News - 30. Jumps & Spots To Help You Dominate Warzone 2. Highrise, Underpass, Invasion



You can do that if you basically just jump to the top of that plywood, then mantle up to the top of the building there, and that is just an excellent method of getting up here that a lot of people didn't know existed, and it's just a great way to get up here without having to go all the way around either side.

Additionally, it may not look like it, but from right here, you can also just jump right to the rooftop. Just like that, it's crazy how high you can mantle there, and getting up to this position is something that people often don't expect. You obviously don't want to linger here for long, but it's excellent for running a route.

cod mwiii

On the flip side of that if you're approaching this area from this side of the map all you have to do is jump up onto this brick wall right here and there you go you can mantle up to the rooftop again right here, and again this is just really nice and versatile for getting yourself around the map and taking people off guard that otherwise won't expect you and as you keep moving through this building just another spot I wanted to show if you find yourself in this alley right here and you know somebody's just got this area locked down but you want to still keep moving on, you can actually jump from the garbage bags right here, right up to this area and then from here you can get up onto the roof, next up near the B domination area of this map I just wanted to point out from this railing you can actually jump right across to this area right here.

And that could be used to take somebody off guard if maybe they're like camping down here or maybe they're directly on the B flag, and you just want to kind of take them off guard. That's a great way to do that, and it's much easier coming from this angle, and I use this all the time when I'm coming from this angle.

You can jump up here; you actually have a nice bit of cover to challenge people there; it's a pretty fair gunfight, but still better than just running out into the open, and then obviously, from here, you can jump up to this spot, and then you can easily jump up on this railing and cover this area, and it's just often not a spot they're going to be looking at.



So that's all I've got for you guys for Underpass. Now let's move on to invasion, and I've got a bunch of fairly straightforward spots as well as some really interesting ones that you probably didn't know about. The first one I wanted to point out is near the domination flag. Instead of taking the ladder up, which takes way too long, all you have to do is mantle onto this, and then from here you can get up to this spot.

modern warfare 3

Not only is it less expected, but it's also going to be faster than taking the ladder. Similarly if you come to this area right here and you want to get to the rooftop here one method is to come up like this and kind of expose yourself to anybody that might be camping back here and then you can jump up to the rooftop, but better bet is to just jump on the phone booths right here and then this look at you to the top then I've got a very interesting line of sight for you guys it actually gets a line of sight onto part of the bom, flag and anybody that would be head glitching on that tank right there and that's actually through this window, all you have to do on this one is come over to this car, shoot out this window right here and there you go look at that line of sight that's excellent that covers a little bit next to the B flag a little bit to the right of that garbage Bin right there but if people are capping like from right behind here obviously won't get a line of sight on them it's more so if they're trying to cap like this, or again if they're trying to like head glitch over this tank that actually provides a nice line of sight to pick them off.

modern warfare iii

On the flip side of that we can do the exact same thing this one's actually much easier to hit coming from that direction so you can easily jump into the Second Story here that's a great way to move across here, additionally with this building instead of coming all the way around to the stairs to get to the second floor you can actually just do it from the van right here it might look like it's a bit too high to mle but you can easily make that and it's just a much better way to get up here then something that will often happen in this Lane is you'll have somebody sitting on top of that tank and that's a nice piece of cover that they've got there and they can really lock this Lane down effectively, so an excellent method of challenging them is to Simply mantle yourself right here.

Also, if they get pushed right up, you can even see and shoot through this area right here, which is a nice piece of cover to be having, and I should mention that from this spot you can also pop yourself up right here and you can kind of head glitch over top like this; that's just another alternative; that'll also get you a line of sight toward that window; and then just a little jump that looks like it may be a little too far; you can actually jump straight to this area right here without having to take the ladder.

This one can be a little bit tricky to time right and hit perfectly but if you do it might save you a little bit of time and then finally let's cover this General C domination area of the map where people often get spawn trapped, right here instead of taking the ladder just wanted to show you guys an alternate route that you can use I like popping myself up here I can check to make sure I'm clear here as well as a window and I've got nice cover once I know that's clear, from here I can then jump up like this now it's a bit of a risk cuz sometimes you'll just have the campers basically just sitting here pre- aiming and you'll pop up right in their sights, but a lot of the times they're going to be looking for you here or they're going to be looking at this ladder and that's just a method that you can use to take them off guard. And that'll get you a nice line of sight on these people, and you'll avoid any Claymore placement.



So that's invasion out of the way. Now let's get into highrise, and I've got some incredible spots to share with you guys. I know a lot of you guys that played the original Modern Warfare 2; you know about this spot.

I'm just going to make it super obvious. You get up here, and you work your way around the edge. It is very risky to get across here without getting shots. But if you can do it, you come all the way around, get up onto this spot, and then you can mantle up and get to the rooftop. And from here, obviously, you're really exposed to any sort of aerial streak, but you could snipe up here and pick people off.

It's honestly not the best spot, especially once people know you're there. You're pretty easy to pick off of there, but the main thing I wanted to point out here is that's not the only way; there's actually significantly better ways to get up there that take a lot less time and a little less risk as well.

Welcome back to Maps Exposed! This is the series where I take a deep dive into the maps and share all of the most useful and interesting jumps, spots, and lines of sight that many are completely unaware of. Today, I share all of my favorite hidden spots on Underpass, Invasion, Highrise.
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