News - Warzone: New Meta Update Patch Notes. Renetti Nerf, Game Breaking Problems Fixed, More

New warzone & mw3 update is now live!

New warzone & mw3 update is now live!

It is, of course, Wednesday, and that means it is update day here in the war zone in.

New title update completely broke mw3 & warzone

Modern Warfare 3, and man, the past 24 hours certainly have been eventful. I think that's a safe way to put it, of course. Yesterday morning, we saw a surprise title update go out: 1.42. The update included several different patch notes.

The change we were expecting the most, a significant Nerf to the retti, was nowhere to be found. Raven later confirmed that a Renetti Nerf is coming in a future update in the near future, but then after this title update went out, well, surprise, new update, new problems new glitches, new broken things, and for a good couple of hours, the broken things were well.

The entire game, players were getting their ranks reset. We were having all sorts of connection issues, but there's been several different mini updates and hot fix updates that have gone out in the past 24 hours to fix that alongside several other Chang as well, and of course, going through everything today.

New modern warfare 3 & warzone update patch notes

New modern warfare 3 & warzone update patch notes

Earlier in the week, we actually got a report from Charlie Intel stating that Activision says over 27, 000 accounts were banned in Call of Duty over this past weekend on MW3 in the war zone. The statement from Ricochet reads that team Ricochet identified and banned over 27, 000 accounts over the weekend through a series of upgraded detection systems.

The team is progressing on a new set of security updates and anticipates More band waves to come, so we'll probably see another post in maybe a couple weeks saying. Hey, we've banned 177, 000 accounts or whatever, but there was a new ban wave this past weekend for those wondering about the cheating situation.

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Unfortunately, that's as transparent as they get; as they get, they've still yet to recognize the false Shadow Band system. The spam reports say everything else is going on, but there are still a massive amount of cheaters on this game day in and day out. Anyway, moving over to some of the more significant issues and fixes for the Forest Set issues over the past 24 hours or so Yesterday afternoon, initially.

Cod updates posted. Hey, we're aware of MW3. War Zone, and Modern Warfare zombies and ranked play. A service outage has prevented progress from being tracked in various modes and features, including events, challenges, battle passes, and more. Access to specific modes, like zombies and more, is recovering, so it happened.

Initially, in the afternoon, they were made aware and put out something like this recovery update. This is why you were seeing your battle pass at level one and all of your weapons at level one of 29, with no custom things out right there while you were seeing you were rank level one and couldn't go into ranked player or anything like that.

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They ended up saying new updates out for MW3 in War Zone. They did deploy a fix that restored loadout functionality, so you could actually use your custom weapons and see them in the game. If you opened up a loadout crate, it wouldn't just spit out dust to actually give you your guns, but more importantly, they rolled out a full update fix.

And it reads as follows: New updates are out for MW3 in the war zone. Your battle passed, and so on and so forth. Kill streaks are once again usable while using a controller. There was another big issue yesterday that was initially just listed on the Trello as investigating, but now the fix should be out for this where you could pick up a UAV or Precision, but if you were playing on a controller, you just could not call in a kill streak, so obviously a very game-breaking issue.

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Issue there, but they did get that addressed pretty quickly. They also resolved hitching that could occur after killing an enemy on rebirth. Island saw a lot of you reporting this, where you get a kill and then your game starts stuttering like crazy. They also say upon startup players, you're going to be taken to the Cod HQ rather than initially into the multiplayer menu, and then menus no longer unexpectedly close while viewing the after-action report claiming battle pass rewards or purchasing a bundle.

With the Morris sniper, it may cause shots that appear on target to miss. We do have a fix scheduled for this issue to be released in a future game update, so if you're wondering why the Moors felt a little bit weird, every single scope on the Moors is slightly unaligned, so it's not going to be 100% accurate, and some of the lasers, while it might look like it fixes it.

Sledgehammer also confirmed the lasers could be slightly inaccurate too, so right now there is an issue with the scope lining up with where your actual bullet is shooting with the Mor specifically, so just a heads up there. Cod updates also say they are currently investigating an issue causing an unintended delay when attempting to detonate C4, and, to be honest, at this point, I don't know how they want C4 to work.

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They buffed C4 initially with the season 3 update, but then with the 1.42 title update yesterday. I believe they said something along the lines of adding a delay to the C4's explosion; it has to be sitting on a surface for a specific amount of time before it can be detonated. That was a change that was supposed to be there in season 3, but it just didn't make it in there, and now they're looking into a detonation delay issue, so maybe once they get all this sorted, we'll see if the C4 is an actual, viable piece of equipment, but for now it just seems very buggy and they don't really fully know what's going on, and then lastly, for COD Updates, this is another pretty important one.


They're addressing some cheese here. They say a new update's out for Warzone. Rebirth Island has been disabled in private match settings. While we investigated an issue, there were all sorts of things going on where you could actually get cheese unlocks and different things within private matches, and obviously they're going to very quickly address anything that allows you to get rewards or get unlocks for free without legitimately doing the challenges or the tasks required for that, so if you were trying to cheese some stuff that cheese has gone bad, it's no longer an option.

now I know I had mentioned that was it for the patch notes, but we actually just got a new surprise: a weapon update. As I was in the middle of recording this article, it's not a major weapon update to a bunch of different weapons, but it's major in the sense that it's going to actually address the most broken gun in the game.

Yes, folks, that's correct. The retti, It has been nerfed, so with today's patch notes, they ended up adjusting the Jack Ferocity Carbine Kit to the fully auto kit for the Renetti, which obviously was making it crazy broken. The maximum damage on this is that Clos range damage was decreased to 28, down from 36.

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