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10 new free operator bundles to claim!

10 new free operator bundles to claim!

Free material handler nuke quest operator skin

But anyway, let's go ahead and get into it. The very first operator that you can unlock right now is the new quest operator. By simply doing the new quest, you need to get five wins in a row to get the new contract. You can also get 30 wins total on any form of Rebirth Island. You just can't do it in rank because the wins don't count in that mode.

After that, you'll have that new quest that you'll be able to cash in at any time. Once you do, there will be a contract on the map that you'll need to go and activate. Complete the nuke and detonate it, and upon doing so, you will unlock the rewards. There's also currently a glitch right now where if you activate a signal intelligence contract, you go over and hack the new quest at the same time that you hack a different contract; it actually ends up glitching it out and completing it for you without having to start the contract, collecting the elements, activating the nuke, and then detonating it.

These are the following rewards that you will unlock: the first one is the operator called the material hander. This is what they will look like. You guys are probably already familiar with that operator skin, and then you get this brand new camo that is not reactive.

Blue free monster energy bundle

Blue free monster energy bundle

Doesn't have any animations, or effects to it this is just what it looks like and then you got a brand new charm, and then finally you have a calling card if you do it in yours EX stand you will get this brand new camo it's not animated but super bright colors and it looks pretty cool there's a brand new monster bundle that's coming in this is going to be a blue version of the original Green that we ended up seeing it has a bunch of other Cosmetics that come along with it but before we talk about that as a Call of Duty player I'm always looking for that next fire FPS, game to play but if I told you today's sponsor offers all that and even more this is Arena breakout a realistic Tac iCal FPS, game with the main objective.


Of jumping into a match and looting valuables. And safely extracting, with them if you can safely get out you get to keep that loot and sell it for valuable money in which you can buy even rarer and more expensive items that you can Flex on other squads and used to play even more difficult modes, this is what makes it a unique FPS game is you don't go in like a standard Battle Royale and eliminate players this is not a battle royale what you need to do is go in there with a strategy you could do a couple of things whether you're hiding out trying to go in stealth find valuable Loot and extract, you can go in there meet other squads befriend them and team up to get even better loot or you can go in their guns blazing eliminating, other players and taking their loot the strategies are endless with the consistent seasonal updates that Arena breakout provides there's diverse map pools with areas such as Valley Farm Port TV station.

cod mw3 bundle

All have their own different ways of playing them. Different buildings cover and scouting areas there's also many different modes, for example, a dynamic weather and boss fight mode called Northridge assault. There are even regular modes like tactical ops and lockdown zone, and you can even choose your preferred difficulty level, but doing the more difficult ones will get you more valuable items.

There's also the gunsmith, which is my personal favorite. This is the area where you can customize the different assortments of weapons that are available. You're also able to equip other military equipment, such as armor, chest plates, and other protective gear, and starting on April 11th, we get a brand new season 4 update that brings in a new faction Clash mode that allows players to choose between CD and mnst, and depending on the faction that you choose, you can also get weapons exclusive to them.

For CDIS, you get the new TS5 SMG, or if you choose MNT, you can get the Bisen submachine gun. There's also the new T95, AR, and T3 AR being added to the market. Fan favorite Valley Map has also been refreshed, making it larger and providing a whole new experience. I'm going to be playing this update along with millions of others, so be sure to join me.

If you guys remember, we had that Monster Energy Colle collaboration in the past on Fortune Keep; all you had to do was go to Call of Duty. Com, monsterenergy redeem and you're able to get yourself a free operator skin it looks like there's a new version of that skin shout out to Austin 6 for the gameplay this brings in a different color version of that barbecue operator skin and this one is going to be more of a grayish black and blue type of color this is like a little gameplay footage that he showcases, then he uses the weapon blueprint that was previously leaked already and never released with that original one maybe it's a part of this one that they were saving it for there's also a second weapon blueprint but this one is a blue version has that same color black gray and blue and then it matches pretty much that outfit that we have then along with that there's a new weapon charm there's other things like stickers, decals.

New sapphire operator combat pack now available

This brings in the new operator skin called Starry Nightmare, which looks like this. As you can see here from the trailer, there's also going to be two different weapon blueprints; the first one is for the BP50. Called the remember not rifle the second one is an SMG blueprint called the Raphael, rival you also get a charm a brand new emblem, and a new calling card and this is going to be available for all PlayStation Plus users if you have PlayStation you simp need to go over to the PSN store and claim it it's going to be available for the entire duration of the season 3 update I believe it went live yesterday on April 10th so it should be live from now all the way up until we get into season 4 and then that will be replaced with a brand new combat pack if you want to use this bundle cross progression you can you first need to get it on Playstation, save the two different weapon blueprints as a brand new blueprint and then it will appear on your PC and Xbox and if you put on the operator skin and equipped it as long as you don't remove it will stay on the Xbox and the PC account and you're able ble to see these different operators, unlike it was in MW2.

But this is just a free bundle that you can also get right now.

New safeguard operator & warzone welcome mission event

New safeguard operator & warzone welcome mission event

The next one we've talked about already, so I just wanted to give you a quick reminder: this is the Safeguard. Operator skin with the war zone welcome missions. Chances are, they are going to end up being potential free rewards that you'll be able to get in the future.

Prisoner inmate operator skin

The first one is the prisoner operator skin.

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