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New warzone & mw3 update patch notes are live!

New warzone & mw3 update patch notes are live!

ladies and gentlemen. We got the long-awaited, much-anticipated meta update within the war zone here that addresses things like the Interceptor being incredibly broken alongside some other gameplay updates, bug fixes, and all sorts of things like that, so we're diving right into the patch notes.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer meta update patch notes & changes

Here we obviously have our Thursday, January 11th update as we get into the notes and all the changes. Here initially we are on the multiplayer. SL zombie side of things from Sledgehammer, then we'll obviously focus on the war zone stuff as well, but there's a significant amount of updates here across the board.

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For all modes, really, so starting first here in multiplayer, with UI and ux bug fixes, they adjusted several attachment descriptions to better reflect their true effects, so that's always nice to see the accuracy. There are always very important, resolved issues causing the player to be unexpectedly kicked back to the main menu with various different scenarios there, and they address an issue causing the incorrect weapon model to appear while selecting a blueprint in the gunsmith.

For gameplay, weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in the small map playlist. This was actually live back on January 4th, but now it's official in the patch notes for progression. They corrected the unlock requirements displayed for the throwing star, corrected the unlock requirements displayed for multiple different attachments as well as the ravaged 10 Stock in the Rival 9 compensator muzzle, resolved a spelling mistake in the King Slayer Kills Challenge, and the daily bonus challenge completions no longer appear as challenge names missing in the notification tray for maps.

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They updated various different spawns on Afghan on invasion; they increased the operator lighting to address poor visibility in certain areas; and on Terminal, they adjusted very various spawn quality selections. On Spore Yard, players can no longer become stuck upon respawning in storage; and on Terminal, they adjusted very various spawn points as well for modes here for gun games; they removed a placeholder image found in the stats tab of the scoreboard; and then on Operation Spearhead, which is war, obviously, the loadout drop feel upgrade will no longer destroy the tank and cause a stalemate.

We actually saw some multiplayer weapon updates, so it's kind of surprising here. I wasn't expecting this; I thought the focus was more going to be on the Interceptor, obviously, in War Zone, but here the AR9, once unlocked, the jacket and double barrel kit can now be equipped. I love to see that the WASP 9 is incompatible.

Hybrid optic attachments can no longer be equipped on handguns. Once the tier is unlocked, the Jack Beholder rifle kit can now be equipped, so our two broken aftermarket parts can now actually be used, and that applies to the war zone as well. If you're looking to use those in that mode for equipment in hardcore, they actually reduce the explosive damage of the scatter mine to one, but that does not apply to core modes.

For kill streaks on the remote turret, repositioning the turret no longer causes you to become more vulnerable to incoming damage than intended, and then on customization, improve the white accent color coverage of the phase 2024.

Modern warfare zombies update patch notes

Modern warfare zombies update patch notes

Camo zombies also saw some updates here with the weapons. The Ether Blade addressed an issue where players would lose their ether blade if it was thrown or hit by a harvester orb. They closed a duplication exploit with ammo caches for gameplay in the week four challenge update. With destroy five vehicles with a recommended weapon, they actually fixed the tracking issue with that, and then General addressed an issue where the maximum reserve ammo for some weapons was inconsistent.

Between Ersan and the Dark Eternity Rift for UI and UX for weapons, they address the issue that prevented the gutter knife from appearing correctly for progression in the MW2, and completionist Camos addresses an issue where some just simply wouldn't track. We talked about this yesterday, and also for stability, they added various crash and stability fixes.

You always love to see that, but that's all the multiplayer and zombie changes, as mentioned, though we also have plenty of war zone changes.

modern warfare 3 update patch notes

New warzone update patch notes & meta changes

Get into it as well. Start your 2012 off-right feeling energized and focused. You already know when I need that quick and easy boost. I'm going right for a fresh cup of g-fuel.

Right now, my go-to flavors have got to be hype sauce, watermelon limeade, and starfruit; they're all bangers, but I mean, they have so many different flavor options. So for this, we've got our January 11th update for bug fixes. Globally, they fixed an issue preventing CDL team bundles from locking properly when purchased from the store.

They fixed an issue causing event progress to not properly track on the front-end menu. They fixed an issue preventing emblems from being awarded for prestige level progress, and they fixed an issue causing some soap operator skins to not have appropriate menu imagery and text; those were all obviously global issues there for the war zone.

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We also have some specific updates here. Please note that additional weapon adjustments will be going live in season one reloaded on the 17th, so this is just the start of the weapon adjustments, but initially on the Interceptor. The max damage was reduced to 855, down from 95, so when it's in its best damage range, which is the close range inherently, it's 10 less damage than the minimum damage, which is the long range.

It's now going to be 78 instead of 84, so it is going to take more shots to kill with the interceptor. That doesn't seem like a super significant Nerf. I imagine players will still be able to run this and find some success with it, but it won't be the obvious number one choice because this looks to be the only initial weapon that was fully adjusted here.

Things like the MCW 6-8 are probably going to slide right in where the Interceptor was. The enforcer could be there too, as could just other great marksman rifles, attachment adjustments, and the snake shot. This attachment will be re-enabled with the scheduled playlist update at 10 a. M we'll be talking about this in just a moment.


The damage per pellet at the maximum range has been reduced to 12.0, down from 34. So, that's obviously a significant Nerf there. The snake shot on the Aikimbo Tier is probably not going to be worth using that much anymore; it's just not going to do insane damage or anything like that, so you won't really have a need to spam that won't be crazy broken or anything nice to see that has been adjusted.

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