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You know, guys. I think we're starting to get to that point in the Cod cycle, you know, around four or five months after the game came out, where all of the GU liers, all of the copium addicts, are probably. I don't know if they're still playing the game. I don't even know if they even get upset when people say this.

I truly believe there's a point in time where if you start critiquing Call of Duty, there's just fewer people that get upset because I think over time the people that used to get upset I think one of two things has happened to them they either don't play the game anymore, which is exactly my point, half the time or two, and I've seen this happen a few times, but they actually end up switching their opinions and finally agreeing with what people like myself have been saying.

This entire time, and just looking around the landscape of Call of Duty on YouTube, I mean, we're at that point again where nothing is going on. I mean, there's a couple of little stints here and there where I don't know, like C War Zone Mobile, which just came out a few days ago. Yeah, that's a [__] flop.


We'll talk about that in a future article, but other than that, what the hell is going on in COD? I mean, you see all of these Cod content creators just throwing [__] at the wall, and I'm not trying to disrespect any of these other content creators. A lot of these guys are my peers, but this franchise is boring me so much that I might get to the point where I just pull a Kendrick Lamar and just start smoking people for no [__] reason, but no disrespect to any of the other Cod creators out there.

I know what it's like, all right. You don't need a hiding guy, guys. I understand what it's like. This shit's [__] ass. I mean, if anything, I play some ranked play here and there, but I'm not touching pubs. There has been a point in playing pubs for the last, like, four or five years, thanks to removing prestiging.

And does that contribute to my next statement? probably, but there's a lot of things that do contribute to it, and my statement is, as you've heard multiple times from myself and other people around me. Call of Duty is [__] dead. Modern Warfare 2019 Part 3: It's [__] dead. Is there anything going on that's interesting in this game?

cod is dead

No, I mean, the one Vanguard map just got remastered. I think it's pretty good; it's all right, but do I really give it a [__]? No, I mean, I've made this point before you compare how much original content we have versus recycled content in this game. You tell me which one is clearly outweighing the other, and yes, if you haven't caught on yet, that absolutely does contribute to the downfall of Call of Duty and lesser and lesser people playing, but I don't just want to throw words at you guys; I want to show you a little bit all right.

This comes from Charlie Intel. We'll start out with something light before we get into some of the heavier ones. He says Call of Duty was the number two most played game on PlayStation and Xbox behind Fortnite during February in the US MW 2019. Part 3 is also the second-best-selling game of the year.


Behind Hell Divers 2, I've heard a lot about Hell Divers 2, and a lot of people keep asking me to play it. If I'm going to give you guys the honest truth, it's probably not going to happen on this channel. I'm not going to lie. I think we're at a point in time where I just have too many other things to do, and Call of Duty is just the most accessible thing I have, at least for background gameplay, something for you guys to look at in the back.

And that's just me being honest. That doesn't mean I'm all over this [__] game. That's not the case whatsoever. I mean longtime viewers. You guys know what my schedule is like: full-time student, full-time job; I got my own apartment; I paid all the bills; and I got people I'm helping out here with right now.

There's not really a lot of time to play a game that I don't deem as enjoyable, as other previous public match experiences in Call of Duty have, so is it really surprising to me when a game like Hell Divers 2 comes out and a lot of people are up in arms about it because, according to them, it's actually a fun experience?


No, it doesn't [__] surprise me. I'm not saying Call of Duty is dead because of that. I'll show you some other data in a minute, but it's just funny to see how many times Call of Duty gets overthrown in one way or another, whether it's at an award show or whether it's people just talking. Whether it's a player count drop or whether it's random games coming out of nowhere overtaking it, it just happens a lot more constantly than it used to, in my opinion at least, and no matter what these developers or Activision have to say on the matter, it doesn't really change anything.

I mean, this also comes from Charlie Intel. He says Activision says that mobile will not take over the focus from console and PC Call of Duty, and both will be supported continuously. And in quotes from this article, there's more effort and resources on the Call of Duty console and PC premium experiences than there's ever been.

modern warfare 3

I need you guys to really, really understand this because when I show you this next piece of data, it really puts things into perspective. Apparently, this era of Call of Duty, and specifically this game right here right now, is ushering in the most amount of effort and resources that Call of Duty has ever seen.

I'm not saying that's not true; what I'm saying is that's a [__]] waste, because this game blows monkey [__]], okay, and I'm not just talking about a [__]] hairy tube or whatever I'm talking about, like the whole [__]] package of balls and everything. Bobby Cosby, we don't know what this man's up to nowadays; he's talking about buying Tik Tok.

Yeah, good luck with that, you fat ugly Gremlin. We're not keeping up with what's going on in the back end anymore; we don't give a flying [__] about that anymore. What we do care about is whether whatever you're talking about here is actually showing up in the product itself, and the answer is absolutely not, and while you might think that is just my opinion, let me give you some facts.

modern warfare 3 is dying

The fact of the matter is that the numbers continue. Drop for however many resources and amount of effort that's going into this game, according to Activision. Whatever they're spewing out and talking about, this is the most valuable resource we've ever seen in the most advanced Call of Duty of all time.

Shut the [__] up, and even if that were the case, what a failure, you know. This piece of data comes out courtesy of Mr. Blame Truth take a look at these guys. If I'm not mistaken, these are the team numbers we started in December 2023, which is one of the biggest peakes that Call of Duty has in its life cycle, and you'll see average players are about 13, 000.

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