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Modern Warfare 3: Zombie is the biggest open-world zombie game in the Call of Duty franchise. It has become quite an enjoyable game for many players, but there are many reasons that players hate this game, and I'm here to show you the 100 reasons, so let's dive deep. I hate how acquisition stash is capped at 10; it makes it very difficult for players to even be able to store n of the items or even be able to customize their own way of inventory.

I hate how long it takes for the cooldown for the seatics in this game; some even take up to 3 days, that is. I hate how somehow you can only carry nine items in your red sack. Maybe further down the road, they may add in an extra-large backpack. I never got the opportunity to play DMZ, so the insured weapon mechanic was new to me, and I absolutely hate how there's a cooldown for it, and that is limited to three slots only.

To add on to that, I also hate how if you game over, you basically lose everything, and it feels like you have to start all over from scratch. I freaking hate how there are just way too many attachments for weapons. I do have OCD, so I get very indecisive when it comes to deciding which attachment gives better stats and which just looks better on my gun.

I hate how when I press L2 to view stats on my attachment, I see a whole dictionary of numbers. I hate how useless shock Chargers feel like they serve no purpose in this game mode, and to be honest, I haven't seen anyone actually use them yet. I hate how this game is one of the biggest open-world zombie modes, with up to 24 players in the lobby.

Yet they cap your party limit at three. It doesn't make any sense because you can join other teams with up to six players, so why not just allow the limit to be at six? I hate how there are just way too many camos to pick and grind. I feel like it's a bit excessive for me. I hate how this game mode has a 1-hour time limit.

I hate how there are no round-bas zombies available in this game. The new Vortex mode could have easily been created for round-based purposes, and the game would have been a lot more hyped. I hate how you can actually play as a solo player without having other players on the map; it just doesn't feel solo to me.

I hate how zombies can throw meat at you from a distance. I hate how you cannot pause in this game; sometimes you just need to take a little break or go use the bathroom. I hate how you need a key to have access to the Merc stronghold. I hate how the bottom R of the map feels like a ghost lake because nobody ever goes there, and it just feels like a big portion of the map.

I hate how every field upgrade in this game is just so underwhelming compared to Cold War Zombie, especially ether ST, which only lasts for 3 seconds. I hate how every time I open up the cargo garage, there's always two to three pieces of merchandise just chilling in there. I hate how annoying this game has become—more of a tombstone dup grind than players actually trying to grind and enjoy it.

I hate how slow it is on foot to get from place to place unless you are in a vehicle or have a scorcher with you. I hate how Wonderist is only located in Tier 3. I hate how you cannot see the location of the teleport warp and the Harvester orbs on your main map and have to rely on the mini map. I hate how at the Legacy Fortress there's always a chopper that you need to take out.

I hate how there's even a sell function at the station, as I've never seen anyone use it. Do you guys happen to use it? I hate how ether St does not work against. Merks if you pay attention to the details, it says to become invisible to zombies. That's the key word. I hate how far apart each perk machine is located.

I hate how sometimes the Bion is bugged out and is not available in Tier 3. This usually happens one out of every 15 games. It drives me nuts. I hate how terrible some of the vehicles are in this game. I hate how the tires can get flat, especially during cargo missions. I hate how it's moved from disabling to critical damage.

I hate how awful the bats are in this game. Sometimes, when you try to hop onto one and take off, it goes in the opposite direction and gets stuck. I hate how other players from other teams can steal your contract, which is very frustrating, especially when you're just a couple meters away. I hate how overpowered Merks are, even after they nerfed it.

You know what a scratch is. I hate how mercs even exist in this game. I hate all contracts that involve Merc, and this includes defending ground station weapon stats and ether extract. I especially hate the fan ground station contract because it's so pointless how you need to even retrieve three parts before even starting the mission when you already activated it.

I hate how vague some of the story missions are, for example, destroying a mercenary convoy. I was clueless as to what that even meant. At the time when I had to complete this mission, it took me around 3 hours, so I finally even figured it out. I hate how the three bosses we had so far up to season 1 had just been reskining up the warm, maybe gold warm prediction next.

I hate how crowded it can get in the high-threat Tier 3 zone since there really aren't that many available contracts within the area. I hate how useless the Ammo Mod Dead Wire is, as it only chains one zombie. How did it go from being one of the best ammo mods from Cob Zombie to being in this? I hate how there's a 60-second cooldown each time you refer to the same ammo crate.

I hate how a PhD or stamp does not protect you from fall damage like it did on zombies. I hate just how terrible the Gatling gun is on the cargo truck mission. Now we have to wait 10 seconds for this to cool down. I hate how, after you use a drone, you actually lose your operator, Skin. I hate how you need to wait a second or two before being able to take the zip line; sometimes that second can make a life-or-death difference.

I hate how slow the VR11 shoots. I don't think there's any gun in the history of zombies that takes longer than this to shoot out just six bullets. I extremely hated the Mission freezer burn because it was a pain in the ass of Slow 10 Dog. This was so tedious to do at the time, but now that it has been nerfed, it is much easier for new players.

I hate how upgrading your weapon at the Pack-a-Punch machine doesn't give the animation like it used to. I hate how little points you get from killing zombies. We went from milking 10 points per bullet to 90 points per kill, and now literally only 10 points per kill. I hate how hard it is to be able to see within an infested stronghold, and sometimes it takes forever to locate the last pimpo.

100 Things I HATE In MW3 Zombies. 100 Reasons I HATE In MW3 Zombies. This is a list full in depth review of the 100 things I hate in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
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