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are there ai bots in mw3

I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to SCBA matchmaking in Call of Duty, you guys already know my personal opinion on this take. I have two big concerns with this one. The game not prioritizing your own teammates and only prioritizing the enemies which again I don't mind versing people of my similar skill you know it's not really a big deal to me but the problem is that when I'm playing solo your experience is completely, destroyed because it makes sure that everybody on your team is not up in the same skill bracket so instead of it being an even fight across the board it's more of a carry session while you try to carry five other players and you know have to you know take on a whole enemy team that is equal of your skill, and then two the connection how the game prioritizes skill over the actual connection itself and nine times out of 10 you're playing overseas you have insane packet burst and people have hardwired internet connections great PCS consoles that work fine no problems there but for some reason the game still puts you in these lobbies where you are going to be stuttering glitching and of course like I said Packa burst every 5 Seconds.

Those are my biggest concerns when it comes to matchmaking, but recently, there has been an abundance of people out there just really coming out with the conspiracy tinfoil hat theories when it comes to matchmaking. And Exclusive Ace just put out a article, which I'm really happy he did because you guys know me like I said.


I just simply can't believe any of this stuff without physical proof in front of me, if there's no physical proof showcasing that these things are occurring. It's just too hard for me to believe, and again, I don't push it past Activision, not in any way shape or form. I wouldn't, you know like I said push it past them if they do it again, but man exclusive Ace put, like I said, he put together a banger, and I'm really happy he did because it summarizes a lot of good points, and hopefully, fingers crossed, it will calm the community down and we can actually start talking about things that are useful, real problems within the game, and not these problems that are just, again, mind-bogglingly.

M eastern time is all right, so ladies and gentlemen, recently there has been just a lot of stuff going on when it comes to matchmaking. A lot of people are getting, like I said, their tin foil hats on and just really throwing some stuff out there like bullets being curved, gunfights being manipulated, so on and so forth, but one of the biggest things that I've noticed is the fact that people are claiming that AI bots are manipulating the matchmaking, and tons of content creators have come out and talked about this.

modern warfare 3 ai bots

Tons of people have discussed, you know, the exact point and, again, things like this. I personally just don't touch upon them. I don't make articles about them because I just don't. It's just that it's crazy, to be honest. And just have your player run around, you know, not really doing anything, and just, you know, running into a wall or something like that, just so you can go ahead and farm XP.

Again, for anybody who doesn't know the way the battle pass progresses in Modern Warfare 3 and basically every Call of Duty game since Mod War for 2019, which I think is disgusting, because I wish it was based off of XP and how good you do in a match, but it's all about how long you're in the game.

You know, the longer the game, the more XP, or, you know, the more progression you get through the battle pass, so people are downloading or. I guess, purchasing these scripts that allow them to just go AFK. Their player walks around, and you know their KD will just drop. I guess they can consider it reverse boosting because they're not going to be playing, so they're probably going to die a bunch as well during the process, but at the end of the day, the whole purpose is that they will get XP for the battle pass by basically not playing the game at all.

modern warfare 3 ai bots test

That's reason number two for why people are just, you know, running around out there and just running into walls and stuff, and then reason number three is that they actually paid for services. Where people, once again, buy scripts, and they will fill lobbies with these quote-unquote bots who you know are just scripted basically accounts that are just going to be running around doing pointless things that are not going to be engaging really people will pay to get into these lobbies, and exclusive Ace basically said that you know the chances of someone you know getting into that Lobby before the paid customer, you know might not be extremely high odds, but it's definitely possible, and it could definitely be done.

modern warfare 3 sbmm

You know someone could accidentally slip into one of these paid bot lobbies. And again, it's all manipulated, and it's all on purpose, but regardless of the point being made. Activision, at least from Exclusive Ace, you know, isn't putting their fingers in the pot when it comes to AI bots manipulating matchmaking.

But the reason I wanted to go ahead and touch upon this is because I got to be honest, I'm really getting tired of the community always blaming the most absurd things. I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but when they get clapped in the Call of Duty game, it just is what it is. Man, it is what it is.

I'm not talking about any content creators. You know, we're content creators we like to discuss this stuff you know n Cinema talked about it blame truth talked about it it's to make content we're here to talk about these different things we want to bring it to you know bring it to the public and we can discuss it, but people take it way too far they take these General ideas these general concepts, and then they make it their life they make it like it's their religion like it's a cult like it's no other way of thinking about it like this is 1, 0%.

modern warfare 3 sbmm info

In the game, even if there's no proof, even if there's nothing else in there, this is happening, right? And it's just that it's wild to me because we can't focus on any of the real problems within Modern Warfare 3. There's so many things that could be done, like perk bals, for example. I was going to make a article about this in more detail, but the perk balance in War Zone is 10 trillion times better than the perk balance in Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer that's a huge one for me that's a huge one but where's our priority right now nobody's talking about any of the bounces.

We're only talking about any of the bounces we're only talking about these bots manipulating my matches the matchmaking is curving My Bullets, again if we could go and back test and play matches. And get proof. I would totally believe these concepts, but nine times out of 10 of the clips I see of people saying that their bullets are being curved or aim resistance is kicking in, they're not even aiming at that point, man, like I said.

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