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New free operator bundles to claim

New free operator bundles to claim

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one, we're going to go over the free operator bundle rewards that you need to claim right now. They just went live, and they're only here for a limited time. Be sure to check out yesterday's articles we uploaded two times.

New weekly playlist update & new warzone modes

This is going to be the last one for the season 3 update.

It says High Trip is available, one more time for a limited time in Quads of Rebirth Island. This will be the last time that you're going to be able to play, and it won't come back for a while, so definitely enjoy it when you can, and then rank play stays the same. Plunder is going to be in Quads of your extend, the same Battle Royale and solos.

Duos, trios, and quads are the same, and then Resurgence is going to be solos. Duos and quads are on rebirth, while trios will stay in map rotation. Next week, once that season 3 Reloaded update drops, there's a couple of modes that they are going to be introducing. For example, one of them is going to be called Resurgence, loaded.

This is basically a regular resurgence, but you will spawn in with your loadout, so you don't have to worry about saving money to get a load. You really don't even have to loot all that often other than grabbing things like plates and ammo; you won't need to really get anything else. That's the first mode.

The following one will probably come in a couple weeks later, and that's going to be rebirth lockdown, and it's going to play exactly like the vondo lockdown mode that we have, where you have to capture an objective, whichever team gets the most points, and play the same exact way just on Rebirth Island.

Now Here's some follow-up information in regards to upcoming operator skins and bundles.

Winter tf141 operators in season 3 reloaded

Winter tf141 operators in season 3 reloaded

Yesterday, we did talk about this, but this is some new information. According to Cod Warfare, all the news in the reloaded update is that there's going to be skins for Far, Soap, Price, and Ghost. That means these are brand new skins coming in the reloaded update. The theory is that these are all going to be the campaign winter versions, so for example, we have the soap operator skin right here; this is what he looked like in the winter version.

We also ended up seeing ghosts. For a surprise, when the actual update goes live, unfortunately, it's not a guarantee, but usually when Call of Duty shows a brand new operator skin, whether it's in a photo or marketing or in a blog post in a cut scene, they're probably going to end up being added within that same season, so you can probably expect to see these guys added, but we'll have more information once that update goes live anyways for the next topic that we have.

Vortex event in season 3 reloaded (new arcade mode)


The vortex event is now live, and apparently it's going to be lasting for a total of 12 days which is very surprising, because when you take a look next week is going to be the reloaded update so for the first time ever, we're going to have an event that laps over a massive update and it's going to stretch on over, so one week in season 3 and one week in season 3 Reloaded.

In terms of the brand new content with this event, as of right now, the first week only will add the vortex map variants into the quickplay, so you'll have an opportunity to play Tetanus Skid Grow and all those fan favorite maps that are from the vortex LTM. AP part of quickplay, but then we get a limited time playlist, and that's going to be the arcade playlist that will be added once season 3 Reloaded goes live, so apparently just wasn't in the files or something, and that will be bringing in a mode with superpowers, such as unlimited ammo or unlimited explosives, that's going to have unique abilities on them, and then yeah, it's just going to be its own mode on its own, and then for the rewards, it took me around a day to get almost every single reward.

It's very easy if you play long-term modes, for example, War Zone Resurgence. That's pretty much all I play. I played High Trip and I played Resurgence, and after a couple of hours I was almost done already with the entire thing and it took under a day, and they're giving you guys a total of almost two weeks to get this done, so this should be more than enough time to get that completed, but yeah, if you guys just want a tip, play some longer modes, and that should help you out, but the next thing that we have these going to be the free operator skins that are currently available for you to get some of them that you may already know about, so you can feel free to skip.

Free sapphire combat pack operator bundle

Free sapphire combat pack operator bundle

But the first one that we have is the PlayStation Combat Pack. For this one, all you have to do is go into the PlayStation Store if you are there and claim it, and this is only available for the duration of season 3. Once season 4 comes out, that's going to be replaced and go away permanently. This will bring in the sapphire combat pack.

You get this brand new operator skin. There are two different weapon blueprints: a calling card and an emblem. A sticker, a decal, a charm It's just a full-on pack, and this is currently available. It's old news, but I just wanted to let you guys know if you still haven't claimed it, there's always a limited time you have to get it before it goes away.

Free safeguard operator skin

The next free operator that we have once again is a little bit older, but this is the Safeguard operator. I ended up doing a little test because apparently it only shows up for newer accounts. I went ahead and made a brand new account, and as soon as I loaded up into the game, it gave me that popup that said War Zone welcome missions you're able to get them; unfortunately, on my main account.

I still haven't been able to get them. Some players reported that if you delete Call of Duty and redownload it, there is a likely chance that you can get it, but I don't want to risk losing 200 gigabytes. My internet is not that good; it's probably going to take me the whole day to download, so I didn't want to risk that and do that, but if you have some really good internet and you're willing to try it, you can feel free to just uninstall the game, redownload it, and see if it works for you anyway.

That's a safeguard operator's skin.

Blue monster energy operator skin bundle

Blue monster energy operator skin bundle

The next thing is that you can also expect that there will be some upcoming free operator bundles, and that is going to be the Blue Monster Energy operator skin we talked about. I made a full-dedicated article about this bundle. We have the new operator, and we have some weapon blueprints. We also have stickers and weapon charms.

6 FREE OPERATOR SKINS TO CLAIM! Free Operators, Bundles, Packs - Modern Warfare 3.
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