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There has been a serious point of contention with rank play in the assault rifle department. Not only is the MCW the only AR in its class that we can use, but many players think it really underperforms. Especially after this latest patch, a lot of players think that it underperforms so much that it is outclassed by an SMG.

Let's go ahead and chop it up about this some more. If this is your first time here, welcome, and if I return it, welcome back as you go along. Let's go ahead and get rolling. So there was a tweet and a quote here involving a notable name in the Call of Duty community: Parasite. Here, by PD Gaming, it's saying parasite; you are absolutely right, the Rival does kill faster at longer ranges, and if you take into account Sprint the Fire, the Rival n is significantly better, and there are two photos here.

The one on the left is without taking into account sprints of fire, and the parasite seems to be laughing hysterically, saying the Rival kill is faster than the MCW. At long range, you would think that when it came to ARs, SMGs, and Call of Duty, especially in a competitive setting, they would have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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But at this point, Rival just might be the absolute better option. There have been games in rank play where a team was running four rival nines and absolutely dominating the lobby. On paper, this wouldn't make much sense, but trust me, it is happening—probably more than you may think. Obviously, it's known for close-range dominance, and it's also pretty impressive at long ranges if you can hit your shots and you are using the appropriate attack attachments.

The Rival's ttk is insanely fast up close, making it lethal, and let's say if you're using certain attachments like the purify muzzle, break the Rival SE clear shot. Barrel the MTZ Marauder stock; those attachments will absolutely help this gun be a laser beam. I know all of you guys have tried it at this point, and it's probably the majority of you guys' favorite weapon at this point, so Parasite had a couple of more takes, saying I think the hogga should be added to the meta; it has a good range similar to the MCW.

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In that long range, just shoot slower and have worse mid-handling. Sorry if that's a bit tough to understand. I think that might have been a run-on sentence. It gives SMGs an edge up close yet allows the hoger to be dominant at range because it extends so far, and he says to try it with rival and swarm or try the ram 9 for Subs.

Just what I would do with BP50 is too good up close, so my take is that the hoger would not be a bad idea. On paper, it will almost look the same as last year's Tech 56, and with the Vasnev 9K meta, I think it will call for some more B.B. As well, although the hoger can seem pretty, you won't be as mobile as you would be with the MCW.

Players really have to pick and choose who on their team uses an AR and a submachine gun, especially in rank play and amongst the pro community, and the MCW is seriously unforgiving at long ranges. The hoger has a serious edge over the MCW in that regard. Another thing that's kind of cool about the game is that it's pretty versatile and both multiplayer and War Zone.

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Depending on how you stack the attachments, you can use something like the shadow strike suppressor (cho6) or match barrel if you want to get some longer range in recoil control along with the Mark III reflector site. I think that's a pretty decent build in itself. Now I will say the MCW is pretty easy to use, but once again, at those long ranges, it almost feels like you get punished, so it does offer a lot of stability, functioning like a laser beam across only some ranges.

Even with the best of the best attachments equipped, my main beef with the MCW is at long ranges; it just flat out underperforms. Now, I know at this point it might be a crazy conversation comparing the two, but I think it should be a conversation. Now that I know nothing is getting added to rank play or the Call of Duty League this late in the game, I know this is all hypothetical.


Heavy on the hypothetical, the hogga was literally the first weapon G when Modern Warfare 3 launched, but let's take a step back from the hypothetical and be a little bit more realistic. I do think this will do more harm than good, especially in the CDL, in terms of stability and consistency in competitive matches.

Having all of these systems in play gives players pretty much the same fighting chance at winning the game, so a little bit more about the hoger being G, meaning players voluntarily agreed to not use this. These G, or gentleman's agreements, help maintain competitive integrity. In the competitive aspect of Call of Duty, some weapons may just be too overpowered.

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Or just disrupt the competitive meta so by restricting certain weapons and attachments and so on the CDL ures Fair competition, the hoger does have the potential to cause problems in this sense though before we duck out of here it's been a long time before I plugged my guys over at waves Customs, use waves custom init for the gym playing and recording music and of course gaming if you're are tired of the overhead headphones or maybe you have a ugly headset dent I know a lot of you guys have that check out my guys over at waves you can get these custom fitted for your ears only just by 3D scanning your ears with your iPhone or Android, you can get them in almost any color and you can get almost any logo printed on them Maybe you want to represent your favorite esports team.

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There has been a serious point of contention with play in the AR department. Not only is the MCW the only weapon in the AR class that we can use, but many players think it really underperforms. They think that it underperforms so much. That it is outclassed by an SMG lets go ahead and chop it up some more.
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