News - The Warzone 2 Clout Chasing Is Insane. Crossplay With Pc Needs To Die & The Cod Love/hate Relationship

cod clout chasers funny

Let me tell you something: Cod clout that Cod clout, is a powerful truck. Just before I turn on this mic, all right. I'm driving home from work, and I'm thinking of a couple different ideas I have for articles, and I keep coming back to crossplay. I've been telling myself for a while now that when Microsoft officially takes over Call of Duty, I should make one more article, one more article, on how to crossplay.

Absolutely, it stinks, and we don't like it; we hate it; actually, most of us hate it. There are a few people who like crossplay; they want it in Call of Duty; they want it in Battlefield; they want it in these games; and I'll get to those people in a minute. But I jumped on Twitter for a second.

I'm just looking around, and I'm, obviously, the mouse and keyboard community, crying about Amus again; they even doctored the finals update for War Zone, making it seem like they nerfed amoses. In Call of Duty. I'm telling you, man, to reduce grown men to a puddle of tears on a daily basis out here on the socials, but aside from those mous and key crybabies.

I'm seeing the new Rave with the Call of Duty scene nowadays, and I'm telling you, man, this Call of Duty clout is crazy. We've seen a lot of [__] through the years. We've seen a lot of what people are capable of, like the greasy ways they go with different strats and tactics to blow up out here to gain that watch.

crossplay has to be removed mw3

You know a lot of it lately; it's been cheating, and you got a whole bunch of brain dead morons that watch you, and you make money off those brain dead morons. mostly a lot of kids but a lot of grown men that just don't have a functioning brain; they watch them, they even defend these cheaters, and they'll even ask to borrow money just to donate to these streamers while they're defending them.

We have the kings of reverse boosting, and a lot of them actually cheat as well, so they reverse boost and cheat, and they act like they're Call of Duty gods. We got those nerds everywhere as well, but now. We have nerds out here who are legitimately cheating. They know what Ricochet does if it catches you cheating and the mechanics it will implement, and these They will put together montages out here.

crossplay sucks

I'm telling them I'm dead, seriously. They will put my montages together. They'll act brain-dead about it. They'll act stupid. They'll put a montage together of them going Splat. So you know that mechanic where you jump off anything and you'll just splat? You'll die instantly, or a clean player will go invisible to the cheater, or the cheater's bullets will not work.

You cannot do any damage whatsoever. A lot of [__] like that, so they'll put these montages together and act dumb, asking everybody, What's wrong with the game, man? in the replies, all right, like they'll get a lot of hate for that, but it's it; it does not matter; they just want the impressions; they just want the engagements.

It's all about that [__]. The clout of this scene is absolutely hilarious to me; it's pathetic; it is hilarious. There are so many straight, beta males in this community; it's just that when you see it, it's, yeah, it's on another level. Specific, article game straight beta male behavior, and they'll hit you with buys.

mw3 clout chasers funny

The game complains about the game, and they will preach this. These dudes are wasting their free time watching those articles just to repeat this line to your customers. If you don't like Call of Duty, just stop uploading. Just stop playing it. What are you doing with your life? Like, you complain about a game, and then you still play it and upload it.

I can't believe it. Mommy. I think it's. I think. Call of Duty is the epitome of a love-hate relationship, and I think I'm speaking for a lot of people when I say that when I say. I love Call of Duty, and I absolutely hate the matchmaking that's in it—this predatory, demonic, satanic, very flawed matchmaking that they have in this game.

I love the game, and I love the formula of Call of Duty, but I hate the matchmaking. You can come out here and say I love Call of Duty, but I hate the stupid [__] that they're doing with it outside of the matchmaking. The spawns are the worst they've ever been. The gun balance is an absolute joke.

mw3 crossplay sucks

We're starving for content. We need more legitimate content maps. We need more guns. The whole N9, but the store is absolutely lit. Yeah, you can actually like the foundation of the game; you could like the franchise because of games that were in it before that you absolutely loved; you can love that game and still hate it at the same time because of the decisions that are being made now.

There's some things that you can hate, and you'll still love the game, like you can stomach the things that are annoying to you or frustrating to you. Whatever it is, you still love the game. It is what it is, right? It's like, yeah, the gun balance is whack. Whatever, it's still a great game. I love the game; there's certain things that you could still put up with if you can stomach them if they're not too extreme.

One of the things that I just can't stand anymore, and it's not just with Call of Duty; it's with Battlefield; it's with these other games that I play; crossplay has got to go, man. Is a plague on these games? It's a plague in Call of Duty. I'm sick of it, man, over there in Battlefield if you turn crossplay off on Xbox.

mw3 is broken

You're not finding a lobby on the New Gen Xbox, period. You're just not finding people to play a game with right now on the PlayStation. If you turn crossplay off in Battlefield 2042, sometimes you might find six or eight people or something like that, and then they'll just fill out the lobby with bots, but sometimes you're just sitting there too, and you just can't find a lobby when you turn crossplay off.

When you turn crossplay on, you're finding lobbies. Immediately, people are in there, people are in there running around, and they're aimbotting you bunny hopping, doing spins like little Donuts 180 Bunny Hop laser beam, and you with their keyboard and mouse cheese on PC, and Call of Duty. It's the same thing, man, now that it is over there in Call of Duty with crossplay turned off as it is over there in Battlefield, but still, with Call of Duty, we don't have time to sit there for minutes looking for one game.

mw3 is broken rant

Again, looking for your next Lobby, you're wasting all this time just to play a handful of games, and a lot of people don't have time for that. That's one, but the crossplay amplifies skill-based matchmaking. see the PC K&M Community, they just want to cry about an assist and how Godly it is right.

They all started on the controller; most of them started on the keyboard; they made the conscious choice to move up to the keyboard and mouse because they knew what they'd be capable of if they mastered the keyboard and mouse; they knew the advantages they had; they cried and aimed to assist all the time.

The clout chasing game with call of duty MWIII right now is insane! Crossplay needs to be removed and replaced with cross console play. PC cheaters are infesting every game mode of call of duty.
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