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New lowest recoil weapons/loadouts in warzone after update

New lowest recoil weapons/loadouts in warzone after update

ladies and gentlemen. A lot of the guns in the war zone right now are relatively easy to use, especially the MW3 ones, which are pretty low in terms of visual recoil, weapon sway kick, and whatnot, but there are a few specific standouts when it comes to just the absolute easiest weapons to use, and so with that, today I wanted to break down the top five lowest recoil options for weapons and loadouts that we have right now.

Warzone lowest recoil stb 556 loadout

I did just say a lot of the MW3 ones are really the primary factors here, but the STB 556, as an MW2 gun, is surprisingly easy across the board with low visual recoil. The pattern is very basic, more like an S curve up and to the right. I will include clips of me shooting the gun, showing off the pattern, and whatnot in the firing range with all these different builds, but the STB is incredibly easy.

modern warfare 3

It also happens to be an extremely competitive rifle in terms of overall TTK as well. It can actually compete very well within the category, so it's sort of a win-win here for a weapon that doesn't get too much attention, considering it's an older MW2 gun at this point. As far as the setup here goes, it's a pretty standard mid- to long-range build.

Here we got the Eagle ey 2.5, times as always. I go for this for my mid- to long-range, but if there's a different scope you like more, always go for preference. One of the drawbacks of the STB is the 42-round mag; this is not a ton of ammo for this pretty fast fire rate, so you end up running out of ammo a lot and having to reload.

It still, you know, gets the job done, though with what you have, you just have to be mindful of that reloading. When that's going to happen, you know you don't want to do that in the middle of a team pushing you or anything. I also go for the rear guard. Barrel: This increases the range, and the velocity just makes it a little bit easier to use.

One thing to note here though is that it does end up reducing that aiming idle sway, which is a bit of a con, so that said, if you're really into that and don't want to ever focus on negating that. Su, you could always swap this out. My second choice would probably be the Brewing Gorilla. This is just velocity and control, so it makes the gun even easier, and it's not hurting that sway whatsoever, so that'd be my alternative, then in that specific kind of build, but because this is so easy, you might be able to get away with rear guard, just fine there, and I'm also using brewing and heavy support, so this will gain that Idol's back also adds in some firing aiming stability.

And, of course, directly attacking that horizontal. Control, and lastly, we got the spirit fire suppressor. Better range better velocity and better control across the board, obviously really making it efficient for the mid- to long-range definitely a sleep-down option here, but it's honestly really, really good and, of course, super easy next.

Warzone 3 lowest recoil fr 556 loadout

Warzone 3 lowest recoil fr 556 loadout

Up, we've actually got the F556, or the Famas. This is a burst weapon, and really the reason it's on here is because the reentering ability here basically means you can spam this back to back to back with bursts, and it's rarely going to deviate from where your true aim is, where the center of your scope is, so it's really easy to stay on target with this over even pretty extreme distances.

While also being a decent TTK option in the rifle category. As well, so initially here we are going for that spe fire suppressor again for better range. Better velocity and better control on that ruin Heavy support is extra important here because this is a burst weapon, so aiming idle sway and firing aiming stability are so important here just to keep those bursts consistent, and basically, it's also nice when it does help out that general gun kick and makes it a little bit easier to use across the board.

I've got the 60 runic Cinema Gun there, pretty basic 2.5, times Eagle Eye yet again, and then just behind the face cam. I go for the ton rear comb or comb attachment, which helps out with that aiming idle sway and a little bit of control as well, so again, this just makes the weapon way easier to use, and if you're looking for a screenshot, feel free to take that with no face cam in the way, but that comb does actually replace a barrel on the long board.

I was previously running this, but the more I looked at it, hey, that's really hurting that aiming idle sway. I'm not a huge fan of that for mid- to long-range on a burst-style weapon in particular, so we have changed that up a little bit, but yeah, this thing is also really easy, especially for a burst, and really is very forgiving.

Warzone lowest recoil sakin mg38 loadout

Warzone lowest recoil sakin mg38 loadout

Next up here, we've actually got the sacken mg38. Another MW2 gun. I really tried to, you know, figure out which MW2 guns we're going to thrive with the most in this style of article and see what ones really could compete, like, for instance, the sack and mg38. Incredibly low recoil; it's more of an S curve up into the left here, and with that, its damage really is not all that great, like in terms of ttk and the lmg category.

It's not going to be record-shattering by any means, but what you have here is a super low-recoil weapon, so it's realistic. When you factor in accuracy, maybe with some other lmg choices you miss more shots, it becomes a lot more competitive because of that fact, so with that true ttk, accuracy, sort of factored in, it's honestly a decent weapon to use now.


It wouldn't necessarily be my number one pick in the LMG category because there are some other easy ones, but this is one that really does stand out and is something that really anyone can pick up and do well with here. I have had to go through and make a different setup because, again, we're focusing so much on the aiming Idol sway now, and on MW2 guns, you really don't want to hurt that initially Spirit fire suppressor basic range control and velocity.

I also got the Brewing heavy support, of course, for that better horizontal control, making that pattern a lot more predictable, and of course, the better sway and firing aim stability there. I just go for like a basic extended mag here with the 125. A round belt just because of rear grips You can get some better control, but it's going to hurt your idle sway for barrels.

no recoil 3

If you're going for long range, it's going to hurt your aiming idle sway regardless. You don't need a laser on an LMG build, so maybe you could go for something like that. If you wanted to it might hurt your control a little bit, but if it's easy enough to use, that would be a viable choice. Other than that, you don't really have much to go for because we're of course using the 2.5 times Eagle Eye, then I go for the sack and Riptide stock on like the advanced stats.

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