News - Warzone: New Surprise Meta Update Patch Notes. Big Weapon Changes, Anti-cheat Update, More

New warzone & modern warfare 3 surprise patch notes revealed

New warzone & modern warfare 3 surprise patch notes revealed

ladies and gentlemen. I can't say I was expecting to be posting a third article today, especially considering we had our weekly update earlier today, but for whatever reason, we just got some surprise patch notes this evening that include some new communication regarding the anti-che and all the cheating issues that have been really, really noticeable lately, as well as some new meta updates and weapon changes.

New warzone & mw3 anti cheat update

So as you can see here, we've got our Wednesday, February 21st, update with different patch notes for multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone as we get into all of them. CU Every single day, I get you covered with news updates. Patch notes and meta-breakdowns It's already right here, initially, through Wednesday.

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February 21st. Ricochet Anti-che, a global update to this The Ricochet anti-che team has been tracking a spike in cheating reports within the community. We are currently testing additional security updates; however, the following updates have just been deployed: They disabled the game code for a limited time.

Perks like super speed, as you might have seen in my cheating is out of control article, a bunch of players were cheating to get the super speed from the boys event and run around at like hyper speed essentially all across the map, so that shouldn't be accessible to cheaters anymore with this update.

As part of an ongoing security update, a single telemetry system was taken offline for upgrades over the weekend. This action resulted in developers cheating by claiming that Ricochet was offline. It was not as a result of this monitoring activity over the weekend in the purposeful reactivation of this upgraded system team.

Ricochet was able to identify and ban over 6, 000 accounts for cheating and hacking from the 16th to the 20th, so 6, 000 losers were online for 4 days cheating, and they just got banned there. Our team continues to work on security updates for issues across various modes, so for all those rumors coming from cheat developers saying, Hey, the anti-cheats are offline, buy our cheats.

That's totally not a marketing play for the cheaters or anything that was all clickbait or misinformation. The anti-cheats were working; they just had a different system offline, and the cheat developers, of course, wanted to try to entice people to buy their cheats because they are losers. So that's the whole situation going on there, and we also.

New modern warfare 3 update patch notes

New modern warfare 3 update patch notes

We have some other global updates with some bug fixes here. Relocated dragon scales camo from the special category to the event category, so if you're having problems finding it, it's now in the right place. I corrected a placeholder.

The Tracer name on the TAC evolver addressed an issue preventing the fire breather skin for the wheelson from appearing. We also have some multiplayer-specific UI and UX updates, bug fixes. Resolved various issues causing the player to be unexpectedly kicked back to the menu viewing the Horde Hunt event when editing custom mods in the gunsmith.

When clipping emblems in the last chance battle pass prompt, they also fixed an issue with saving a custom mod in the gunsmith no longer removing certain camos, aka the Mastery camos. There are also kill streak icons on the HUD that will no longer turn red after dying to a cruise missile, but in general gameplay, the view will no longer be set higher than intended, so maybe they fully fixed the fov problem here.

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That'd be nice, for sure. For general progression, with bug fixes and corrected criteria for multiple challenges on the Jack Ferocity Carbine Unlock Challenge, the operator kills without the enemy damaging your camo challenge as well on maps. They further refined hardpoint objective boundaries on subbase and underpass; they made some spawn updates; for modes on control during the transition period of the final round, the incorrect team will no longer be displayed as defending; on Cutthroat, they resolved an issue with the flag capture and overtime, so that means Cutthroat should be back here.

Soon, in the team gun game, they addressed an issue causing players to become stuck without a weapon, and in the war, they fixed an issue causing the player to lose control after a turret and smoke and air drop simultaneously. So you've got that fixed live now. We also have some multiplayer-specific weapon updates on the MTZ, 556, Decrease the initial gun kick while firing, so now it's even easier to use.

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Decrease The recoil, while firing even easier, increases the near-to-medium damage range and the medium damage range, so the MTZ actually gets some solid buffs for multiplayer. For shotguns on the Haymaker, they already nerfed it. It's for the better, as you might have seen already. Like an hour ago.

I posted a new article about the Jack Magift K on the Haymaker being crazy, decreasing the mound sight spread so that's not a Nerf that is a buff and making it more accurate in ads, increasing the rate of fire, which is kind of crazy, but decreasing the damage pellet count and restricting use of the ammo attachments so you can't have the fire rounds on there anymore.

That will definitely balance it out more. I'm pretty surprised they nerfed it that quickly. I mean, it's great to see for sure that article, though it does actually balance it out, so that's definitely solid there for snipers on the Longbow Pro99 barrel, increase the 80 yes time, and then on the Tyrant K, restrict the mag ammo and bolt attachments there; they weren't supposed to be used, but players were able to access those for the tier.

In the Jack Beholder kit, they decrease the movement speed penalty, decrease the sprint speed penalty, and decrease the bullet velocity penalty, as well as the attachments. Caned lasers Caned aiming will no longer remove all pellet spread on shotguns. The shock stick tactical, attacked camera, and portable radar field upgrades are now affected by those for trophy systems.

Ally bomb drones can no longer be targeted and destroyed. Kill streaks on the guardian, address an issue preventing the movement speed penalty from being applied, and then for general kill streaks in ranked play, address an issue where cruise missiles would explode midair if the player controlling the missile was killed.

New modern warfare zombies update patch notes

New modern warfare zombies update patch notes

We also have some zombie-specific updates here for ether worms.

address an issue where players would become stuck in the air if they were tossed by The Ether worm as it was defeated, on the vr11 they addressed an issue that prevented XP from being granted when killing specific zombie types if you pack-a-punched it on the tono They addressed an issue where the damage on the Pack-A-Punch tonfa was not what it was supposed to be, so there were a lot of questions about that that's fully now that was on the trell board a few days back in UI and ux.

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