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New warzone & mw3 update patch notes revealed!

New warzone & mw3 update patch notes revealed!

We actually got some surprise patch notes in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, including some very interesting new meta updates and weapon changes that directly affect the close-range meta in a pretty significant way, so we have a handful of things to go through and break down, starting first.

New global update patch notes for mwiii & warzone

But as far as the global updates go, this applies to multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone alike; they improved visibility through the glass of the Agus.

Imperials, Riot shield blueprints, or Agus Imperials. I don't know the riot shield blueprint now has better visibility, though there has also been that weird thing going on as of late that players have pointed out where if you are using a riot shield and you're looking through it sometimes it actually hurts your frames, like players on PC have tested.

You have a certain amount of frames with the riot shield on your back, and then you pull it out, and when you look through it, the frames decrease. Something to take note of if you're a riot shield player; they also resolved graphical corruption. On the hands of the Battle Sister operator skin, there are just a couple of different store updates there with the visuals.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer new update patch notes

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer new update patch notes

For multiplayer, with UI and UX updates Here are some bug fixes in the QuickPlay filter menu. The maps widget will now only display maps available in the selected mode, so you won't see any maps that aren't applicable to whatever you're playing.

The operator unlock challenges will now properly display the requirements, so if you're going to try and unlock operators, if you still have some that you haven't unlocked yet, you'll see the full requirements listed more clearly now removed. Locked and unattainable. Modern Warfare 2 calling cards from the customization menu A small one there completing a weekly challenge will no longer display an empty Splash notification, where it just pops up like an orange thing and doesn't actually say anything.

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In a private match, the HUD will no longer disappear during the escort phase of the operation. Tin Man Another pretty small one for modes for Jugger MOS, which is, if you haven't tried this out, this mode's kind of crazy. It's like Gears of War meets Call of Duty; it's third-person jug suits; honestly, it's chaos, and it's pretty fun.

I won't lie, juggernauts are no longer immune to the following tactical equipment: stuns, flashes, or shock sticks, so if you were throwing those before you had those, they just weren't working. Address an exploit that allowed players to equip custom loadouts. I could see how that would be a problem; entering water would no longer cause the player's weapon to lose functionality. So just mainly quality of life updates there making sure the game runs smoothly and there's nothing weird going on depending on whatever map you're on at any given moment, they also updated some weapons specifically for multiplayer with the soul render melee players no longer experience a delay after throwing equipment or swapping to the soul render so another minor one there all things considered and then for Z zombies, just a couple of things Here they addressed an issue where players could encounter an error message when viewing their containment levels from their player card.

Modern warfare zombies new update patch notes

Modern warfare zombies new update patch notes

Nothing crazy; just a little annoying pop up there, but nice to see that's fixed. They also added in various crash and stability fixes. This is the new copy and paste of War Zone 2's patch notes from last year. It's just trash, so it's nice to see that they're always updating. I wish they were more specific about which crashes they addressed here and which stability problems they addressed here, but for now, that's what we got there.

Let's jump over to the war zone side of things.

Warzone new update patch notes (weapon updates)

modern warfare 3 patch notes

Now here we have some very interesting weapon updates, so they're jumping right into that for SMGs. On Ram 9, the near to Mid damage was decreased to 24. Down from 27 so that mid-range now or that near to mid-range area you're going to be a little bit weaker across the board with the ram 9 now it still has really good damage out puts especially if you're getting head shot but that is going to be a noticeable Nerf to its damage in the close range so definitely something to take note of there they also decreased the general mid damage by two as well it's now 22, down from 24 so that close to mid-range ttk with the ram 9 is going to be a little bit worse now definitely very important in the grand scheme of things that close-range meta where previously, the RAM and the HRM and the amr9 were all so close to one another this is going to make an impact on the overall you know t BTK there so the ram 9 not nearly as good as it was before the HMR 9 also got a Nerf here although it's not nearly as severe The maximum damage range was decreased by about a meter and a half, or so it's now going to be 11.3.

M instead of 12.95. That's still a pretty generous first-damage range for an SMG. It's still incredibly good there, and if you're using a certain barrel or a certain muzzle, you can also extend that damage range to even ammo types to sort of gain that back so that one's not as severe of a Nerf. In my opinion, HRM's still going to be a top option.

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A top go-to there. I think the ram 9 will be as well, but it's definitely not going to kill as quick as it was before this update, and then with the Soul render, they also updated it so that players no longer experience a delay after throwing equipment or swapping over to the Soul render. They also made some gameplay updates here, and this is actually a pretty positive one that I'm sure plenty of players will be very happy with in the game they have completely disabled.

The night vision goog, so that was just one of those random ones that could spawn whenever, sometimes you get the cash drop, sometimes you get the fully loaded weapons, sometimes you get the night vision goog, where it was pretty hard to see enemies and it was very obvious where you were because of the lasers, but they've also gone through and updated that laser attachments have been removed and replaced.

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In goog loadouts, there have been like really non-stop complaints about the laser attachments since they added them to goog loadouts; it just is a dead giveaway. You couldn't go anywhere in the game without giving up your position. Essentially, you had to pre-aim angles, very specifically if you didn't want your laser shining past and the other player being able to see okay clearly; he's looking at me from this direction.

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