoner.
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