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Wesley is back, and today, guys, I have all the working glitches after the December 19th patch, so if you appreciate details like that, I also have the patch notes in the description below. With that, let's get into the article. So you may or may not be aware of the original acquisition stash glitch.

I will explain that real quick for those who are not, but essentially, you would fill up your rucksack full with whatever items could be garbage, and then you would craft a schematic. So you'll see me actually do it here. When I click this, it actually replaces that item. However, when I go to my acquisition stash, you'll notice that it's plus one; it has increased by one, and that is because that item that was in my inventory got sent to my acquisition stash and essentially bypassed.

Whatever code you know, they had to limit your acquisition stash to 10. If you combine this with the duplication glitch, I've noticed it a lot of times when I extract. I'm able to just throw items directly into my acquisition stash even though I'm above 10, so make sure you check out that article in the description below and do that along with this, but essentially, guys, the original acquisition stash also still works, so if you do these two things in tandem.

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I've seen people go as high as $20,000 for their acquisition stash, so make sure that you're doing both of these things in tandem and you're filling up your acquisition stash as much as possible. We have no idea if they're going to clear all items that are above 10 or if they're just going to allow people to essentially use them up and just limit it to 10 in the future, so let's get into the article.


So first and foremost. I highly suggest that you guys go check out the duplication glitch article and make sure that you combine that with this glitch because it's imperative that your gun be as powerful as possible no matter where you're doing this outlast. Contract now if you have a Flawless Crystal things of that nature make sure that you duplicate those first, because what you want to use for this glitch is obviously a very upgraded weapon and I would highly suggest doing this glitch in tier two so once you've grabbed your Outlast contract go ahead and make your way over to that area with the given weapon in which you want to max out your levels on and what you want to do first is activate PN so you want to activate the device which starts the actual contract, next you want to quickly go to the edge of the zone and go in and out and you'll see here I get attacked by zombies you need to do this quickly but you want to make sure that you're going in and out very quickly so go ahead and get up till around.


15% i would highly suggest that now I'm not 100% sure if you can just sit in the zone until 15. You want to go ahead and let it fully run out, as you'll see here. I am not very prepared for the zone, but go ahead and run around until it gets to 0%. And don't go back into the zone. So you'll see I'm in a better location, at this point you want to make sure that you play these spawns to your advantage you know you want to make sure that you're in a spot in which these spawns will essentially feed the zombies in a straight line to you and you'll see me go over to the right in a minute and the reason for this is these spawns obviously aren't supposed to be pumping out this many zombies but they're pumping them out from the Outlast contract this is a glitch that has to do with the Outlast contract so just make sure you're playing that to your advantage, and then the only other tip that I would give is if you have the pet dog item make sure that you're using that dog bone because it makes your life a lot easier, and certain Outlast contracts you can actually sit there and let your pet dog do the whole thing and then use your healing Aura to heal up your dog and get your weapon XP that way make sure you hit that subscribe but let's get into some of the requirements, of this glitch.


So the three requirements for this glitch are number one you have a wonder weapon I in this case have the Scorchers so you want to go ahead and use that case and equip that weapon in your second slot as you see here the second requirement of the glitch is that you have the Juggernaut, kill streak so go ahead and throw that onto the ground now the third requirement and the last requirement of this glitch is that you have a legendary ether tool now the first step to this glitch is that you call in the Juggernaut killstreak you're going to need to use this to your advantage so make sure that you have that Wonder weap weapon like I said before in your secondary slot so we have both items in our first and secondary slot you want to go ahead and drop both items and then go ahead and grab your Juggernaut kill.

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Streak, now once your Juggernaut kill streak runs out you're going to notice once you get out of the kill streak you're going to have a grade out scorcher now this is key this is very important to this trick, what you want to do now is apply the legendary ether tool, to your weapon but you may notice that I don't have that option in my inventory which is weird, and that's due to the fact that this is a glitch, and your gun you can see down there in your inventory is gold still but on the bottom right of the screen you can see that it's gray so when I drop it looks gold let's go ahead and pick it back up it's still gray on the bottom right however when I pick up the other one you'll notice that it does have gold on the bottom right and you can see it right there so I'm going to go ahead and pick back up this one, from the actual.

Glitch, so some of my friends mentioned that you can activate the Ether tool, or rather apply it to your weapon in inventory. I was having trouble with that, so if you do have trouble with that, drop it on the ground and then apply it to your wonder weapon, and you can also obviously upgrade it using the Pack-A-Punch crystals so now you officially have the most powerful weapon in the game you can see in the inventory it's actually grayed out that's how it's supposed to look keep in mind guys that this is a glitch so it may not work as intended, if you do a step wrong so make sure you go back in the article and make sure that you do this.

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Right also important to note is that you can do this with any wonder weapon, so you can grab the ray gun, for example, and do this very glitch. As I mentioned, this is a brand new method, and there are some changes to make sure that you pay attention closely. Let's get into some of the requirements.

So up on your screen are the requirements for this glitch. Before we get into the actual steps, obviously, you're going to need Tombstone. First of all, you also need to bring in the items that you want to duplicate, as well as gain the amount of cash that you want in your Tombstone at the start of every game.

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