News - This Replaces The Flamethrower Warzone 2 Zombies Op Season 3 Loadout


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We came in here with a flawless crystal and a legendary ether tool. I want this thing to be absolutely as powerful as we can get it, and we came straight into the red tier zone here and just absolutely. Melted this Mega Abomination, so right off the bat guys. I got to say I'm fairly impressed with this thing.

Not only were we able to completely delete those two hvts that were in the second tier zone, but once we came over here into the red tier zone and Mega Abomination went down like he was nothing next. I wanted to just kind of try it out on like a horde of zombies here in the red tier zone and just kind of see how it's dealing with those guys, and it's absolutely shredding.

I can definitely already tell that when I make my top seven best weapons to use in season 3, this is going to definitely make that list. That is, unless they decide to Nerf it, which you never know, I think they might leave this one alone for a little while this SMG does feel incredibly powerful. It's not so; instead, it's like, yeah, the developers are going to want to fix this right now.


It feels like it's at just the right point where a lot of people are going to want to pick this thing up and take it into the red tier zone or go into the dark ether with it because it is a very powerful gun now with the flamethrower. We knew that thing was doing something weird with the damage when it actually wasn't supposed to be doing that.

This thing could just be really powerful because it is a brand new gun, and the developers probably want people to use it. I'm sure, as you guys could tell, that with that HVT on that Mangler that I just had, he went down pretty damn fast. Sometimes those things could just be stubborn as hell and feel like they got more health from them than a mega-abomination.

Check this out, guys. This is definitely the best gun in the game to use right now, just absolutely shredding. All of these zombies in the red tier zone that mimic didn't even stand a chance, and I don't know if this might be just me, but whenever I come up to the new dark ether and I see this dogghouse sitting next to this dead tree, does anybody else get like Courage the Cowardly Dog Vibes?


So here we are; we are now in the new Elder Dark Eternity, and I'm pretty excited to test this thing out, especially on that HVT. And I have a feeling we're going to get the mega-abomination. Like always here, we are grabbing our very first contract, and of course we got the mega-abomination. Most of the time I really wouldn't mind dealing with these things but my biggest issue with dealing with the mega abomination, in here is he always refuses to be me and he just charges, the hell out of me can't tell you how many times that this Mega Abomination, has like slammed me into those corals, down there or I lured him up to the buildings and he slams me into the side of the building one of my big tips that I can give for you guys is to try to get on top of something, like a building or a vehicle or something cuz then he's going to try to shoot those beams at you we were able to pop off the first head pretty quick and once I lured him up out of the fog we were able to pop that second head off but with so many zombies and everything around me I really didn't want to take the chance on going down, so we just finished him off with a vr11, and with a single shot, well, it actually took me two cuz I missed.


The loot out of this contract definitely could have been better, but we did end up getting a VR11. I've been finding so many of these things not only here in the new dark ether but in the red tier zone. I've actually found myself destroying these things a few times because, hell, I don't need five of them plus the schematic, so i' like got six of them at my disposal.

Speaking of stash slots, man, I am so happy that Treyarch is finally doing something about our stash. I mean, we're only getting 20 slots, but 20 is a hell of a lot better than 10, plus having this bit of extra space is going to just make people feel a little bit more comfortable. In using the stuff that they have.


I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that end up getting some of the best stuff in the game, and then they throw it in their stash, and then they're afraid to use it because they don't know if they'll end up getting more, and if they do end up getting more, they're going to have nowhere to put it.

Hopefully, this will alleviate some of those problems. And then also, we're getting the schematic cooldowns, which are going to be cool. From what we've been hearing, this is pretty much going to work just like the weapon cooldowns do; it's going to work off of your essence that you're filling with; it's not going to be just going to cool down one or two schematics.

Whenever you do this, it's going to cool down all of your schematics, which is nice that a few of these things got a damn 3-day cooling down, which is honestly, absolutely absurd. Hopefully, this will help quite a bit with that and just give people a reason to keep playing, knowing that they can come back in and keep using some of their favorite things.


I did see a comment that they might make it something absolutely crazy to the point where it's like $100,000 and Essence will only take off for like 10 minutes. I think that would be crazy. I don't necessarily think it's going to be that bad, but I do have a feeling they are going to make it a little bit grindy.

Hey, something is definitely better than nothing, and we are in this Outlast contract right now, and this little SMG is just handling itself wonderfully. I'm absolutely falling in love with this thing. You really didn't need any help with sentry guns or anything like that, and this little SMG just shredded these Elder [__] through zombies.

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