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You know, guys, I know we talk about this topic every single year around this time, around December or maybe January, when the honeymoon is officially over for a lot of people. It's all right, you know; never wrong, just early out here. All right, the honeymoon phase has ended for a lot of people, and now that reality has set in and we have some data and some actual numbers.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, part three, by no surprise, is not doing as well as people hoped for and anticipated. Or for a lot of these guc lickers even expected, and I'm going to tell you guys right now the scad master is not having it today. All right, I'm in a big, fat ass mood. Why am I in a bad mood because I got to take a [__] and instead I'm here in front of the microphone talking about how Call of Duty is dying again year after year?

We talk about it all the time, but this time there is a difference: a lot of people actually wanted this game to do well. But as we've seen, even if you're quote-unquote doing everything, you know the developers are listening to feedback. Even if they're actually listening, that is not enough, and that does not equate to a successful game.


Maybe in terms of quality and enjoyment for a little bit, you know, the honeymoon phase did last a little bit longer than other years, but in terms of your sales that Activision loves to boast about. I'm sorry, but this game just did not cut it now. Just to run a few numbers with you guys right now, this comes from Charlie.

Intel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Part 3 was the number one best-selling game in the US in November; it's the number two bestselling game of 2023, behind Hogwarts Legacy, which was released in February, and Call of Duty, which was the number two most played game on PS5 and Xbox in November, behind Fortnite.

Now, I know nowadays Call of Duty can't seem to get over this hump of Fortnite. You know. Fortnite literally just [__] shits all over Call of Duty if we're talking actual numbers, so to the GU lickers out there that always say. But it's going to be the number one bestselling game of all time, but it's going to break all these records, and nope.

is dead

Fortnite says suck my balls. GTA 6 is going to say suck my balls, and Hogwarts Legacy. I guess, is still saying suck my balls, so I'm sorry, but it doesn't apply today, but this is really the piece of information that I like to see. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Part 3 was the bestselling game in November.

In the UK, sales of MW 2019 Part 3 were 38% lower than those of MW 2019 Park 2 in the first 3 weeks. Now obviously, we saw the record that MW 2019 Part 2 broke last year by a billion [__] dollars in like 7 days or something crazy like that, so by the 3-we Mark, it's no surprise that the sales are lower.

However, the scat master out here was the one saying back then that whenever this game was first announced, this game would not sell as well as MW 2019 Part 2 last year. During that game. I also said I doubt that record is going to be broken, and why do I doubt that because that game was such a pile of nonsensical, nostalgic baited [__] that people even gu lickers alike realized.


If that game, despite its crazy amount of sales and accolades, could not be one of the better cods that we've had in years, how is [__] the next game, which is literally just a DLC? It's a faster patch. How is that game supposed to do it? It's not, and this is more evidence of that being the case, and I know this game is still selling better than Vanguard, which is not surprising; it's not difficult whatsoever.

And it's doing better than Cold War, which arguably is Treyarch's worst [ __ ] game, so I'm also going to be the one to say it's not that difficult by the way people were hardly getting physical copies of Cold War; this game right here has bundles with the new PS5, and online it's even significantly easier to obtain because this game is literally just a DLC; we have the same file as Call of Duty HQ or whatever the [ __ ] they want to do nowadays; they've only made it easier on themselves, yet they barely beat out those games, yet they still fail, even after making this game as accessible as humanly possible.

modern warfare 3

I mean, take a look at these guys. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, Part 3, will be on sale this week on digital stores. The Cod website was updated early to say the game is up to 30% off; that's like 20 bucks off, which is good. Let's not underestimate that this $20 off is good, but I mean, for the quality of the game, the amount of content in this game, and the mere existence and idea behind this game, this game should be free.

Jumping off of my last article, God of War put out a DLC for their campaign, which was longer than Call of Duty's campaign this year, and it was free. That is how you do proper DLC, guys. You don't charge $70 for a [__] patch. I'm sorry, but there's a reason why people like myself did not purchase this game, and we found alternate methods to get it and play it, whether that be stealing or not.

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Whether that be pirating or game sharing, you could have done the most shameless [__] ever. I'll tell you guys right now what I did to obtain this game. You know my moral compass is not as high as people might expect. I mean, I'm the [__] scab master. I talk [__] about fat people, [__] Lizo. Nicki Minaj cows cow UTS, Modern War Zone Charlie Inte [__] Furries, people who support SBMM Hutch Joe Cott, you named the developers; they're probably in there somewhere.

Go take a look at the [__] Goog if you want to see the list of people that I've On the point, guys, the scad master is shameless. I did not spend a dime on this game, and this game should not be worth a dime. Even then, they're putting this game on sale, and I still don't think it's worth it. On the topic of this game not being worth a dime, I mean, on top of the sale, they have a free trial.

Right now, it's obvious they're trying to push this game out, but guess what? You simply shot yourself in the foot the moment this game was announced to originally be a DLC, and I see these cringy ass [__] content creators and [__] you know Charlie Intel ghost of hope everybody else saying I don't care what it used to be.

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I care about what it is today, shut the [__] up man[__] corny cringe. [__] Man, if you don't think that went into people's decisions on whether or not they're going to purchase this game, you're utterly wrong. This game has issues. I mean, you saw the opening clips. Those are just minor examples.

You've had people whose stats have been reset after this new season came out. You have people finally realizing that. Hey, you know what? From the two maps that we just got, this game still feels the exact same as it did back in the [__] beta, and you guys have heard me say this plenty of times.

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