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You know, guys, that this holiday season is a very important time for Call of Duty. The game just launched like a month and a half ago, then we had Black Friday sales, then we had season 1 come out, and now we're nearing Christmas, and if I'm timing this correctly, this should be that day today for you guys, so as a fully holiday Christmas special.

I just want to let you guys know. Mary scatas to whoever you are, whether you're a GU licker or a casual viewer of mine; maybe you watch the scad Masters articles very frequently, and to you. We're heading into the New Year's pretty soon, and one question remains for Call of Duty, especially for MW 2019 Part 3.

Is MW 2019 Part 3 worth purchasing for Christmas for the holiday season going into 2024? Now the scad master has done a article like this not too long ago, maybe about a month and a half ago; maybe it was called Do Not Buy Modern Warfare 2019 Part 3, and that's actually my most viewed article of all time, so you guys are [__] crazy for that.


Maybe you want to give it as a gift to your friend or cousin, or maybe your friend or cousin gave you this as a gift, and hopefully it came with a gift receipt. Because I'll tell you guys right now, did my thoughts change very much between that article and now [__] absolutely not? That's right, guys, my thoughts have not actually changed all that much, but let me tell you exactly why it is that way before I get into it.

I just want to ask you guys right now because it's Christmas. Subscribe if you would like, and actually, you know what I want to ask for. I want to see Mary scat. Miss, that's literally what I want to see, but enough of the [__]. Guys, listen up. Modern Warfare 2019, Part 3, had a very interesting launch that I think a lot of people unfortunately missed.


I had false hope in thinking that this would be one of the greatest Call of Duties of all time because it's coming off of MW 2019 Part 2, which, let's be totally honest, as much as that game was dog, the core foundation of that game could have had the potential to be like a top eight or seven Call of Duty of all time depending on whether or not Infinity Ward wanted to be a bunch of [__] morons, and unfortunately that's the route they chose that go, ignoring feedback and all this and that, and so when this game got announced and it was essentially just going to be a cleanup of that game, of course people were excited and hyped up for this game because they're saying.

Okay, well, if this is just like the last game but improved and we're actually listening to feedback, then this might actually be a really good Call of Duty game. Well, a lot of people thought this, and unfortunately. They were wrong because I've said this multiple times throughout my channel's history: there is one crucial pivotal moment in your game that can decide the entirety of its lifespan.

And that is the launch, and I'm not talking about a month and a half after the fact, no. This needs to be done right from the start. You have a beta for a reason; sometimes you even have an alpha. You have multiple Call of Duty stories behind you in the history books that you can look back on, and your launch literally needs to be so on point to capture as many people as humanly possible that by the time you get to that month and a half point, we're not trying to convince people to purchase the [__] game on sale.

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It's your job to provide the best experience possible off the rip. You know there are no ridiculous nonsense guns at launch that are super OP; you know a good amount of content, and we'll talk about that very soon. Skill-based matchmaking cannot be the number one talked-about topic all over social media for like the fifth year in a row and the first day of launch; that can't happen.

These are remastered maps that have existed for over a decade, so the spawns, even if the movement is different and the pace is different, your spawns better be on [__] point and they better make sense, because, let me tell you, when this game launched, the spawns were dogs. Spmm was, and still is, dog [__], but the number one thing that I told you guys would hold this game back even if you could look past the bad spawns and the spmm and all the other [__] that comes with Call of Duty The number one thing I told you guys that would hold this game back was the lack of content, specifically the lack of original content.


Now, yes, this game launched with 16 remastered maps. That's good, right? Why is that not good? Because, like I told you, the most important part of this game is going to be its launch, and if there's no original content at launch, you give it a couple of weeks, and what do you know? People, even your own GC lickers, are complaining.

About how bored and stale the game is becoming, so then when we get to season 1 finally after like a [__] month, ideally you would think. Hey, if we get good content during season 1, then All Is Forgiven for the last month of the launch, this game is great, right? wrong again because we live in reality, and in reality, you don't just get a month and a half to [__] around and do nothing and then give us two [__] original maps for the first season and call it a day.

modern warfare 3

No, that's not how this [__] works. Your game had zero original content; get this through your mind: zero hero original content out of launch, and now that it's the end of December and it's Christmas time, this game is inevitably going to be on sale, and people are wondering. Hey, if it wasn't worth it at launch, is it worth it now absolutely?

Not yes, we got two original maps; yes, we got a couple of recycled guns; yes, there's events and some new camo challenges. All of that [__] is cool, but that's not going to save this game from becoming stale, and even if you're looking at the background gameplay right now, you'll see a reskin of Highrise called Hangover, or some [__] like that, and it's Christmas themed.

It looks [__] nice, I'm not going to lie. I'll be the one to tell you guys right now this [__]. It looks nice; it feels and plays great on this map, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm already bored. I can play it a few times, and yeah, it looks cool, but it's pretty gimmicky at the end of the day and after a few sessions.

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I'm just bored, and is that franchise fatigue possible? You can tell it left the [__]. Mark This game did not sell as much as MW 2019 Part 2, which probably wasn't going to happen regardless, but to the people who think that listening to feedback and releasing a [__] patch for $70 was going to carry this game throughout.

You're wrong; that's just not the case. We don't have the player count, but I can tell you guys right now that it's probably not as good as you might think. Sales are confirmed to be low; they dropped by like 38%, and if you want to think about it this way, one out of three people that purchased MW 2019 Part 2 did not purchase.

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