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Today I've got gameplay for you both on PC and on console. As I've been playing. I felt less able to aim on Modern Warfare 3 than I have been on other PC games, and I assumed. Maybe Rusty maybe using the bed rig where I'm recording right now is kind of, you know, keeping me down, but then I get on other games and I can play pretty well and aim and track the way that I want to, but it feels odd on Modern Warfare 3; I feel a little bit worse.

And as it turns out, the mouse and keyboard aim are actually broken in Modern Warfare 3. I think broken is a little bit of a strong word, but it's definitely impaired, and today we're going to get into the details of why I do want to say first that all of this info is from true game data. Tony did the original research for all of this stuff, and the channel is truly great.

I highly encourage you to check it out. I'm going to go over the high notes and offer my opinions without trying to retread too much. So the short version is that Sledgehammer changed several of the standard aim mechanics for Modern Warfare 3. Not the inputs, like how your controller scales on a curve or how your mouse translates movement, but rather the in-game Recoil mechanics idle sway kick gun control things like that, and these new mechanics undid several things that most gamers would assume are very standard and were standard in previous Call of Duty games.

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It basically added a whole bunch of RNG into your aim with much less predictable patterns. And most of these changes were quite small, so much so that they would be difficult to notice. And they were also definitely designed around the console to assist mostly with the sticky aspect of it, so you're not supposed to notice this on the console.


Unfortunately they do add up to larger and more frustrating changes on PC so without wasting any more of your time let's start with problem number one which is the idle sway is always active in the idle sway is when you're looking down the sights of your gun and it kind of you know Bobs left and right after a second or two, most Call of Duty games have had that where you'll aim down sights and snap onto a Target and after a fixed period of time usually a quarter to a half or second the idle sway pattern will start well in Modern Warfare 3 that seems to just be constantly going, which means all the time whether you're ads or not so when you aim down sights you're actually aiming down sights into some part of that sway pattern.

So your gun does not snap to the center of your crosshair; it snaps somewhere in that pattern, which is incredibly frustrating because there's no way to account for this or predict it; you just kind of kind of have to micro adjust, instantly as soon as you notice and kind of get your cursor back on and I'm I think this is the biggest problem me personally I think is this is the biggest thing we're going to be talking about today, so I'm going to go ahead and play true game data's clip that gives you an example and explains what's going on again.

I highly encourage you to check out his full article, and it starts when you ads; it's constantly happening in the background before you've even ads, then when you ads, it moves your aim to that point wherever it was randomly in those two curves, so you can see this right here. I'll put the reticle right on the head of this target at 25 M, and then when I ads.


It'll be at a random point off the target, so you can't really predict that you don't know where it is because you can't see it when you're not advertising. All right, moving on to problem number two; this one is just baffling. This one is more predictable than the others and easier to account for, but it's just bafflingly bad design; it's confusing to me.

I feel like some assassin or something must have snuck into the Sledgehammer Games development offices and immediately got pulled into a meeting where they had to pitch an Aing mechanic. When you strafe left and right in the game, the center point of your crosshairs will actually move left and right, which is insane to me, and I don't mean that you get a little bit of sway or a little bit of bobble, but rather that the actual cross dot in the middle will be offset and dragged to the side of the screen somewhere as if you were strafing and you had a bit of gun tilt and gun lag.

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So immediately, the problem is that the center of your monitor is not the center of your crosshairs. And when you stop moving, it's going to move back to center, and if you move in the other direction, it'll change in the other direction, so if you're trying to strafe around enemies, the center of your crosshairs is always very slightly moving off the center of your monitor, and that makes it incredibly If you want to strafe spam, or if it's a very common thing both on PC and console, you kind of step left and right and swipe your aim left and right to compensate.

It kind of makes you a little bit like a snake; you're a little bit hard to hit, and you have to learn skills to track your enemy. But if you're doing this on the Modern Warfare 3 PC, it's way harder because the center of your crosshairs is going to move off center, so you actually have to aim off center and get used to that mechanic in order to accurately track people.

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And there were other problems, a number of them that true game data went over and had examples of in his article, but these are the main ones, and all three together mean that when you aim down sights and snap onto a target, not only is the area that you're gun aiming at some point in the idle sway off center, but if you're strafing, which is likely your crosshairs are off center, and the recoil is more random.

So These changes don't impact the console very much because, overall, they're quite small and very difficult to notice. I didn't notice. I've been playing FPS games for like 15 years, and I thought maybe I'm just not playing that much these days. Maybe I've gotten bad. Maybe I need to, you know, kind of get my situation together here.

Maybe I'm rusty. Something just felt a little bit off; I couldn't put my fingers on it, and it's that minor of a change. Now, when you're playing on the console, this is not an insult to the console. Gamers, you do have some degree of sticky aim and some degree of aim correction or auto aim, so if you're really close, it'll still count as a hit sometimes.


You don't get that on PC, but on console, if you're doing the strafing thing, if you're aiming down sights, the sticky aim will compensate for like 90% of this. A huge portion of this is just completely canel-out on console, and you won't notice it; it's still present. You might still notice it depending on your weapon attachments, maybe if you have certain settings, but I'm going to say that most console players won't notice this, and I don't think most PC players are going to.

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