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so with the new war zone experience, dropping tomorrow with the new war zone map I want to go over 10 possible meta loadouts that I think will be very good on day one when you have the game loaded up for pretty much every category, so go ahead and drop a like on the article in case you guys want to come back to this article and grab the load out on day one when you have the game loaded up so let's go ahead and go over these 10 loadouts that I think will be good on day one, starting out with the most famous assault rifle in Call of Duty history, the.

Mcw & wsp swarm

ACR now, for some reason, I have a gut feeling about this. I could be wrong, but I feel like this year's ACR is going to be a lot like last year's M4. Now, what I mean by that is the ACR. It's always going to be good; it's always going to be meta; they're never really going to buff it or Nerf it just because of how familiar and nostalgic this gun is to a lot of people, so with weapons like that.

best class setup

I feel like they just never touch it, and it's just always going to be good, just for people to go back on if they don't really know what's good in the current state of War Zone. Here's the class set up for it, so I put on the 40-round mag and the x10. Phantom 5 hand stop, which is under Barrel the T-51, bed break.

The 16.5 mc CW Cyclone long barrel, and then finally for the optic. Obviously, you guys can rock whatever you want, but this new optic I've been really enjoying in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is called the MK3. For the secondary, we have the WSP Swarm, my favorite SMG in the game. I mean, I just get Mac 10 Vibs while using this thing; it's got clean iron sights, and the range on it is pretty good.

The Recoil is pretty controllable, and it literally looks like the Mac 10 as well for some reason, but here are the attachments on it. 50-round mag High-grain ammunition, monosuppressor The heavy stock in the Marauder grip. Next up is the Hoger 556, another great assault rifle that kind of reminds me of the ACR, and it plays like the ACR in my opinion.

I feel like the ACR is just a tad bit stronger, and that's why I would probably give the nod to the ACR over the Hoger. But this is still a great option as an assault rifle, and I definitely recommend using it on day one, and then you're going to want to pair up the hoger with the Renetti pistol. I mean, Renetti is, man, let's be honest, the best pistol in COD history.

I mean, name a better pistol than the Renetti. You can use it at a range. You can build it as a Kimbo build, which I'll have later in this article. This is the long-range build on it. I definitely recommend using it with the hoger or, like, with a sniper. So here are.

Holger 556 & renetti

Holger 556 & renetti

The class setups for that, so for the hoger, we have the 40-round mag the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop the Sonic suppressor the six match Barrel I'm going to try to pronounce that the MK3, reflector optic, or really any optic of your choice, and then for the renetti, we have the CN30, suppressor, and 30 round mag.

The Bruin Express trigger action, the Slate reflector, and finally, for the laser, we have the FJX D IOD 70 laser.

Bruen mk9 & snakeshots

But next man, we have a fan favorite, a very nostalgic gun, when it comes to war zone, the Bruin MK9; a lot of people called it the Nick MKS meta in war zone 1, which I thought was pretty funny.

It's back in Modern Warfare 3 and it might be back in war zone; we'll find out tomorrow, but this gun is just really fast; it's very easy to use; there's barely any recoil to it; the damage range is very good as well, so I'm very excited about the broom being back and possibly being meta on day one; we'll see, but here's the attachments for it.

We have the 60-round mag, the FTE MSP 98 hand stop, and the Sonic suppressor. The 23-inch, xrk Horizon V2 barrel and the aim op V4 optic, and then, you know, we had to pair the Brun up with the akimbo snake shots or the tyrs. I mean, these things are absolutely deadly; they don't have the greatest damage range; as you can see, up to 10 m doesn't even get a hit marker.

These things are really meant for, like, really close engagements, probably up to, like, 5 m. You'll probably twoot someone or maybe even three shots with these snake shots of Kimbo pistols, so we have Ali's regret trade action, the akimbo attachment. The snake shot ammunition. The heavy, long barrel, and then finally, we have the 1 M pistol.

Katt-arm & wsp stinger

Katt-arm & wsp stinger

Laser Now for loadout number four, man, we are trying the cat AMR sniper. I really think that snipers are going to be a lot more impactful this year. I mean, every time you pulled out a sniper last year, it just felt like you were a liability. The snipers were just completely irrelevant last year; they took them out of the game basically, so with the one-shot ability changes happening to the new war zone.

I'm just saying that just to try snipers out this year, you guys know, from war zone Z one. I was one of the biggest snipers, but in the rebirth community, not really. I'm just saying that just to let you know, I pat myself on the back, but as you can see, it takes one shot from 50 m out. If this were last year's sniper, it would probably take two or three shots at the last guy, so with the sniper, you guys are going to want to pair it up with the WSP Stinger, which is pretty much the little brother of the WSP Swarm, which is a submachine gun, but you can pretty much do whatever you want with this build.

I mean, I put on a Kimbo because I feel like I'm just going to be using it up close. I'll probably use, you know, a submachine gun with this sniper build, but I just want to give you guys a variety of different loadouts that you could try for the class setup. We have a Kimbo 32-round mag. Hollow Point ammunition for the 1 M pistol Laser Now for Loadout number five, we have the DG58, which is a burst assault rifle.

Dg58 & striker

Dg58 & striker

Now burst weapons are back; they kind of disappeared. We had like the Famas and War Zone 1, and then in War Zone 2, there really weren't any burst weapons besides like the M16, and that thing was straight garbage all year.

I don't think I ever made a M16 article for War Zone 2. I mean, if I'm wrong, the M16 was complete garbage, so I'm kind of glad to see that these burst weapons in Modern Warfare 3 are actually viable. We have the 40-round mag, the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop, the Zulu 60 muzzle, the DG58, Ls18, Barrel, and then finally, for the optics, we have the Slate reflector.

Now for the secondary, we're rocking the striker SMG, one of my favorite SMGs in Modern Warfare 3. Right now, a lot of people love the Rival 9. I love the Rival 9 as well, but I would prefer the striker over the Rival 9. I don't know; I just feel more comfortable using this thing. I feel like the iron sight's a lot cleaner, and the recoil is a lot more controllable for the attachments.

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