News - Warzone: Surprise 1. 42 Update Patch Notes. New Weapon Changes, Gameplay Updates, More

New 1.42 title update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New 1.42 title update in warzone & modern warfare 3

We actually ended up seeing a brand new title update go live within War Zone in Modern Warfare 3: the 1.42 title update. It's only like two to three gigs, depending on what exactly you have installed. That shouldn't be anything major unless you're on Xbox, in which case sometimes title updates glitch out and make you reinstall the entire game.

But anyway, with this title update, we've got new patch notes for multiplayer zombies in War Zone, including some new meta-ups dates to go through and break down.

New global changes & updates for mw3 & warzone

But initially, for our global update, this applies to zombies, war zone multiplayer, and addressing the crash that could occur when viewing a weapon.

Attachments: It is always good to see stability updates go out for customization. We resolved various issues with quick equipping weapon charms in the store, corrected the display names of the season 3 prestige emblems—nothing too crazy going on there in settings—and addressed an issue causing the latency.

Telemetry widget to constantly display Na, this has been bugged for several weeks now where we haven't been able to see our ping in game unless you turn on like the little monitor thing, and then that's just more information blocking things on your screen, so now you can actually just see your ping up in the top left like it's been forever, and it'll actually work as intended. did cross our fingers on that, we then get into some of the multiplayer , specific updates, and with UI and ux, quite a few bug fixes here.

New modern warfare 3 multiplayer update patch notes

New modern warfare 3 multiplayer update patch notes

Armory unlock challenges will now display a splash upon completion. Operators no longer appear to have two riot shields equipped in the lobby, and removing certain conversion kits is now properly reflected in the gunsmith weekly challenge countdown timer, which will no longer display an invalid time as the mid-season update approaches.

The corrected positioning of the fjx Horus in the gunsmith calling card and emblem rewards from the mastery completion are now displayed properly in the after-action reports. Removing a weapon sticker in the gunsmith is no longer going to cause the placement indicators to disappear, and they revise the pro and con labels for multiple attachments to better reflect their true properties.

modern warfare 3

For gameplay updates, here is improved deprioritization, Of spawned locations while any kill streak is active nearby, so you're not going to spawn right on top of a sentry gun or something like that. For instance, for progression, the Ripper light stock on the FJX horse will no longer appear locked and without unlock requirements.

They improved the tracking of what one shot kills for the What's Your Sign Camo on the Moors Sniper, and for maps on shipment, they added additional spawn points to improve the probability of a quality spawn selection in TDM. Dom and Hardpoint I mean, shipment. I'm still going to end up spawning right on top of enemies or being stuck in a crate with my teammate who's standing in the front, but they've added some new spawn points for tanked enemy name plates, which are no longer visible through the walls of the tunnel, for weapons and attachments here on the assault rifles on the SBA 545.

modern warfare 3 1.42 patch notes

Keep in mind that as of right now, this is just for multiplayer; we have to see what the war zone updates have in store for us, but on the SVA 545. They increase the maximum damage range by a ton, which makes the SVA really good in multiplayer. They also increase the near-to-medium damage range and the medium damage range, so the SVA has actually got crazy range in multiplayer.

Now, that's a solid buff, for sure. SMGs on the Horus optic attachments with an integrated laser are no longer compatible with the suppressor muzzle, so you just won't be able to pair those two together and, like, double up your lasers. I guess on the tack evolver removed duplicate z35, compensator showing up so there were just two of them now there's only one on the Moors variable optic removed the ability to equip this incompatible attachment and on the charge barrel improved consistency of penetration damage through enemy operators.

For perks with the Ninja Vest while equipped with reinforced boots, players now gain the effects of the running sneakers, and then on the compression carrier, kills with a launcher will now immediately trigger health regen. So that's also been updated on the EMD grenade. They changed the tracker removal keybind to improve prioritization when multiple actions are available for the tracker removal keybind, and tracker removal time is now aligned with the HUD progress bars, which is more accurate on the scatter mine.

The sun effects are now properly applied in hardcore, and on the C4, detonation can no longer occur until stuck to a surface for 500 milliseconds. This mechanic was expected for the season 3 update but did not function as intended, which is pretty important for the C4. Then, for kill streaks, the ledge hanging after equipping the guardian will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire, and then on the remote turret, attempting to deploy while swimming will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire either now.

Let's jump over to the war zone.

New warzone update patch notes

New warzone update patch notes

Patch notes So we've also got our April 9th update here, and then initially we've got an update for Rebirth Island. Resurgence ground vehicles have been enabled on Rebirth Island, so you'll be able to actively use those. Weapon updates are all right. Let's see what we've got going on here on the fgx.

Horus, optic attachments with an integrated laser are no longer compatible with the suppressor muzzles. Same deals over in multiplayer; you just can't double up. You're not telling me that they're not fixing the rifle here. I assumed it would have been an SMG, but it's a pistol. I'm sorry, Three weapon updates.

On the tack evolver, they removed the duplicate Z35 compensators, so it was the same deal as multiplayer on the Moors. On the variable optic, they removed the ability to equip this incompatible attachment, so the SBA buff was only for multiplayer. And we didn't Nerf the retti. How did we not Nerf thetti in this update?

modern warfare 3 1.42 update

This is by far the most broken gun in the game and the only weapon worthwhile to use in close range right now because nothing competes with it, and we have a meta update. And they don't Nerf the retti. I'm not going to lie; I knew there were patch notes coming today because we had the title update revealed on the database and the preload for it on PlayStation, and I was so confident that the retti was going to be nerfed.

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