News - Warzone: Surprise Weapon Update Patch Notes & New Gameplay Changes. Huge Perk Update

New mw3 & warzone weapon update patch notes explained!

New mw3 & warzone weapon update patch notes explained!

ladies and gentlemen. We actually got some more surprise patch notes in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, some really quick changes to a couple of different weapons right now that have been dominating in certain areas, and some pretty significant gameplay updates as well. On top of that, we also have the Fullon.

Operation Day Zero is now live, and we'll go into some details with that, but we are, of course, starting.

Modern warfare 3 surprise weapon update patch notes

First on our March 22nd patch notes page. Not to lie. I quite literally just booted up the game because I was going to get some screenshots for a few other things and noticed I got an update that requires a restart.

modern warfare 3

went over to the patch notes page was like H wonder if we're going to get anything lo and behold here we are so yes this update does require the quick update requires restart screen you go through that all these changes will be automatically applied you don't have to go through and download anything, major for this one but as far as the changes go for progression here keep in mind this is for the multiplayer in zombie side of things they resolved an issue preventing the winners perk Challenge from tracking progress if you go through and you try and complete that it should now properly track and this is where things get kind of interesting weapons and attachments on the battle rifles for the bass B Jack Outlaw 277 kit, which I keep in mind, just dropped back on Wednesday.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

This turns the bass B into a Marksman rifle, specifically in multiplayer. This thing was. Absolutely, nuts by far one of the strongest weapons in the game it was a one shot you could spam it basically even though it is semi-auto had a super fast fire rate so they've gone through and they've nerfed it some probably rightfully slow especially multiplayer the clips I was seeing was pretty insane but they decreased the upper torso damage multiplier by 30% which is pretty significant, increase the lower torso damage multiplier though so upper body will do less now lower body will do slightly more they decrease the arm and the Hand damage multipliers by 30 1% so if you're hitting any of the limbs there it's not going to do nearly as much damage they actually increase the fire rate though from 193 to 241, which I think is kind of interesting they did however decrease the aim down sight rate of fire penalty as well from 300% to.

modern warfare 3 update

150% they decreased the rechamber time as well by 20%; they removed 50%. Of the bullet velocity benefit that was a huge pro of using this is that it just had crazy velocity, almost hit scan like for a lot of the situations you get into in multiplayer, so they did Nerf that a decent amount there they increased the target Flinch as well and the incoming Flinch was also increased and then on the saw off mod they increased the incoming Flinch on that specifically a ton as well so they say our goal for this conversion kit is to be a competitive option for players who enjoy a runand gun marksman, play style allowing one-shot kills to the upper torso proved too powerful and overlaid with the identity of the Longbow and the Jack Tyrant 762.

Today's changes intend to carve a unique niche for this aftermarket part to thrive accurately. Players will have plenty of room for skill expression, and one shot will kill lethality. If they hit head shot but with its increased rechamber speed fire rate and inflicted Flinch effect two shot kills to the body should remain competitive, even against weapons like the long bow so basically what they were going for with this is if you're really good and you hit head shot you're going to get rewarded if you're hitting body shots you're going to have to quickly get off multiple of those if you still want to get a kill so basically just really valuing accuracy, with the outlaw 277, kit over anything else then on sniper rifles on the Longbow they modified the controller aim assist properties to align with other sniper rifles kind of an interesting one there they also increase the target Flinch and the incoming Flinch and for this they say despite this weapon being a quick handling sniper rifle built upon what is more conventionally an assault rifle receiver its lethality benefited Too Much from the aim assist conventions typically reserved for full auto weapons in close range engagements, so basically they're saying yeah a assist was way too overpowered with this thing additionally.

We want to allow more counterplay against the Longbow by increasing the amount of incoming Flinch to compensate for its unrivaled speed and one-shot kill zones. Automatic weapons will have more of a fighting chance in close-range encounters while not hampering the lethal aggressive play style core to its identity, so basically just balancing the Longbow for more aggressive gameplay so that it's not crazy dominant but still pretty good if you know what you're doing with it. So there are definitely some interesting balances on the multiplayer side of things, specifically.

Warzone new weapon updates & gameplay update patch notes

Warzone new weapon updates & gameplay update patch notes

Now as we jump into the war zone side of things, here is a quick reminder if you are new to the channel every single day. I got you covered with all things going on in Call of Duty, whether it's news updates or patch notes.

Is an interesting term for it and also increases the incoming Flinch as well. There's a decent amount and the same deal on the saw-off mod, so while it wasn't a one-shot headshot before, it's still going to have the same damage as it did. I think it's a two-shot headshot most of the time to full plates, but it's going to be a little bit more aggressive now with way less velocity, so if you're using this in a war zone.

modern warfare iii

Competitively speaking, it's going to be meant as a close to mid-range quick scoping style gun, and that's about it in my opinion, and then also on the Longbow, they did the same changes as multiplayer, so they modified those amus properties for close range and then also adjusted the Flinch as well, but then they also made this change, which is particularly interesting.

Bug fixes, they fixed an issue that allowed the irradiated perk to plate through any source of damage; it will now correctly only plate through gas damage, so I think Isaac was the one who, mainly, you know, put the spotlight on this where IR radiated, basically allowed you to constantly plate up even if enemies were shooting you, so in the midst of you getting hit by bullets, you could continue to put on plates, which made it seem like you just had an insane amount of health from the enemy's POV.

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