News - I Will Buy Warzone 2i Because I'm Stupid And Part Of The Problem


Yeah, you read the title right. I'm going to buy Modern Warfare 3 because I'm stupid and because I'm part of the problem. But at least I admit it. I'm not a hypocrite. I'm not complaining about a article game all day every day for a year. At least I'm not one of the people out there saying this new one is $70.

DLC right before they turn their ass around and go over to the PlayStation Store to pre-order the $100 edition. Whatever it's called this year, probably something dumb like Ripper Saw or Night Agent, or something that doesn't make sense at all, I'm going to buy Call of Duty. Depending on how good it is, I will play it more or less, and I will just dip out and wait for next year.

I normally don't talk about it because it's a space that I don't really move in. If you're a person who follows Call of Duty content and somehow this article got to you, you're probably wondering, Who is this? Well, I'm a person who normally doesn't move in this neck of the woods, but I'm tired, and this is my channel, so I'm going to talk about the things that I care about.


So if you're not in the Call of Duty sphere, you don't know what these creators are, and you don't know the drama behind it. I won't be naming names, but I'm going to explain it in a way that anybody can see, just how stupid and toxic this entire system is, and let's start with creators and the Call of Duty hype cycle because every year Call of Duty comes out, and it doesn't matter how good or how bad it is compared to the previous years; it's always more or less the same discourse, and we even have concepts in the community, like it always takes the next Call of Duty to come out for people to start appreciating, like last year's Call of Duty because while that one was out, all that people did was hate on it.

Call of Duty creators can be broadly grouped into three camps. The first camp is for the edgiest boys on the playground. We play football and like guns, but we hate big guns, and you're ruining our Call of Duty. These are the people who, no matter how the game is if it's good or bad will find reasons to complain about it because that's how they make money online.

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Sometimes truthfully, and sometimes just to follow the waves, these are the creators that will hype the game up. They will always say that whatever developer is in charge this year has listened, that they're doing it better, and that they're very hopeful that the new game looks amazing. And it's normal.

I get excited for Call of Duty every year, even at my most cynical. I've been like, well, it looks pretty bad, but I'm going to buy it anyways because it's Call of Duty and it's comfort food for me, and then stuff starts to hit them. Some creators stand out to me as being very honest with all of this stuff, and when they transition to other games, they kind of don't make a big stink about it; they don't try and sell it up for showmanship; they're just like.


Yeah. I'm just not feeling Call of Duty this year; I'm just going to play something else, and that's great. That's a good attitude to have both of these camps, who are very hypocritical. Because they have all at some point said that if you don't like the game, you shouldn't buy it, and they say that while they are complaining about how much they don't like the game, their entire job is centered around playing the game, making content for the game, and making whatever type of content is popular at the moment for the game, including.

Being negative and I am not blaming them for this we all got to eat but you can see why there is no stopping this train, it always rolls through the station with the same amount of momentum and crashes into the same brick wall which is next year's Call of Duty some of them are more forthcoming, but they change their opinion more or less just as often as I changed my underwear in the pandemic, which is to say once a week they'll say that you shouldn't buy Call of Duty and you shouldn't support it and when people call them out on it instead of simply saying well it's my job to cover it they'll be like well I actually like this year's game when they've spent the last 3 months on Twitter posting daily clips of them raging at the game the third Camp by the way are people who just make guides.


Shout out to the people who make guides; you guys are doing God's work. The larger community of service includes people who don't watch any content creators and who're just playing Call of Duty casually. Playing War Zone casually by fixing stuff, but this entire cycle leads into how the Call of Duty system works.

Release the biggest game of the year; it's a cultural phenomenon; millions of people buy it; millions of people play it; tons of people cry about it. Then the entire narrative shifts into how bad the game is and how we shouldn't support Activision, which is like a general statement that we should follow in life, but whatever.

And then that ramps down into we hate the game we hate the game we hate the game at some point there's a little blip of actually one of the previous games was really good. And then we roll into excitement for about 2 months before the new Call of Duty launches, and that excitement lasts for about 2 to 3 months after the game launches, and then we start the whole spiral again, and that's the second point that I really want to touch on.

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This whole argument about just not buying Call of Duty isn't going to work because nobody has an audience big enough and an influence big enough to stop Call of Duty from selling because, make no doubt about it. Call of Duty is a good article game on average; it's a really good multiplayer shooter, and more importantly, the reason that it has a chokehold on the market is because it's the best at what it does at this point in time.

It's the only one that does what it does. I'm talking about the plethora of content in RPGs, first-person shooters, grind, and Call of Duty. There is a feeling of jumping into a Call of Duty match and just grinding up some ranks on your gun that nothing else has ever challenged, even during the golden days when other games were challenging it.

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This behemoth has a system that is now so purified. It is distilled. Into the machinery of action to the core. And it is impossible to challenge what they do and it proves to be year-over-year something that people really enjoy the reason that Call of Duty appeals to so many casuals is the same reason that it appeals to people like me it's fun it's fun to watch numbers go up the shooting is good you like experimenting with new attachments, you like running around in the game it's also no matter how much people cry about it a great value proposition for most Gamers, if you want to get good satisfying gameplay with content that is going to keep you interested in grinding throughout the year if you're one of those people that has a limited amount of time to game and you want something that is just going to be fun and entertaining.

MW3 is right around the corner and I need to get some things off my chest about the negativity in the community, the complaints on movement, sbmm, microstransactions, and the absolutely toxic culture that surrounds everything Call of Duty.
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