News - Yeah I'm Annoyed - The Warzone 2i Campaign Is So Bad Here's A Rant. Mediocre, Unoriginal & Unacceptable

activision is garbage

All right So I just finally had a chance to beat the Modern Warfare deuce and half campaign, and I got to say, real quick, I might be just a little bit pissed off. We're going to be talking about some spoilers in this article, so that is your queue. If you're not looking for this campaign to be spoiled for you, this is the time to click off the article.

Normally, I don't make commentaries about campaigns, man. You just look for them to be solid, you look for them to carry a narrative, you look for them to be at least decent because it makes the game feel complete, but at the end of the day, most of us buy most of us play Call of Duty for multiplayer, so normally I don't make these types of articles, especially when everybody is in their mama.

Is out here dogging on this campaign, but having now gone through the journey of playing and completing this very lackluster, very short campaign, you see it for what it is, man. You almost feel offended when you're done with this campaign; it feels like a straight scam, a joke, and even though everybody out here is making all these articles about Modern Warfare duu and half and how bad the campaign is.

activision sucks rant

I still feel like I need to say something. I need to get something out because now we're talking about the package. We already know what we're getting with multiplayer, right? recycled Warfare 3, not a single original map with that game all OG Modern Warfare 2 maps the same UI as Modern Warfare Du's.

It's not even its own [__] game, man. They turn the game Modern Warfare Duos and War Zone 2 into an HQ, and you just download packs for Modern Warfare Duce and a half to that. Now it's like it's not even its own game, man. With Cold War, you still had your own game with Vanguard. You still had your own game with this G.

You just download packs, like a [__] DLC, at full price. DLC we've seen lackluster campaigns in the past where I would have never made this type of article. We've seen it with the terrible Black Ops 3 campaign, but there was value there. The multiplayer was still hitting, and the zombies were definitely still hitting.


You got bang for your buck with that game, even with that trash-ass campaign. You guys already know how I feel about the Modern Warfare Deuce and having zombies. I just don't know. Obviously, we're going to have to wait until we play it, but I'm leaning more towards it. I don't feel like I'm going to like it all that much because it's not a traditional zombie; it's an outbreak; it's DMZ; open world; there's your zombies.

I just feel like I'm leaning more towards it because I feel like I'm not going to like it, so we got the Zombies mode, which I'm not sure about, and we got this half-lazy as hell lackluster campaign. And no originality at all on launch for multiplayer; somebody just leaked all the streaks just the other day.

I think it was Charlie Intel, but I'm not 100% sure. They just leaked all the streaks for Modern Warfare DECE and half multiplayer, and I don't. I'm not looking at it right now, but I don't remember seeing one single original streak on that list. Not one original map on launch looks like there's no original streaks.

cod 2023 sucks

There's a good number of streaks there, but no original streaks either. How many articles have I made at this point? Sincerely, I've lost count. I've talked about the things that I'm concerned about with modern warfare, and I've also talked about the lack of original content. I broke it down to Sledgehammer, like we really need some new, fresh original streaks at least in this multiplayer, man, because we're not getting any original maps online.

You got to give us something here, man, and this was before. I played this lackluster campaign. I've made so many articles talking about how [__] broke down how it's a Sledgehammer Games game, and I'm worried about how broken this game is going to be at launch and how long it's going to take them to fix it.

cod mwiii sucks rant

The number of times I had to go back and re-record something for just one episode, man, for one mission I would have to go back again and again and again cuz the [ __ ] audio would keep glitching out; it sounded like you were in space, like you were in a [ __ ] vacuum or something; everything was muffled as [__]; or the audio would keep skipping, spitting, and stuttering, like what the [ __ ] is that we're on new generation consoles here; what the [ __ ] is that; or I'd have to go back and re-record some cutcenes because it's just lagging and skipping all over the place; it was just awful; the campaign ran like complete [ __ ] ran like ass, most definitely.

Some of the blame here falls on Sledgehammer, but not all the blame we could attribute to Activision. For this game to exist, it should not exist because of Activision. Let me tell you what I think went down. I think Activision had a plan for a year-long plan for Modern Warfare. The reason why that changed is because all the quote-unquote movement gods were crying about the movement.

Modern Warfare Deuce Infinity Ward is stubborn as [__]. Infin Ward doesn't listen to the community; they could if Vin War wasn't going to change their game. There's no way Vin War likes slow, campy, boring time-limit tactical games they weren't going to do. So even though Sledgehammer Games just dropped Vanguard.

mw3 campaign is garbage

Activision Goals pulled them off whatever project they were working on and said. Look, we have this year two plan for Modern Warfare du, with all original Modern Warfare 2 maps and a few linear campaign missions, but we're going to need that premium title we got to get you in there and stretch that out.

mw3 campaign sucks

We need you to pad that out, and that's why we have these open combat missions straight ripped at a war zone. Listen, man, I don't play War Zone on my own. I choose not to play War Zone, and the game mode is free. I'm not trying to have War Zone with a side of DMZ. Shoved down my throat for the [__] campaign, those open combat missions would have worked if they were optional and not for something extra for the players to do after they beat a normal regular Call of Duty campaign linear missions say around 6 to 8 hours a normal Cod campaign, but then you have these optional missions extra that you can do if you want to keep playing it and trying out the guns or whatever the [__] and after you scratch and claw your way through this mediocre campaign with barely any achievements by the way, which only proves further that this was meant to be a DLC all along, but after you scratch and claw your way through this [__] you got possibly The worst ending we've seen to a Call of Duty campaign—I mean, it's got up there, man.

Now that I've had a chance to finish this MEDIOCRE campaign with no resolution and no originality copying the same things as the original MW3. The only exceptions is the campaign is significantly shorter and most of the missions are just a warzonedmz hybrid. Rushed, lackluster and poorly executed.
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