News - Jak Shadow Titan: The Best Kit Warzone 2


Bravo, Grandpa newbie reporting for duty with an emergency announcement. The Jack Shadow Titan kit has dropped; you get it by completing five of seven of the week one challenges. I have another article that shows that it fits the brewing I don't know if it fits other guns, but it's pretty powerful. Look at all the green, mobility, and handling.

Big-time green accuracy: green recoil, mostly green, but you can adjust the fire rate up to 8.44. It's like the only SMG and AR you will ever need, so I took it free-for-all. Why not that's a good test of anything. This is my first test of the weapon, so I was a bit surprised. I didn't expect to do well, and I started out three lives behind, so this one was already running when I jumped in it, and terminal and free-for-all is usually a campfest.

I mean, they build campfires and roast marshmallows. There's my granddaughter, I guess, and we won't talk about what I just did there. There's the bouncing running eraser, man, and I think I got hoisted on my own patard that was my own proximity. My granddaughter keeps coming after me. And there's the bouncing black rubber man.


I guess he was looking for somebody to walk in so he could greet him. I'm not going up; he might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night, and you can see that it's a long shot. I mean, the thing is absolutely spot-on at range, and it puts out the bullets. Sure, so I was even amazed at myself running around terminal here, and I do like airports, but I don't want to go to this one ever somebody coming at me to, gak, and I was surprised by the VL.

I wasn't keeping up with the kills I was keeping up with where I was, and I saw that guy's muzzle sticking out as he was roasting marshmallows there in the corner, and there's the Vall doing work, and there I'm getting. Gacked, so I'm just B-bopping. There's another KOA member, Campground, open for business.

The thing is, it'll drive a nail, and I'm telling you, I'm recommending. Here's Grandpa's notice to Airman: You need to unlock this thing. Get five of those week one challenges done, and this can be yours, and he got me with his proximity, mine, so we're running out of time here. I'm hoping to get a Snickers win, and that's one that is so satisfying, and that's a 30-kill win.


I did jump in late, but it's no excuse. Looking for those last four kills, come on, come on, his granddaughter did it to her again there, and we got 27, so it's a win, and I'm telling you, the Jack Shadow Titan performed well. Now that I've never been to this map grow house, I don't even want to know what they grow here, so I thought maybe the first one was a fluke and would try the second.

There's pink Razor bunny ears. Just gagging me two times in a row, my son wanted me to get one of those razor headsets with those pink bunny ears. there we got a hopper there's a hopper in the house it's kind of frightening somebody just waiting for somebody to walk by I guess waiting on a friend there so I mean the on the small map the Jack Shadow absolutely opened, up I'm one I'm reminded of the That Bass B The Outlaw kit that they immediately nerfed there's pink Razer bunny of, yours and there I am just bought the farm I bought the growth house I'm.


Gacked somebody shooting me and they thought I went in the corner come on Grandpa may be a lot of things but he's not a corner camper usually not only when my wife's looking for someone to help with the dishes so I'm getting abused there and I think that person wanted to shank me that's rude and he threw a knife at me and then I went through a series of buffoonery there trying to set up, that remote turret I think I died three times setting it up and the fourth setting it up but it did do some work for me and I am six kills ahead yeah the guy was coming after me with a throwing knife he got gacked by the turret a turak one more kill to,**

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