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Warzone new weapon update & gunsmith changes revealed

Warzone new weapon update & gunsmith changes revealed

ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, the holidays are coming up here, and that means that the developers are trying to sort of scramble to get all the priority fixes and updates out for MW3, in War Zone, and with that, we've actually seen a couple of new updates over the past few days, both recognizing some big things that they're going to be fixing here in the near future but also already updating some things in game, some surprise weapon changes, and also previewing some other big gunsmith updates to come as well, so lots of breakdown today as We get into it.

Big gunsmith update coming to mw3 & warzone

I really do appreciate anyone who takes the time to do so, and of course, if you're new here or you simply have not subscribed yet, every single day I'm your one-stop shop for news updates, patch notes, and meta breakdowns. Initially, this was posted a few days ago by Mitchell over on Reddit, talking about various different broken elements of the gunsmith.

This includes the FL3, heavy barrel on the Ram 7, and the full stop barrel on the Ram 7. the factory bar on the XRK stalker and no stock on the stalker as well, which they actually have recognized on their Trello board. the mammoth 50 suppressor on the cat, the Jack BFB on the Swarm for the muzzles, then on the Wraith tracer on the MCW 6.8, there's also no way to currently unlock the Rhino reflex optic, the x10 intellus as7 optic for some situations, and then the Zen 35 compensator.

It might end up fixing, you know, everything that's listed on this specific list here. All these attachments might be instantly fixed, like that; it might be one or two at a time that we're just not too sure of, but they are well aware of all the broken attachments currently, so that's some good news.

New spawn update in modern warfare 3 multiplayer

New spawn update in modern warfare 3 multiplayer

There we also have this update, solid proof that Revenge spawns are ramped up right at the moment, and there's a clip of them just getting spawned behind instant death. Revenge spawns are super obnoxious, but Sledgehammer also responded directly to this by saying we're aware of an issue causing unfavorable spawns on Rust specific to TDM, kill confirmed hardpoint.

After the latest update on Friday, we pulled these map and mode combinations from the Rustman 24/7 and Quickplay playlists until we could release a fix. If you're wondering why certain modes are not appearing there, it is because they are trying to go through and actually fully fix the spawns so that you're not getting crazy situations where the game is basically just saying yeah, your time's up and spawning somebody right behind you.

So it's nice to see that Sledgehammer is sort of taking this approach this year. Hey, if something's super broken and this is an element of gameplay that is just busted, we're just going to remove it until we can fix it rather than hey, we know it's annoying working on a fix guys then you know a week later still not fixed because it takes some time a week and a half later it finally gets updated, it's like that was a that was a frustrating week and a half they're just going outright and saying you know what we'll just disable it for now once it's fully fixed and we know it's not a problem then we'll read it back in I love that that's the way they're going about things because it does help update things and fix things really quickly, and speaking of fixing things really quickly, this is one of the major meta updates as a part of this new sort of mini update.

New meta update in warzone

New meta update in warzone

They went live. They posted this yesterday afternoon. A new update is live for War Zone. We've deployed an update to disable the use of the Melstrom Dual Trigger Attachment on the LOD 300 Shotgun in public playlists. It'll remain visible in gunsmith but will not be usable in a match, so this is a big one.

Obviously, we've had a couple of broken weapons. So far, the bass B got nerfed to balance it out some, the MTZ Interceptor got nerfed to balance it out some, still very good but balanced a little bit more, and then the snake shots broke, and those were crazy good, and then they went through and disabled the snake shot ammo there so you couldn't actually use those, and then the lock with 300 surfaced as a one-shot shotgun within 10 m, which was not intended.

And you got that by using the Melstrom Dual triggers, so they've now gone through and completely removed this from the game and said okay again, it's broken. We're probably not going to have time to balance this before the holiday break; we'll just disable it, and then once we have a balance for it, we'll add it back in now, as they state.

I had a lot of confusion about this, especially with the snake shots. You can still put on the dual trigger, and you can still put on the snake shot ammo on your loadout menu. However, the second you load into a public match of War Zone, it's only going to give you four attachments. On your gun, you're not going to have the Dual trigger; you're not going to have snake-shot ammo, so, for instance, with the Lockwood 300, if you go to shoot it now, it's going to take two shots to actually empty it and not one like what the Dual trigger would do.

So this is a huge update again, sort of fixing the close range meta in general and balancing it out some so we don't have a crazy broken one shot gun that if you run into, you're probably just not going to be able to win, unless you also have said one shot gun and get a shot off first, right? So, definitely a really, really positive update.

New camo progress fix coming for mw3/warzone

New camo progress fix coming for mw3/warzone

It's nice to see that they were very quick with this to balance things out, and then another big update they posted here for MW3, multiplayer, but this also would apply just in general. We're investigating an issue preventing the stor Ender Priceless Camo Challenge from tracking progress towards completion.

I've seen a lot of questions and a lot of concern about this. Hey, I'm trying to get you to know my mastery camos on the Storm Ender, and if that's the case for you, I applaud your effort because I don't even want to look at this thing. It's a terrible gun in general, super annoying to use, but gimmicky obviously as well, but there's been a lot of concern.

cod mw3

Hey, I can't make any progress on the Priceless Camo. This may seem like a quick surprise update to fix this in the coming days, but I imagine this is probably on their list of things to do, you know, throughout the holiday break as they come back from that in early 2012. But they have acknowledged it here and then, while it's technically unofficial.

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