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50+ free mw2 haunting rewards to claim

50+ free mw2 haunting rewards to claim

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I have for you guys is that I've compiled a list of all the free rewards that you can claim right now, and there's so many that I'm pretty sure you might miss out on some of them just because you completely forgot about them, so this article is to remind you of everything that you can get for free, and I'll go ahead and section off the article so if you know about something, you can skip that part and go to the items that you may have forgotten or don't know about.

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37 mw2 haunting event rewards (operators, blueprints, & ghoulie camo)

37 mw2 haunting event rewards (operators, blueprints, & ghoulie camo)

The first set of rewards that we have are going to be a little bit more obvious. These are going to be the daily login rewards; all you have to do is simply log into the game 10 different times during the duration of this event. I believe it's going to be ending around November 5th, so as long as you log in 10 times before then, you'll be able to claim everything here, and then the second set of rewards is going to be the Soul Capture event, and these are going to be the Soul Capture event and the operation nightmare event.

In the Soul Capture event, there's going to be many different items that you can claim. I highly recommend that you focus on this because it has the most rewards out of everything. The good news is that as long as you play the game and capture these souls, you'll end up completing it, and you'll get everything on this list, but a lot of the rewards consist of things like weapon blueprints.

You have two different mastery operators that you can get; you also have double XP, which could be very useful in MW3. And then you got other random things, but on Tuesday there's going to be even more rewards popping up, and among these rewards is going to be the gly camo. I know the majority of you guys are more focused on the gly camo, but remember, all these other rewards are going to cost you an insane amount of souls, so you'll need to keep gathering and collecting as much as possible to get all of them, but that's a total of 20 right there, and then operation nightmare has.

I believe, a total of seven that you can get. You get a calling card for each boss, which isn't really the best reward, but then at the same time, once you complete five out of the six bosses, we unlock a brand new weapon blueprint, which is actually pretty nice, and these are all the rewards that are pretty obvious to get, but remember, there's 37.

Of them, and it is going to take a little bit of work to get every single one of them, so make sure you do that.

All secret haunting challenges & rewards

All secret haunting challenges & rewards

Going on to the next set of rewards that we have, these are going to be a little bit harder to do because they do involve hidden challenges that you will need to complete. The good news is that I have the majority of these hidden challenges available here, and I'm going to show you guys how to do them.

The very first one is going to be winning a game without dying, and that will get you the ruined decal that looks like this. This is a pretty hard challenge to do, probably one of the hardest ones in these secret challenges that we have. I would recommend that if you have access to War Zone Mobile and it's connected to your main COD account, do it there.

all free mw2 rewards

People were saying it was so much easier to get the win there without dying rather than doing it on PC or console. If you don't, just try to play with a good squad. Apparently, this challenge will work in both Al Mazra and Von Dead. Going on to the second challenge, you're going to tag 20 operators with a bloodseeker grenade, and this will get you the You Can't Hide calling card.

The bloodseeker grenade is pretty much going to be spread all over the floor; you can find it anywhere. Just throw it at operators. Once you get those 20, you'll be able to complete this and get that calling card. The third one that we have is going to be run by a zombie while you are driving; this will unlock you the apocalypse-ready vehicle camo.

I haven't gotten a chance to test it out and see if it works in Zombies Royale, but you could potentially just run over a zombie there, and that could be the fastest way to do it. If that doesn't work, what you can do is go to the alter of Lilith and activate that it's going to spawn in a bunch of zombie AI.

Try to train the zombies as far away from that alter as possible, and then run them over with the vehicle. If you get too close to the alter, it'll destroy the vehicle, and you won't be able to do it. I'd recommend you have a friend train them and move them away. You run them over, then you' can swap.


He gets in the vehicle, and then you train them, and then you'll be able to both complete your challenge pretty quickly. The next challenge is going to be to get jump-scared five times by a haunted box. These are the haunted boxes that I'm talking about, not the actual crates that you usually open.

Once you find these boxes, I would recommend you go to VLE lockdown. And just open them; they have the potential to jump scare you, and the disclaimer is that it is currently bugged out to where the jump scares don't pop up, and they still do count though, so you might get jump scared but not even know it because the jump scare doesn't actually pop up, and as you open them, it'll just randomly say the secret challenge has been complete.

cod challenges

Get jump scared five times, and as you can see here from this clip. I didn't even get hit with a jump scare, and it just said the challenge has been completed, so all you need to do is just jump into Vonda, log down, and open up as many as you can until you get the notification that you have completed the challenge.

The next challenge that we have is going to be to win a match of Zombie Royale, and this will unlock the made-out-of-life sticker. This is pretty straightforward. There is nothing to say here. The next one is going to be playing x number of matches in Zombie Royale. We're not exactly sure how many you have to play.

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